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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

"Come on. Get up already!" I was being shaken again. For. The. Second. Day. In. A. Row. Don't these people have better things to do? Why can't they all just piss off? "Go away, Nicholas." I moaned. "I'm not getting up." I flipped myself to the side. Go away, go away, go away, I silently chanted. Just leave so I can have some peace and quiet. I have very important business to attend to. A deep chuckle sounded from above me. "You know, it sounds really sexy when you moan." I froze. That was most definitely not my brother's voice and he would never say anything like that to me. Not in a million years. But if it isn't Nick then- Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. Oh hell no. Please God, for the love of all that's good in this world please let it not be him. "Justin?" The hazel-eyed boy cocked his head to the side and smirked. "That's my name," he carried on, still smirking. "You know, I should wake you up more often. That sexy moan of yours is a huge turn on and it's a dream to hear. Imagine how good it will be one day when I get to hear you moan my name. No, sorry, I meant scream. I guess I'll just have to make you fall for me-" Another smirk. "-which I will of course but in the meantime-" I held a hand up to silence him, my face felt like it was on fire. "Shut up," I shook my head. "Just stop talking." He laughed and I gave him a disgusted look. Stretching like a cat, I threw my covers off and stood up, eager to get to the bathroom and away from him. Wait a second! I must look like a total mess and he has to show up now, damn him. "How'd you get in here in the first place and aren't you supposed to be at school?" he seemed oblivious to my question, his eyes resting solely on my legs. I flushed again and cleared my throat. He smirked again before answering. "Your brother let me in." I made a mental note to kill Nick later. "And as for school, fuck what my dad wants, if you're not going, neither am I." My mood changed and I resisted the urge to 'awe' at his thoughtfulness and pulled out some clothes. "Okay," I said. "but there isn't much to do." I stepped inside the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. "I have some fun planned." The tone in his voice made me feel excited for some reason. Strange, a couple of months ago I would have shrunk away from it, guess I really have changed. I pulled my jeans on and threw my jacket over my shoulders. Stepping outside, Justin was having another look at my bucket list. "What exactly has this 'fun' got to do with my bucket list?" I raised an eyebrow. His hazel orbs never wavered from the paper in his hands as he waved dismissively. "You'll see." I don't know whether this is going to be good or bad now but it sure is going to be interesting, and that's for sure. My stomach gave a loud grumble just then, causing Justin to look up and smirk at me. "Someone's hungry." he stated. "That, I am." I declared and started out the door, only pausing to look back at him. "Are you coming?" I said. Justin moaned, munching on the waffles and closed his eyes to savour the flavour. (See that! I rhymed.) I looked amusedly at him. He opened his eyes and I smirked. "I told you they were awesome." I stated. He nodded, agreeing with me, then turned to my brother. "Dude, you have to give me a doggy bag or something." He requested. Nick beamed at this obvious praise of his heavenly waffles. Then his eyes lit up, instantly telling me that he was up to something. "Well," He smirked evilly. "I could always give you some but I seriously am down on cash at this moment and I heard from an extremely reliable source that you're loaded." I gasped. "Nick!" I protested. "That is so rude!" I turned to Justin. "Don't listen to a word he says; he'll give them to you for free." Justin shrugged. "It's not like I mind, his pancakes are fucking awesome." I raised an eyebrow at his words. "You're seriously going to pay him for waffles?" I asked in disbelief. Justin shrugged again. "Food is a man's weakness." then he leaned over the counter to give Nick a high five. I rolled my eyes. "He's not making you pay him." I said firmly. Nick suddenly smirked at me. "And how are you going to stop me?" He questioned. I snorted. "It won't be that hard. I just have to tell Mum." I reasoned. "I'm a grown man now." Nick said but he still looked a little scared, which, to be honest I don't blame him for. My Mum is one hell of a scary woman when she's mad. "She can't tell me what to do." I took the time to think for a moment. "If you do it, I'll put the picture of you in Mum's dinner dress from when you were six on Facebook." I threatened. Nick's face turned to horror. "I thought you deleted that!" I snorted. "Yeah, I'm going to delete something I can hold over you for centuries." Nick glared and Justin looked both amused and mildly impressed at the same time. "I hate you." Nick sniffed. "I love you too." I say.
"So what are you two planning to do anyway?" Nick asked as we made our way towards Justin's bike. Spotting the Ducati, Nick seemed to become distracted. "Dude, nice bike." Justin smirked. "I know," He agreed. I couldn't really blame him, he had one hell of a bike. "It's a Ducati Diavel-" he started. "Its engine was probably Testastretta 11 degrees L-Twin. 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder. It was probably liquid cooled too. Probably runs like 190 kW at a 9250 rpm. The frame is an awesome Tubular steel Trellis. The front wheel looked like a lightweight alloy and the rear tyre a 240/45 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II." I finished. Justin gaped. "You - how did you -" He seemed at a loss and Nick threw back his head, laughing. "Sel's been like totally obsessed with motorbikes since she was around twelve man. I bet if you asked her to name all the parts she'd be able to do it in a flash." Nick informed Justin. Justin's mouth made an 'o' shape. I nodded. "Cool." he said casually but I could tell he was still internally freaking out. I shook my head, he'll get over it eventually.
"I'm not doing this." I objected. Justin rolled his eyes. "Relax, Sel," he stated. "It's not that bad." My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Did he not see the intensity of the situation? "But it's illegal!" I stated. "So?" he questioned. "So? So?" I repeated. "We could get fined! We could go to jail!" Seeing my hyperventilation like state, he agreed to let this go and we went home. Not. His reaction was nowhere near that; he simply rolled his eyes. "That's only if we get caught." He pointed out. "Which there is a very large possibility of it happening." I countered. He rolled his eyes for the third time today and I have never wanted to slap him more. "Stop it!" He smirked. "Stop what? Being so sexy, sorry babe, I can't help it." This time I was the one rolling my eyes. "Never mind." I say. "So you'll do it?" he questions. "No! I never said that!" He smirked. "You know you want to." he teased. "No." I said. "Yes." he said. We went back and forth aguing before he stopped it. "Geez! Just come already!" he didn't wait for my answer. Instead, he picked me up by the legs and threw me over his shoulder, just like the time he did in his house. I began beating my fists against his back but he didn't falter in the least. "Let. Me. Go!" I struggled and I started to feel a little woozy when all the blood came rushing to my head. "Will you come?" he asked. I struggled again and pushed against his back which made no difference whatsoever. "Fine, fine, please just let me down!" I agreed. He dropped me without sparing a second. You weak-willed girl. "Good," He wiped imaginary dust of his hands. "Now we'd better get going. They come and check around five so if you don't want to be thrown in the slammer, then you'd better hurry up." Well that was reassuring. He hopped over the slightly tattered metal fence and gestured for me to follow. Hesitantly, I did. "How are we going to get your bike through?" I asked. We had to jump over the fence ourselves, unless Justin is a stuntman, we can't possibly be expected to hike it over. "You see the fence?" I bit back a sarcastic reply and nodded instead. "There's a hole in the west side big enough for the bike. That's why I parked where I did. We'll be able to get it on the free stretch of land and I can teach you how to drive it." he said. "Is this really safe? You know, me driving without a license and all." I honestly was about to pee my pants at what we were about to do but I'm not letting him know it. "Sure, I'm here aren't I?" He looked down at me and smirked. "Don't be nervous." Ha! Easy for him to say. Almost as if sensing my distress, his fingers intertwined with mine causing electricity to shoot up my arm. You know, I always wondered why people said 'chemistry'. With all the sparks isn't it more like physics? "What are you doing?" I asked. He smirked again. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he questions. "Dragging me off somewhere to kill me." I said sarcastically. "You know, that's not a bad idea." He mused. I scoffed. "Ha ha, very funny." I say, sarcastically. "Thank you," I shot him an amused glance. "You would take that as a compliment, wouldn't you Bieber?" I say. "Are you saying it wasn't one?" he teased. "Are you really that stupid?" I say. "Nope, but you need to have your brain checked out, it seems to have a few issues." I glared at him. "Oh like yours doesn't." I muttered. I saw him grin. "Don't worry about it babe, I'd still bang you." I fake-gagged. "Gross." I say. "Don't pretend like you wouldn't like it." I roll my eyes. "It's not pretending." I say. "If you say so, OJ Girl," He sighed. "If you say so." I roll my eyes. "And I do so shut up." And that's how we went on for a while, bickering and teasing, laughing and smiling and I liked it. I liked it a lot.
"Okay," Justin said. "Now place both your legs on opposite sides of the bike." I snorted. "I know how to sit on a bike Justin." I reminded him. "I've done it before." His glare told me to shut up. "Now start it up." He instructed. "Good, now press the clutch down and move it into first gear." My hands hesitantly did as he told me. "Okay, now what?" I asked. "Now put your feet out in front of you so that your heels are on the ground and your toes are pointed up. That's right. Then slowly let out the clutch lever until the bike starts to roll forward." I let up the clutch and the bike jerked. "I said slowly!" he says. "I'm trying." I say through gritted teeth. Ignoring me, he continued. "Do it again. Great. Now when your feet are flat on the ground, pull the clutch lever back in. Then roll back on to your heels and repeat until you have a good feel for the clutch." This time the bike moved as it was supposed to and I let out a squeal. "I did it!" I say. "Yeah, you did." I could practically hear the smile on his voice. Then a second later we froze as a voice ruined the moment. "Hey, what are you kids doing here?" A man's voice cut through the air. Well shit. "Sel?" Justin whispered. "Yeah?" I whispered back. "Can I get to the front?" he asked. "Sure." I got up and moved behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist. As soon as I was there he took off at lightning speed and I buried my face in his jacket. Eyes closed, I could hear the world whizzing past us. Then the sensation stopped and I looked up gasping for breath. "Do you think he saw us?" I breathed. Justin shook his head. "Too far away, maybe just a silhouette but not our faces." He answered, sounding as out of breath as I was. I nodded and peaked up to see his face instead I was face to face with a hand. A very scratched, bleeding hand. "Justin!" I whisper-yelled. "You can't drive like that!" He looked down at his hand and winced. "There's no other option, I'll take you home." he said. "No," I disagreed. "Take us to your house, it's closer, we have to bandage that up." I said. But-" he started. "Don't argue, just drive."
"Do you guys have a first aid kit here somewhere?" I asked, looking back at Justin whose fist was being cradled by his other hand. "Second cupboard to the left." He responded then winced. I nodded, pulling the kit out of said cupboard. I went to sit on the stool beside him. I brought his hand as gently as I could in my direction and started wiping it with the alcohol to make sure it didn't get infected. He winced again. "You don't have to make such a big fuss out of it you know, worse has happened." he tells me. "Yeah?" I said, continuing to clean. "Your hand is bruised and swollen and I'm bandaging it up now, how much worse can it get?" He shrugged. "Worse has happened." He repeated. I continued to wipe and when I was done, I took out the cloth to bandage it up; wrapping it tightly around his fists. "Thank you." he said. I nodded absentmindedly. "You're welcome." I took out something to make the bandage stay. "No, really, thanks." he tells me. "I know." I said. "Thanks for being there when I needed you." he whispered softly. I smiled. "I'll always be there, don't ever forget that." He was staring at me intently. I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head. The next thing I knew, I was being turned around and he had wrapped me in a bone crushing hug and the sparks shot straight threw my entire being. They were getting stronger by the second. "Thank you." he repeated. "You're welcome." I said. Our perfectly good sentimental moment was ruined by his phone ringing. Pulling away from me, he reached into his pocket to pull out his phone. "Hello?" he said into the receiver. His expression turned sour. I gestured for him to put it on speaker which he complied. "You were supposed to be picked up by me today." Daniel spoke through. Now I get why he was so irritated. His Dad. "I promised to drop Sel off at her house from school." Justin lied. "You're with Selena?" Justin rolled his eyes. "Can I speak to her?" I nodded. "Good afternoon, Sir." I spoke. "Selena! Call me Daniel!" I chuckled. "Of course, sorry Daniel." I say. "You're with Justin at the moment?" he asked. "Yes I am. Sorry for keeping him from you but I needed a ride home." I heard Daniel laugh. "It's alright, dear, how far are you from your house?" he asked. "We're almost there, Daniel." I say. "Well come visit soon. May I speak to my son?" he asked. "Of course." Justin took the phone and nodded. "Fine," He said. "Goodbye." I raised an eyebrow in questioning. "He said to come home as soon as possible." I got up. "Well I'm done we can go." I say. "I have to be in a car?" he says. "Why?" I ask. "I told him I was in a car." he said. "So what's the problem?" I ask. "I left the keys to the car in your house." My shoulders slumped. "Now what do we do?" I asked. "We could always break in." he suggested. "And then what? We can't start an engine without the keys." Justin's eyes suddenly gleamed. "You want to accomplish something else on your bucket list?"
"Okay," Justin said, looking at his phone. "Now it says to take of the plastic thingy on the steering column." he says. "Okay," I said as I yanked it off. "taking the plastic thingy off, check." I say. "Then-" he continued. "- there are usually held in place with concealed clips or #2 Phillips-type screws. Remove them and pull the access panels free." he says. "Done." I said after I finished. "Now-" He continued reading. "-find the wiring harness connector. Once you remove the panels on the steering column, you should see a roil of electrical wires." he says. "Alright." I said slowly. "Pull aside the battery, ignition, and starter wire bundle. One of these will be the primary power supply for the ignition switch, one will be ignition wires, and the other will be the starter." he says. "Got the ignition wires." I gripped them in my hands. "Strip about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of insulation from the battery wires and twist them together. Wrap them with electrician's tape if available, and do not allow them to short against metal vehicle components. Connecting these will provide electricity for the ignition components, so the engine is able to run when the starter is turned." he says. "I need scissors." I announced. He grabbed a pair and shoved them in my direction. I followed the instructions. "Connect the ignition on/off wire to the battery wire. You should see the dash lights and other electrical components come alive at this point. If all you want to do is listen to the radio, you're done. If you want to drive the car, you'll need to spark the starter wire, which can get dangerous." He read word for word. "You don't happen to have goggles on you do you?" I asked weakly. He gave me a flat look. "If you get the car to start, rev it a few times so you don't stall out and have to do this process again. Once the engine starts, you can remove the starter wire and continue on your way." He completely ignored my earlier question. I did as told. "Now last of all, break the steering lock." The car hummed and I felt the engine heat up. I did it. I actually did it. I really hot wired a car! I smirked. "You coming?"
"Today was fun." I stated. Justin nodded. "We'll have to do it again sometime." he smirked. "You know how to hot wire a car now. Maybe we'll get to do one that isn't mine." I gave him a frown. "I am not stealing a car." I said firmly. "You never know." Justin shrugged. "Actually, I do." I say. "We'll see, OJ Girl, we'll see." he smirked. "No we won't because I'm not doing it." I protested. "You don't know what the future holds." I roll my eyes. "And neither do you." I say. "Oh but I do." I laughed. "Do you?" I say. "It involves you throwing a party." he says. "Maybe, but remember that would require my parents to be out of town." I reminded him. "Who said they won't be?" he says. "Who said they will be?" he sighed. "I have to get home. I'll see you later." He winked. He turned and walked away. "That you will." I whispered softly.
1. Dye ends of my hair and a lock or two, blue.(with Renee and Marie)
2. Hire agents and tell them to follow each other.
3. Pull a high school prank. (with Justin and Brandon)
4. Learn how to drive a motorcycle. (with Justin)
5. Go to a real, wild party. (with Justin, Renee and Marie)
6. Throw a party while my parents are away.
7. Go laser-tagging.
8. Cover someone's car in posters. (with Justin and Brandon)
9. Make volcanoes in a store. (with Justin and Brandon)
10. Ditch school for a day. (with Justin)
11. Pour a drink over someone's head. (Jacob Thompson)
12. Have an accidental paint fight. (with Nick) 13. Go to a drive-in movie.
14. Go to a carnival and win something. (with Justin)
15. Learn how to hot wire a car. (with Justin) 16. Go to a real rock concert.
17. Watch the sunset from the top of a hill. (with Justin)
18. Have a movie marathon. (with Renee, Marie, Jason, Dylan and Justin)
19. Play ding, dong, ditch.
20.Redecorate my room. (with Nick)
21. Be in a band (with Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason, Dylan and Austin)
22. Sneak out at midnight. (with Justin)

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