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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

Ding Dong! The doorbell rang and I rushed towards it. It was probably Marie because for some weird reason, she hadn't shown up yet. I was starting to get suspicious; she always arrived first. Plus, this wasn't the only time she's been late recently. We were all supposed to have a sleepover a couple of weeks ago, but she cancelled. I reached over and yanked the door open but instead of seeing Marie, I was greeted with the sight of Justin Bieber in all his glory. He was wearing dark jeans and a sleek black top that clearly showed his abs. God, he even had a freaking six pack! It was covered in a simple leather jacket. He looked so unbelievably hot, it was unfair. And I'm definitely not the guy's biggest fan and if I did easily get blinded by looks, I would definitely be crushing on him. His blodish hair fell into his hazel eyes and I resisted the urge to sigh. I have to work so hard just to look average. As much as I hate to say it, I was jealous. There is no way I would ever look that good. "Like what you see?" He asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. "W-what?" was my stupid reply. "It's okay, OJ Girl. I know I'm hot." I scoffed. "I've seen better." I said. "What could possibly better than this?" he said. "Jacob from the football team is pretty hot." I added. "Oh please, I'm way hotter than Jacob." I was about to make a smart-ass reply when I was cut off. "I hate to interrupt but I would really like to not die from pneumonia." Marie appeared next to Justin. Where the hell did she just come from?  "Hey Marie." I said, warmly. She fidgeted slightly, probably knowing that despite my warm tone, I was scrutinising her for anything suspicious.  "Hey." she replied impatiently. "Can we go in now?" she said. "Yeah, sorry." I opened the door a little wider to let her in. She squeezed in and unfortunately, so did Justin. "Where are Jason and Dylan?" I asked Justin, as we walked towards the sitting room. "Aw, no concern for me? I'm so hurt." He said, faking it. I rolled my eyes in response and he grinned. "They're coming." he said. "Why?" he added. "No reason. Just hoping I wouldn't have to be stuck with you and not have someone to share the pain." He pouted. "Ouch. No need to be mean, sweetheart." I snorted. We finally got to the room where mattresses had been lain out and covered with blankets, plus there was a table full of snacks in the middle of the room. "You girls don't miss a thing, do you?" Justin remarked. "All this is essential for a sleepover." I argued. "Do you guys usually eat that much or is some of it for us?" he asked. "Renee wanted to be all nice for you guys so unfortunately, there are certain things I'm not allowed to eat." I said. "You guys act like annoyed-at-each-other sisters." he said. "She is my sister; just not a biological one." Justin looked surprised at the fondness in my tone. Probably because the only things he has seen me do is insult and tease. It wasn't long before the doorbell rang again, I started to go towards it when Renee came rushing forward. "I'll get it!" I looked at her strangely before slowly backing away from the door again. She seemed very eager to get to the door. A little too eager if you ask me.  "WE'RE HERE!" I heard Jason's voice shout. "TIME TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" I got up and rushed towards where Dylan and Jason were standing. They opened up their arms and gave me a tight hug. Both of them crushing me, I thought I was going to stop breathing for a second. "Hey guys!" I greeted, pulling out of the hug. "Hey!" complained Justin. "How come I didn't get such an enthusiastic welcome?" I stuck my tongue out at him. Dylan smirked. "I told you she liked us better." Jason nodded, agreeing. Justin pouted. He looked so adorable; I couldn't resist pulling his cheeks.  "Aw, is Justin sad he didn't get a hug?" I cooed. Dylan and Jason snickered in the background.   He smacked my hands away. "Jesus, woman. I think you stretched my cheeks." I simply grinned at him. He was really just too cute sometimes. Just then, Renee and Marie walked in, dressed in their PJ's. Jason watched Renee while Dylan stared at Marie. It was so totally obvious that they liked each other and that's coming from me. I am like the most oblivious person on the planet sometimes so it's quite an achievement. I couldn't blame them though; my friends looked hot in their tank tops and matching pyjama bottoms. I nudged Justin and nodded in the both of the other boys' direction. He followed my gaze and grinned when he saw what I was looking at. Was he thinking what I was thinking? He smiled mischievously at me then whistled. "If you guys will stop eye-raping each other, we have movies to watch." He said. Both Dylan and Jason glared at Justin while Renee and Marie turned the colour of a fire truck. I, on the other hand, was rolling on the floor with laughter. "Not funny!" exclaimed Renee and Marie. "Shut the fuck up, man." Dylan glared. "Asshole." Jason muttered. It was too funny not to burst out laughing. I mean, their faces, I don't think I've ever seen anything more hilarious in my life.  "Yeah.. it.. totally.. is." I choked out between fits of laughter. Renee huffed. "You and Justin are pure evil." she said. "You know it." I quipped.  "So, now it's my turn." I looked up and saw the look in her eye and my laughter subsided. I knew that look and I didn't like it. Last time there was that look in her eye she got me to go dance on the roof singing 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' at the top of my lungs. It was the most embarrassing thing I had ever done in my life.  "Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please don't kill me." I begged. Marie came forward. "Selly, honey, why aren't you wearing your matching PJ's?" she asked. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." I stammered. "What matching pyjamas?" Justin said, entering the conversation. "Sel didn't tell you? She has the same pyjamas." I glared at her. If she kept talking I was going to punch her. Jesus Selena, so violent. "She does?" smirked Justin. "Why don't you put them on Sel?" he said. "Yeah, Sel. Go put them on." Renee said. "What if I don't want to?" I challenged. "Then, you have to show us your bucket list." The colour in my face drained. She just mentioned my bucket list. In front of Justin. This was so not good. If Justin found out.. I had no choice. "I'll wear the pyjamas."

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