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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

"Okay," I muttered. "food, water, party decorations, more food, all valuable items put away and hidden." I glanced at my brother. "Do I need anything else?" his eyes flicked in my direction. "Alcohol." he answered, casually. I was taken aback and you can understand that right? I mean, isn't the older brother supposed to be all crazy about the younger sister not having alcohol? Taking in my expression, Nick quickly shook his head. "I didn't mean you drink it," he explained. "I meant that parties are known for the alcohol. It's not a party without one." he said. "Right," I said slowly. "Okay, so where do we get some?" Nick used to have really wild parties when he was my age. He never let me come though, being the overprotective individual that he is, and made me go to my friend's houses or, more likely, Riley's. She wasn't much of a party animal either. "I'll take care of that." Nick stated firmly and got up from his spot on the couch. I nodded and went back to arranging things on the table. Honestly, I'm surprised Nick is even letting me have the party in the first place, but I think he wants to re-live his school days or something.

"Bye honey!" Mum waved at us from the car. Nick and I waved back. "Bye Mum!" I yelled back. Dad waved at us as well and I returned it. They were true to their word, or more accurately, the contest people were true to their word and they left a day after Mum gave us the news. As much as I was going to miss them, they really had to go for me to throw the party. The car pulled of into the distance and Nick held the door open and gestured for me to get in. I complied. We were halfway to the door when I abruptly stopped and turned to Nick. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked. Nick smirked. "Just did." was his smart-ass reply. I rolled my eyes. "Can I throw a party on Saturday?" Nick looked shocked and, truth be told, I couldn't really blame him. I would never in a million years have asked something like this under normal circumstances. However, ever since I met Justin, I don't think anything about my life has been 'normal'. "Party?" he repeated. "What do you want to throw a party for?" I shrugged. "You used to do it all the time." I reminded him. "Maybe I just want to be a normal teenager for once and live a little." A slow smile spread across his lips. "Who are you and what have you done with my baby sister?" he joked. I laughed and slapped his arm. "So, that's a yes?" I asked hopefully. "That's a hell yes." Nick grinned. I threw my arms around him and hugged him like there was no tomorrow. "I do have one condition though." he said into my hair. "Which is?" I lifted my head. "No boys." he said.
End flashback.
Obviously I did manage to convince Nick that it would be stupid not to have guys at the party, and he (very reluctantly, I might add) agreed in the end. I reached for my phone and slid my fingers across the screen. "Hello?" I asked in the receiver at the same time as balancing a bunch of plastic cups in the other hand. I slipped the phone under my ear and managed to hold it there. "Hey." his smooth voice gave me shivers, even over the phone. I smiled. "Hey." I returned. "You ready to throw your first party?" Justin asked. I rolled my eyes. "Obviously," I said in a duh tone. "otherwise I would be totally freaking out." To be totally and brutally honest then, I was freaking out inwardly. I'm throwing a freaking party while my parents are gone. It's a big deal for me. "Ah-ha." I heard the disbelief in his voice. "Need some help?" I flipped my wrist up a fraction so I could see the time. Already four-thirty. Hm, maybe I could use some help. "Sure, why not?" I replied as I set the cups back down on the table. "Great, be there in five." The click of the phone made me sigh as I plopped down on the couch. Why did I feel like this party wasn't going to be so much fun after all? I shook my head, why the hell am I being so negative? I'm getting to throw a Goddamn party, for heaven's sake. There was a small ding from my phone and I resisted the urge to groan out loud as I picked it up.
Renee: You ready?
I had called them almost as soon as Nick told me he was okay with the party being thrown and had wasted no time in informing my best friends.
Me: Yup
Lies. I was scared as hell.
Renee: Liar I blinked.
Me: What?
Renee: You are lying, I can see it in your face.
I looked suspiciously around the room. Did she get in the house? No. She couldn't be.
Me: You can't see me.
Renee: How are you so sure?
I cast another glance around the room.
Me: Because I can't see you.
There was no answer. I stared at my screen. No answer from Renee. I shrugged it off and heaved my body off the couch. I picked up the stereo player wire and whistled as I walked towards the plug. For a party, music was a necessity. "Argh!" a loud shout sounded behind me and I jumped while turning around. Then I screamed. "Argh!" Renee fell over laughing and I held a hand to my heart, panting. "What's wrong with you?" I panted. "I nearly had a heart-attack!" Renee sobered up and grinned. "Nick let me in." she informed me. I glared at her. "That doesn't answer my question." I said, scowling. She opened her mouth to reply when the doorbell sounded. "Saved by the bell." she muttered and I tossed her a glare as I walked down the hallway. "Don't think you're getting out of it so easily." I called down the hallway. I heard a faint laugh. "We'll see!" she replied. I rolled my eyes and yanked the door open to reveal Justin. A very, very, sexy looking Justin. He was wearing his signature leather jacket with a plain white shirt and leather pants. In other words.. hot damn. He smirked at me. "Done checking me out?" he asked, cockily. My face felt like it was on fire. "I-" I breathed in heavily. "I wasn't checking you out." Justin gave me an unimpressed look. "Uh-huh," he snorted disbelievingly. "Sureee.." I scoffed and didn't bother to respond as I held out the door for him to go inside. He strolled in and down the hallway as I quickened my pace to catch up to him. "Everything ready?" he asked. "More or less." I shrugged. "There are bits and pieces left to do." he shot me a sideways smile. "I'll be happy to help." he said and I grinned back. Party planning was about to get a whole boatload more exciting.
"Shoot." I muttered then tossed a glance behind me. "The streamer's coming off." Justin frowned and cocked his head to the side. I pointed at the offending streamer and he chuckled. "That's what you're getting so worked up about?" he shook his head and walked towards me. "Just put it back up." I scowled. "I can't," I dragged out, clearly exasperated. "I'm too-" I cut myself off, not wanting to admit it, mostly more to myself then him. He shot me an amused smile. "Too what?" he egged me on. I whacked his arm. "Come on, OJ Girl, just say it." I shook my head stubbornly. Never. "I'll help you," he offered. "with putting up the streamer again." I had a mental debate with myself for about five seconds before swallowing harshly. "I'm too-" I paused and inhaled sharply. "I'm too short." He slow clapped with a grin and I whacked his arm again. His grin widened as I scowled at his obvious lack of pain. Oh why can't he just feel pain? "Will you just help me now?" I snapped. He held his hands up in mock-defence. "Geez, okay." He reached right over me (I know, so unfair how tall he is right?) and attached the streamer back in its rightful position on the wall. Then he leaned down so close to me that I felt his lips brush against my ear. "Better?" He whispered huskily. My breath hitched in my throat at our close proximity. "Yeah." I managed to choke out. He grinned and pulled back so I could feel his hot breath on my lips and I struggled to resist the urge to shiver. "Do I make you nervous?" he whispered, his voice low. I shook my head quickly. A little too quickly. He smirked as his hands reached down to my waist, pressing me closer. "You sure?" I shook my head again and he pressed me even closer. His lips were only centimetres away from my own. He leaned in closer; we were so close that they were almost touching. I felt my eyes close and prepared for him to kiss me. "I'd better not be interrupting something." Nick's foot tapped impatiently on the kitchen floor. I flushed as Justin hastily pulled away from me and he didn't even blink. "You weren't." Justin stated smoothly. How the hell was he so calm? I cleared my throat. "Yeah." I agreed. "You weren't interrupting anything." I say. Nick looked disbelievingly between the two of us before turning away. "I'd better not have been." I heard him grumble as I walked away. Blushing furiously, I stepped away from Justin. "I'd better go get ready." I said meekly. Justin had a far off look in his eyes as he nodded absentmindedly. I climbed up the stairs wondering one thing and I'm pretty sure he was wondering too. What the hell just happened?

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