Chapter • 59

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Hayes POV

I was sat watching Holly watch American Horror Story, I'd known her for a while but something had changed in her and it wasn't good. She used to be so full of life and always laughing but now she looks tired and empty. I know somethings going on because otherwise why would Cam look so worried all the time and why does Jack G an Jacob always look so scared?

I wanted to know but it didn't feel right to just ask. I continued to watch the show but couldn't help getting distracted, once the episode finished I looked over at Holly to ask what she wanted to watch next but she was asleep so I just left her their and logged onto twitter. After 20minutes I began to get bored so I texted Cam telling him I was leaving their room and Holly was asleep.

I slowly got up out of the bed and left the room leaving Holly asleep on the bed, Cam hadn't texted back but he would see the text later. I walked back down the corridor towards my room but decided to go see if I could find any of the Jacks or Matt. I knocked on Matts door only to receive no answer so I went Aaron's instead.

Cams POV

We all got out the pool at 7pm so we had an hour to get ready for the party. I looked at my phone to see I had received a text from Hayes about an hour ago, I read it and began to panic. Holly had been on her own for an hour...anything could have happened. I said goodbye to Nash and Carter and ran back to the room as fast as I could. I unlocked the door to find Holly still asleep, I sighed in relief and went into the bath room to have a quick shower and get ready.


It's bad and short I know but at least it's an update! There are only going to be 2 more chapters to this book and then I'm going to finish it because I hardly have anytime and I take ages to update and then when I do it's bad.

Thanks for reading this far because I don't think this fanfic is the best out their considering it's the first one I've ever written.

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