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Skinny Love by hannahk9780
Skinny Loveby hannahk9780
Hattie isn't anorexic... at least she thinks she isn't. That is until Cole comes along and points out the error in her ways. Can Cole save Hattie before her time runs ou...
Fake Happiness | JJK X BTS by babyykooks
Fake Happiness | JJK X BTSby ⪼𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎⪻
Jungkook centric ✎ JK X BTS This book is based on Jungkook having an eating disorder. Please do not read if these topics trigger you. • eating disorder • self harm •...
unspoken - phan by MeeHidden
unspoken - phanby ✎Mee✐
Dan, depressed and anorexic, gave up on speaking years ago. He was lost in alcohol and loneliness until a black haired boy showed up and broke the silence. [trigger war...
Ezria ~ I need you by pll003
Ezria ~ I need youby ...
Aria is a popular teenage girl. Everyone likes her, and she gots it all. At least, that is what everyone thinks. Aria has a lot of trouble, but she acts like she is okay...
Meaningful Mistakes by hannahmcapper
Meaningful Mistakesby Hannah Capper
Hunter Kings despises 'the perfect girl' Lolita Brown the moment their paths collide at school and due to living in the apartment next to her with her best friend. The...
Sapphire by akaviolet
Sapphireby vi
Meet Maddy Williams; the dancer. A nobody. She's your typical loner with zero friends. When you're the butt of every joke in high school and you have no one to lean on...
Weight of a Butterfly (Hellhound's MC Book 2) by Cheerwine05
Weight of a Butterfly (Hellhound' Cheerwine05
Clara Campbell has never had it easy. Her father was a drug addict who abused Clara and her three older brothers. When he sells them to a motorcycle club, Clara learns s...
The Ballerina & The Devil by memoirsofjess
The Ballerina & The Devilby Jess
"Why don't you go back to Hell?" I spat, fury boiling in the pit of my stomach. A dry smile played on his lips. "Haven't you heard, Cupcake? The Devil has...
My Brother's Best Friend by knightsrachel
My Brother's Best Friendby Rachel
Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmet...
Featherweight by pastelinpink
Featherweightby pastelinpink
Patrick was always heavy, even as a small child. He loved food and everything that went with it. Love, celebrations, you name it. Touring with Fall Out Boy had been a dr...
Temptation by ThePancakesofLoki
Temptationby ThePancakesofLoki
*WARNING* This talks about eating disorders, mental health, child abuse, and drug addiction. If you are triggered by this things it is advised that you should not read t...
Living with the boys from hell by RowanlovesBlue
Living with the boys from hellby Rowanlovesblue
Florence and her two brothers are forced to move in with the very rich Inferno family after there dad is caught being in charge of an illegal drug dealing ring. Florence...
Call Me Pretty by RosesReality
Call Me Prettyby Rose
Dominique Weasley knows she’s ugly. Unattractive, unappealing-just positively un-everything. She doesn’t have the same Veela look as her siblings, nor can she pull off t...
Fragile Bones by edattilo
Fragile Bonesby Emma
Madeline Winters. When people hear that name whispered in the halls of McGregor high school, they think one of two things: a quiet and somewhat awkward girl to pick on...
STARGIRL by xxmils
"Her lips are like the galaxy's edge, and her kiss the colour of a constellation falling into place" (AM). - Every time he looked at her, he could feel his hea...
Not Okay |~ x by VminIsLifexoxo
Not Okay |~ x k.thby Ellie
park jimin was not okay. in which jimin is depressed and alone, and all taehyung wants is to make him happy again. (lowercase intended.) « this is a work of fiction an...
The brightest smile hides the darkest secrets  by jungcoochie12
The brightest smile hides the jungcoochie
Hinata Shoyo was your ordinary kid. He had 2 loving parents, a little sister, and friends on his volleyball team. But, everything is not what it seems.
Paralyzed Love; jjk.kth. by anthonyjae
Paralyzed Love; anthonyjae
Jungkook, a former boxer and dancer, is left with emotional and physical obstacles after a car crash. Good thing his friend Jimin is there to help through it all. But wh...
HER by crescentmoonfaery
HERby crescentmoonfaery
"I hate you." "I know." "Good." "So... forgive me?" His infuriatingly attractive smirk almost wavered my determination but I wasn...
Remember Me? by kittykat252627
Remember Me?by kittykat252627
"Remember me? I'm that girl you left all alone trapped my an alcoholic mom and abusive step dad" I cried out to my brothers. Gabriela Cattaneo has it all: beau...