Chapter • 54

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Cameron's POV

I was probably dealing with Holly in the wrong way but I lover her so much and I couldn't bare to loose her. Once we reached the venue Holly had fallen asleep, her head resting on my lap. I slowly moved from under her and carried her into the venue, luckily we had gone in the back entrance and the fans were all at the front. I laid her down on a sofa backstage and sat with her until myself and the boys were called to the stage to rehearse once more before the meet and greets and going on stage.

We went through the rehearsal quicker than we expected and we all knew what we were doing. I then went back stage with the rest of the boys to find Holly still fast asleep where I had left her. We messed about for a while until it was time for the meet and greets, I left a note on the table telling Holly where I was so if she needed me she could find me.

Holly's POV

I woke up to find myself lying on a sofa. I sat upright and looked around the room, I didn't recognise anything and nobody was in sight. I immediately began to panic until I saw the note on the table, I picked it up and read it

'Hi Holly the boys and I have gone to the meet and greet hall. They finish at 11:30 so see ya then.

Cameron xx'

I looked around the room for a clock but couldn't see one so I pulled my phone out of my pocket. The screen lit up and the time read 10am, great I have an hour and a half. I went back to the sofa and scrolled through Instagram until I realised my phone only had 5% battery left. I turned it off and sat there in silence thinking. After a while I began to get a headache so I went to look for some water, I opened the door cautiously and stepped out into the corridor closing it behind me. I set off down the corridor until I reached a vending machine, I looked at the drinks and finally decided on a Diet Coke. I pulled my case off my phone and took out the £2 coin which I kept there in case. I slotted the money into the machine and entered the number of my drink, it fell to the bottom and I reached in to get it.

I opened my drink taking a large sip before closing it again. I walked back towards where I thought the room I came from was, after walking for a bit I realised I had no idea where I was or I where I had come from. I began to walk quicker around the different corridors becoming more and more anxious, I saw a security guard further up the corridor and so I ran up to him in a panic

"Excuse me? Do you know where the backstage room for the Magcon Boys is?"

"Ermm you shouldn't be here, I'll take you back to the convention hall" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me along.

"No! I'm not a fan! I'm Cameron Dallas's sister!" i tugged away failing to release my arm from his tight grip.

"I'm sorry but I'm taking you back to the convention hall or I'm going to have to kick you out" His grip tightened

"No! Stop! Let go!" I began to cry and struggle

"Come with me!" He pulled my arm and I yelped with pain.

"Your hurting me! Let go please" I felt weak and my headache was worsening from my crying.

He ignored me and continued to drag me down the corridor.


I looked behind me to see Jack G. I cried harder and tried to pull towards him. He pushed the security guard off of me and I fell to the floor.

"Sorry but she's not meant to be here"


He looked at me shrugged

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realise"

I just nodded and he walked off. Jack helped me up and picked up my Diet Coke.

"You ok?"

"Yeah" I nodded and quickly wiped my eyes

"Come on lets go find the others"

I followed him down the corridor in silence until I trusted my voice to speak.

"Thank you"

"It's ok, I'm always looking out for ya"

I nodded

"And thank you for telling Cam, I mean it I really am. I'm sorry about earlier at breakfast and I'm sorry about your friend"

"Nahh it's cool bro, What happened at breakfast wasn't your fault but I couldn't handle it so I just got up and left. It was wrong of me, sorry"

I let out a small laugh an hugged him, we continued to the backstage room in silence.


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