Chapter • 36

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Holly's POV

I was waiting anxiously for the boys to arrive at our room. I couldn't stop moving about which was annoying Cam so he threw a pillow at me and yelled at me to stop. So I went out onto the balcony attached to our room and looked out across the city.

I was interrupted from thoughts when Cameron called my name. As I walked into the room I saw two boys who looked of a similar age to Cameron, one had brown hair and was reasonably tall where as the other was dirty blonde and quite short.
"This is Jack and Jack, Jack's meet Holly and Holly meet Jack's"
I smiled and gave them a quick hug.

The next to arrive was Matt and Carter then Aaron and last Nash and Hayes, Hayes was only 2 months younger than me but looked a lot older. All of them were extremely nice and I had a great time with them, they were all so funny and a lot of fun!

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