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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

The lunch bell rang and I almost sighed from relief. I hate math; always have, always will. I gathered my books and almost sprinted out of the classroom. Next thing I knew, I was rushing down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Today was pizza day. Mm. I love pizza. I knew that if I didn't get there soon it will all be gone. Hearing that thought, I pushed harder through the crowd, hoping I wasn't too late. "Excuse me.. Sorry.. Can you move?" I commented as I shoved through the swarming crowd. Guess I'm not the only one who wants the heavenly Italian dish. Can't say I blame them though. I mean, who doesn't like pizza?  After what seemed like ours of endless fighting I got through the cafeteria doors. I didn't bother looking around for my friends; I already knew where they'd be. I took one glance at the line and internally groaned. Was it even legal for a line to be that long? Nevertheless, I picked up a tray and stood in the line anyway. What can I say? A girl's gotta eat.  I stood in the line for some time before it started moving. I sighed in relief. At least it was moving. 10 minutes, then 15, then 20. The things I do for pizza! Pizza was the only thing that was keeping me from just jerking out of the line, I was ready to yell at whoever was at the front and make their ass move forward. As you can tell I am extremely patient. The line thankfully continued to move until I was almost there.. and then it stopped. The impact was so sudden; I almost banged into the person in front of me.  I leaned over to see what was happening and saw Justin Bieber. Ha, no surprise there. How come I didn't think of him before? Just to clarify, Justin Bieber is the biggest player in the entire school. He uses all the girls like tissue paper and doesn't give a shit. Not only is that but Justin also the school's notorious bad boy. I guess that's why some girls are attracted to him; because of his sort of badass charisma I guess you could say. I have nothing personal against him but, you know, he's holding up my pizza line. You know why? So he can flirt with the new cute lunch lady. Gross. I tapped my foot trying to pass the time. After all, no one criticises Justin without becoming a punching bag but seriously I wanted to slap him right now. What is his deal? How could anyone be such a manwhore? I mean flirting with lunch ladies, that's just utterly gross. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I tried to stay calm but after 10 minutes my patience wore thin. I started tapping my foot impatiently. When is he gonna move? He can flirt some other time. When people aren't hungry. And when there isn't pizza. "Damn right, he can." The guy behind me said. Did I say that out loud?  "Yeah, you did." he answered. "Sorry." I said, smiling sheepishly. "Hey, it's cool. I agree with you. Austin." He held out his hand, I shook it before replying. "Selena." I said. "Nice name. It suits you." He said warmly.  I blushed and murmured a quick 'thanks' before turning back to face the front where Justin was still flirting. I gave a sigh of frustration and resisted the urge to stomp my foot. How long does flirting take? I mean I don't have any relationship with guys like that so I'm pretty inexperienced but I'm pretty sure it won't take an hour. I could see I wasn't the only one that was irritated because almost all of the line was pretty much glaring at Justin but he paid no attention. "Valerie, I pay you to work not flirt with the students." Principal Hoffman decided to intervene and I tell you I have never been gladder to see a principal in my life. The lunch lady, Valerie, flushed red and looked down. "Sorry sir." She mumbled. "And you, Mr. Bieber, hurry up and get out of the line." he ordered. "Whatever you say, sir." Justin picked up his tray and sent one last wink towards Valerie. You could almost hear the relief cheering in everyone's minds. A smile lit up my face as I crossed to get one of the remaining pizza slices. After I finally got my food and went over to sit with my friends.  "What took you so long?" Renee asked.  "Justin Bieber was holding up the line to flirt with some chick." I answered. "What? No way! That asshole." she rolled her eyes. "Yeah." I agreed.  "What asshole?" Marie asked, walking towards us with her tray. "Justin Bieber." Renee replied. I explained what happened in the line with Justin and his flirting. "That selfish douché bag." Marie said immediately.  "I know." I replied.  "How was maths?" Renee asked. I gave her a flat look. "Maths was.. maths." I shrugged. "Descriptive." she said. "I know right?" She rolled her eyes. "You are so annoying sometimes." she said. "That's who I am, so live with it." I replied. "I have to, don't I?" she answered. "So, did I tell you about that guy, Noah Peterson?" Marie interrupted.  "At least 15 times a day." she sighed. "He asked me out!" she squeeked. "No way," I was shocked." He did!" she replied. "I don't understand what you see in him." Renee grumbled. "He is so fucking hot!" she drooled. "So?" Renee questioned. "So.. he's also a football player." she answered. "And?" Renee asked. "Football players are cool." she replied. "Who said?"  Renee asked. "Me." she said. "What do you think, Sel?" They both simultaneously looked at me. I looked down at my half empty cup and got up. "I'm thinking.. I'm going to fill up my drink. I'll be right back." I turned and made my way towards the corner with the juice, not looking back once. There was no way that I was going to put myself in the middle of that. I reached to turn the knob and filled up my cup. I turned.. and smashed straight up into someone's chest. Not good. And it was about to get worse. I looked up into the most green looking eyes I've ever seen. Justin Bieber.

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