Chapter • 14

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Holly's POV

This time when I woke up it was the next morning and I felt a lot better. I guess it was just a 24hour virus because I feel better now. Still a bit rough but better, at least I could use that as an excuse not to eat!

After sitting in bed for a while I decided to go and find Cam. He was downstairs in the kitchen eating Cornflakes and drinking Coffee.

He flashed his amazing smile at me "You feeling better?" I nodded and sat beside him at the table. He offered me some cereal but I declined it. I was going to have lunch and maybe dinner so missing breakfast was ok.

"I'm going to take a show" Cameron nodded and I headed upstairs. After my shower I stepped onto the scale allowing it to show me the number 36.7kg. I had lost weight when I was sick which was good but now I'm sure I'm just going to gain it all back!

I went into my bedroom put on black leggings and Cameron's black Magcon hoodie, applied a small amount of make up and did my hair into a messy bun. It wasn't that hot out and it covered my cuts.

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