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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

I reluctantly followed Justin out to his 'personal' spot. Don't ask me why he has one, I guess it's because he's popular and shit. Plus, being the school's badass, would definitely boost that category. There were rumours going around that the last person who in his spot ended up in the hospital with a black eye and a couple of broken bones. It's probably just exaggerated. I hope. He wouldn't do that to me would he? Is he going to kill me? I knew this wasn't a good idea. If only he hadn't got hold of my damned notebook! I seriously needed to get my own ride. But.. even if I did, he'd still have my notebook and would probably use it against me. He was smarter than I thought. To tell you the truth, I don't even know where his spot is. It's mainly gossip that I've heard this stuff. Keep in mind that I don't have a ride, my friends pick me up in the morning and they find parking spaces so they are probably aware of where the spot is. Maybe it's time to learn. I am definitely not planning to go to the hospital anytime soon. I wondered aimlessly behind Justin, lost in my own dreamworld. I didn't even notice that he had stopped walking until I crashed straight into his back. "Ouch." I said rubbing my head. Justin just smirked at me.  "Can't get enough of me, can you?" He said. I rolled my eyes in response. "You wish, pretty boy." I said. "So you agree? I'm hot?" I stare in disguist. "No, I said that you have a certain girlish element to you; hence the word, pretty." He glared at me. You know, boys and their weird mannish pride thing. I snickered to myself. Point to Sel! "Babe, there's nothing girly about me. Wanna see?" He smirked. I felt my eyes widen at what he was implying and my cheeks flush a bright red. Sel, 0, Justin a million. Great. "No thank you." I mustered. "I admire the resistance but it won't last long." I almost puked. "Sorry to break it to you but not all girls have to fall at your feet." I said. "Are you lesbian?" he asked. "What?! No, I'm not lesbian. I don't have anything against them but I'm not." I answered. "Well then you'll fall. It's just a matter of time." he said. "I would never fall for you." I said. "We'll see." he said. "So.. where's your car?" I asked, wanting desperately to change the subject. "About that.. I don't really have a car." my eyes widen. What do you mean you don't have a car?  How on earth are you going to drive me home?!" I shouted. "Chill. I said I don't have a car. I didn't say I didn't have a ride. " he said. "What're you-" I cut myself off when he moved away in front of me. My jaw dropped. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. It was one of the original black Ducati Diavel. It's engine was probably Testastretta 11 degrees L-Twin. 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder. It was probably liquid cooled too. Don't get me started on its power! That thing probably ran like 190 kW at a 9250 rpm. It's torque was probably amazing though I didn't know exactly what the figure was. The frame was an awesome Tubular steel Trellis. The front wheel looked like a lightweight alloy and the rear tyre a 240/45 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Gomezo II. There wasn't a scratch or dent to be seen. In other words it was flawless. "What d'you think?" Justin asked. "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." I breathed. Justin looked surprised. He and everyone else stereotyped pretty easily but I guess I couldn't blame him. I did bring my reputation upon myself. His expression didn't last long as he quickly hid it with a smirk. Is that like the only thing he knows how to do? I don't think I've ever seen someone smirk that much in my life!  "Besides me, you mean." He said. "Cocky much?" I said. "Just stating the facts, OJ Girl." he replied. "Don't call me that." I snapped. "What? OJ Girl?" he asked. "Yes." I said. "Too late." he said. "But it's so annoying!" I huffed. "So?" he said. "Wouldn't you hate it if someone gave you a really annoying nickname?" I asked. "But no one will so it doesn't matter." I grunted. "You are despicable." I said. "You want a ride or not?" I stared longingly at his bike. There was no way in hell I was letting a ride on a real Ducati slip through my fingers. I nodded. "Thought so." He smirked. I rolled my eyes but accepted his hand and got on his bike. "Hold on tight, OJ Girl." he said. Seriously, what's with the nickname? Nevertheless, I wrapped my arms around his waist. Not very tightly, because I didn't want to. I can handle this right? I felt his back against my chest and couldn't help thinking about how hard and toned it was. Stupid teenage hormones. He started the bike and I felt the seat vibrate from under me. Hmmm went the engine. What a beautiful sound. I would have given almost anything to win a bike like his. How could anything be so awesome? I felt us take off at lightning speed. I guess I was right with that hunch about the speed, huh? I relaxed after a while and removed one arm from Justin's waist and stuck it in the air. I felt the cool breeze flit through my fingers and couldn't help but feel that I'd love to do this again some time. My house wasn't that far away from school so it didn't take very long to reach it. I got off the bike and immediately resisted the temptation of jumping straight back on. I lifted the heavy helmet from my head and handed it back to Justin. "Um.. thanks for the ride." I said, finally. "You're welcome." He said. He gave me his usual smirk. I was hit hard with sudden reality and remembered why I let him drop me off in the first place. "Could I have my notebook back?" I asked. "Maybe." he smirked. "Give it to me." I snapped. "Say the magic word." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Please give me the notebook back." I said. "Good girl." he said. He held my notebook out towards me and I snatched it out of his hands. "I should go." I said. "Yeah, you probably should. See you in school, OJ Girl." he said. See you in school." I replied. I walked into the house. He wasn't as bad as I thought he would be but I definitely did not want to see him at school. Getting involved with Justin Bieber was never a good idea and it always ended with trouble. I had to stay away. "Hi honey, how was school?" Mum called as I bounced up to my room. "Fine, mum!" I shouted back. "Dinner's in an hour, get your homework done!" she said. "Sure!" I replied. I set my backpack down on my bed and began yanking things out. Then a thought struck me. The bad boy knows where I live.

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