Chapter • 57

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Jacob's POV

The others arrived and I noticed Holly looked pale and shaky but I shook it off. Shortly after they had arrived we all went to do the meet and greet leaving Holly alone in the backstage room.

"What's up with Holly?" I ran up behind Cam

"She's not feeling very well and was sick this morning" He sighed

"Oh okay" I continued to walk beside him until we reached the meet and greet hall.

We all went to stand in out allocated lines and the fans in the room all screamed. It went by so fast and by the end of it my back hurt from picking up so many people but I wasn't complaining, they are the ones who got be here in the first place. After everyone with meet and greet tickets had been met we all went back to the 'backstage room'. Holly was sat in the corner of the sofa looking at her phone with a bucket on the floor next to her. Cam went and sat next to her and I went and sat next to Matt, I don't feel like I fit in with the Magcon Boys very well but I am only a guest so what can I expect. After a while Matt got up and left me sitting alone so I went to get a drink so I didn't look so alone. Once I got back to the room everyone had gone to the stage and only Holly was left in the room. I went and sat next to her as I didn't have to go stage until slightly later


"Oh hey" She locked her phone and looked up at me

"Soo your sick?"

"Yeah I guess" she nervously laughed and then looked away

"Whats up?"

"N n nothing"

"You sure? You can tell me y'know"

She sighed and nodded

"I just don't feel very well, but I'm fine"

"Are you sure because you don't seem sick to me?"

"Well I am!"

"Okay sorry I didn't mean in it like that" I sighed and began to get up

"Wait! I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"I'm not sick"

"Ok" I sat back down next to her

"Then why are you pretending to?"

"Didn't want to eat I guess"

"Holly your making yourself ill, your going to need to start eating again"

She nodded and began to cry

"Hey hey hey, it's ok"

We hugged until a man came running into the room telling me I was meant to be on stage in 5. I looked at Holly who had calmed down.

"I'm sorry I have to go, I'll back in 10 minutes"

She nodded and looked down.

I walked off towards the stage feeling incredibly guilty for leaving her alone. I wasn't going to tell Cam about what was going on, she would tell him if she wanted him to know.

After my performance I rushed back to the backstage to find Holly still sat on the sofa looking at her phone. I went over to her and asked how she felt

"I'm ok, can you put the bucket away please?"

"Yeah sure"

I picked the bucket up and put it back in the cupboard, I then went back and sat beside her.

"Umm do want anything to eat?"

She shook her head but her stomach said differently and rumbled

"See you're hungry, let me get you and apple or something?"

"Okay but just an apple"

I walked over to the snack table and picked up an apple, I handed it to Holly and sat back down beside her.

"Go on. you can do it."

She nodded and took a bite. She finished half the apple before deciding that was enough, I guess it was something. She put the apple on the table in front of her as Cam and the rest of the boys came through the door.
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