Chapter • 40

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Holly's POV

As soon as I saw Cam hit the floor I jumped out of my seat and ran towards him. When I got to his side I was pushed away by security guards and the organisers of Magcon I tried to get back to him but they just kept pushing. I hadn't even realised I was crying and when I did I started to panic, I couldn't cry in front of all these people when it was one of the first times I had met them.

People were calling my name but I couldn't tell who, I felt trapped so I did what I was best at. Running away from my problems.
I ran and ran until I got to a pair of doors which were pushed open into my face by paramedics. I jumped back startled making me cry even harder, I knew they were going to Cameron which made me panic even more because it meant it was something serious.

I turned around and ran the other way because through the doors I saw loads of girls which I assumed were fans. I continued to run until I found a door leading outside. Once outside I checked for people around but I was completely alone. I sobbed until I was hyperventilating and choking on my tears. I felt a hand on my back as I was bent over coughing, I jumped up and turned around to see Jack G and Jacob standing in front of me.

Jacob and Jack engulfed me into a massive hug. After I has calmed down Jack spoke in a friendly voice
"Cameron's going to be ok and so are you"
I nodded and wiped my face
"I probably look horrible right now"
They both immediately shook the heads and told me I looked beautiful which I thanked them for but I knew they didn't really mean it... well thats what I thought.

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