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Justin's POV:

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Justin's POV:

(10 years later)
"I hate you!" Cole said. "I hate you!" Cameron said. "You're so annoying!" Cole said. "You're so annoying!" Cameron said. "Mom!" Cole said. "Mom!" Cameron said. My wife turned around to look at the kids with annoyed eyes but managed to speak as calmly as one could through gritted teeth. "What now?" she said. "They keep copying me!" said Cole. "They keep copying me!" said Cameron. "Cole!" Sel said sharply. "Cameron! Stop irritating your sister. You know she doesn't like it when you copy her." she said. "But Mum!" Cameron complained, crossing his arms over his chest. "That's the point!" Jesus, four years old and already sassy as fuck. "Yeah, Mum!" Cole piped up. He had my eyes and so did Tori and Cameron so Sel had three sets of identical pleading eyes on her. Can you say double trouble? Cole and Cameron were twins and I had to admit that sometimes, I had a really hard time trying to tell them apart. They were inseparable and impossibly trouble-making. I still remember their first day of pre-school and it was probably the most amusing and horrifying experience of my life. We'd dropped them off in the morning and they barely said two words but then, two hours later, we got a call from the school saying they had got into a fight with some other little boy in their class (at least Cameron did at first but Cole backed him up) because he was bullying another kid in their class. I was damn proud of them but Sel was a little reluctant forgiving them, though she admits now that she's happy they stood up for that kid. I snickered slightly at the thought and dark brown eyes swerved to mine. She had both eyebrows raised. Not good. I knew that look. "Got something to say, Bieber?" she challenged. I wrinkled up my nose in distaste. "We've been married for a while now. You know you're a Bieber too, right?" I reminded her. "Technically.." she pursed her lips for a brief moment. "Technically, I'm a Gomez-Bieber, remember?" Boy, did I. "Whatever." I grumbled, making her grin in return. Sel loved the idea of being a Bieber (I mean, who wouldn't?) but she wanted her maiden name in there somewhere so, hence, the dash thing. All these years and she's still so fucking stubborn. "Mum." my daughter's voice called both of us back to attention. "Cole stole my doll." she said. "Give your sister's doll back, Cole." Sel ordered. "But Mum, she was the one who stole my -" he started. "Shut up, Cole!" said my daughter. "Mum!" both boys chorused. "Tori said shut up!" they said. "Victoria." Sel warned. "He stole my doll!" Tori cried. "No he didn't!" Cameron defended, not being very convincing. "She stole my Lightening McQueen!" Cole decided to inform us. "No I didn't!" Tori denied then looked at her mother. "He's lying Mum! He's a liar!" And that was enough to start another hair-tugging, ear-pinching, shoving war and a whole lot of shouting. I cannot say how glad I was when we finally got there. I parked the car and unlocked the car so that my feuding family could exit. Sel was the first to step out, looking slightly flustered. I opened the door for the kids who, while occasionally pushing each other, clambered out of the car. I bent down to look at them. "You guys might want to behave yourselves." I advised. "Mum's looking a little tired at the moment." They turned to look and saw their mother on the phone before turning to look at me again and nodding. "Awesome." I nodded. "And if you're good.. I'll get you guys ice-cream." I said. Tori's eyes lit up. "Really?" she said. "Absolutely." she ran towards me and swung her arms around me, squeezing me tightly in a hug. "I love you, Daddy!" she said. "I thought so." I smiled dryly and hugged her back. "I love you too, sweetheart." I exclaimed. "Hey!" Cameron exclaimed. "Dad, what about us?" I raised an eyebrow. "What about you?" Cameron pouted again and I laughed. "Come here guys." they ran towards me as well and I hugged them all briefly before picking Tori up and placing her on my shoulders. I tried both boys as well but it became too much to handle, trying to balance three kids. It just so happened that Sel had to glance across at us at that moment when she put her phone back in her pocket and covered her mouth with her hands as she shook with silent laughter. I scowled at her. "Are you going to help me or not?" I exclaimed. "Not." she said. My jaw dropped as I gaped at her as she stuck her tongue out at me. "You're so f-" she glared at me, gesturing to our children who were gazing at me curiously. "You're childish." I amended. "Whatever." she rolled her eyes. "You know you love me anyways." Ismirked. "How can you be so sure?" she said. "You don't love Mummy?" Tori's eyes widened as a horrified expression came over her face. "What?" I gaped. "Of course I do! Why would you say something like that?" I ask. "Because you just asked if she was sure!" I keep forgetting that I have children beside me. "That's not how I meant it, sweetie." I assured her. "I was just teasing your Mummy." I explained. "Oh." Tori looked down. "You scared me, Daddy." she said. "Don't listen to your father, Vicky." Sel made her way over and picked up both Cameron and Cole. "He talks nonsense sometimes." I narrowed my eyes at her. "That's not something to tell my daughter." I said. "She's not just your daughter." she retorted. "It takes two to tango." I wiggled my eyebrows. "Want to tango some more?" I joke. "Justin!" she hissed, her face going slightly red. "The children." Oh. Right. Bummer. We walked into the restaurant and I placed Tori on a chair while everyone else got seated so we could wait for our friends. All three kids started arguing again so Sel sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. I threw my arm around her and tugged her closer while she snuggles into me. Let's just say that I had never got over the feeling where my heart rate picked up when she did that. "Tori." Sel intervened. "How about you go check out the ice-cream flavours?" Tori's eyes widened and she got up and sprinted towards the counter, not hesitating to talk to the man behind it. Both twins exchanged glances then shrugged before starting a game of thumb war. The door opened to reveal Jason, who strolled in with Renée on his arm. In front of them, skipping happily, was their four-year-old daughter, Sasha. Jason spotted us and grinned before walking over. "Well." Jason paused. "You guys are just as close as ever." Renee smacked his arm. Good thing she did, I was going to, and it wasn't going to be nearly as light. Truth be told, I didn't think that Jason and Renee would last. They broke it off when they both left for different Universities because it was getting too difficult trying to be together. I thought that was it when Jason began dating a girl (who was a real bitch, by the way) and seemed to really like her but he broke it off a month into the relationship, saying that he couldn't do it. As it so happened, after University, they both bumped into each other and it didn't take long for them to reconcile. However, there was a lot of initial tension. "Cameron!" Sasha called. "Cole!" she ran over to my two sons. The three of them were completely inseparable and were always up to something when they were together which, actually, worried me a little bit. "Hey, Ren, Jason." Sel greeted. "Do you know when Marie and Dylan are getting here? I asked Nick and Riley to come but they said they were busy this weekend." she asked. "So did Brandon." I added. "But Sophie said she might join us later with her new.." I trailed off, clenching my jaw. She may be seventeen now but she was still my little sister. "Boyfriend." Sel finished, shooting me an amused glance, obviously realising what I was thinking. "You'd better not start eating without us." My other nerd of a best friend turned up with Marie and their son, Caleb, who was slightly older than Tori. Marie and Dylan had never changed, always as in love with each other as ever. I don't think they've broken up once. I'd be lying if I said Sel and I hadn't had our fair share of arguments and there were a few times where we were on the verge of breaking up. But, thankfully, we managed to solve those issues. "Caleb." Marie told her son. "You can go and play with Tori." Somehow, (and this is really weird) Tori, as soon as she heard her name, turned around and saw that other people had arrived and made her way over. "I don't want to play with her." Caleb scrunched his nose up. "She's a girl." Tori scowled. "Well I don't want to play with you." Tori said. "Good." Caleb retorted. "Girls are yucky." he said. "Boys are stupid." Tori responded with her nose in the air. "And girls are awesome." I looked away from them to throw my wife an exasperated look to which she responded with a bright smile. Obviously she is finding this far more amusing than I was. "They're so cute." Renee sighed dreamily. "They're six." Sel emphasised. "And cute." Marie added. "And are always fighting." Sel countered. "There's a thin line between love and hate." I choked on my saliva. "I don't think so." I intervened. "My daughter is six years old and love is not allowed until she's thirty." Sel went off into a fit of giggles. "For God's sake, Justin, relax. She's going to grow up eventually and you can't stop her." Sel said. "No dating." I said firmly. Sel rolled her eyes. "We'll see." she said. Lunch came and we decided on fish and chips, as the children insisted and the conversations began. "I only have one kid." Marie and Renee stated at the same time. "Right." Sel chewed on her lip. "Sorry." she said. "Besides.." Renee continued. "It's not my fault you and Justin can't keep your hands of each other." she exclaimed. "Renee!" Sel whined. "Don't say stuff like that!" she exclaimed. "Why not?" Renee shrugged. "It's the truth isn't it?" Sel groaned and turned to burry her face in my chest, making me grin widely. "Where do I even find them?" she mumbled. "High school, babe." I chuckled. "Remember?" I could feel her grinning. "Always will." I placed my hand under her chin and tipper her face up then stared into her eyes. "I love you." I stated softly. She leaned up to kiss me then pulled away. "I love you too." she replied. Forever and always. Just the way it should be.

The End.

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