Chapter • 1

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Holly's POV
I awoke to the sound of my alarm beeping at the highest volume. I turned it off and rolled back over onto my back releasing a loud sigh. I hated school it was boring and it made me feel even worse then I did already! I didn't hate school because of bullying because I'm not bullied, I hate it because I feel like I'm the odd one out... the one who doesn't have solid friendships and kind of floats from friendship group to friendship group depending on how well I fit in at the time. I'm different I hate myself I hate the things I should love and love the things I should hate. I'm only 14 but I look at the bad in everything and I want to drink and smoke for the purpose of destroying myself. I can't seem to stop these thoughts I wish I could but I can't.

My older brother Cameron is the only person I really trust and that is why I'm moving to live with him soon. He doesn't know that I self harm or any of that but I trust him all the same! My parents and I don't get on to well anymore because they say I'm "lazy", when really I have know energy left after my depression has sucked it all out of me.

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