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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

Recap - Once I was done, I tip-toed quietly out of Sophie's room and down the stairs to where the living room was. It had gone all quiet and I was starting to worry. While I was playing with Sophie, I could always hear something or the other going on down there. Oh my God, what if they were kidnapped? No wait, that's stupid. They are really rich though. Without a thought I barged into the living room. There were no bandits, thieves or robbers; just two teenage boys. Two very guilty looking teenage boys. Both sets of eyes were glinting with something I can't quite explain. My eyes dropped to a small piece of paper clutched in their hands. My bucket list.
"What on earth do you think you're doing?" I hissed, snatching my bucket list from Brandon's hands. I can't believe they read it! It was filled with well, private stuff. It wasn't any of there business. It's not like anything is actually going to happen. But some of the stuff is already done. I shook my head. Not the point. "Well?" I demanded. They weren't getting out of this that easily. What they did was like reading my diary. Okay, maybe I was overreacting just a tiny bit. Brandon didn't say anything; he seemed kind of bashful and looked a little ashamed. Justin did the exact opposite; there wasn't a hint of regret in his eyes and it was obvious that he was up to something, so he gave his usual, cocky smirk. "Who knew you had such wild dreams, oh-so-innocent Sel?" he said, still smirking. He didn't look surprised, instead he looked like he was.. proud of me? Okay, that's a bit weird. Probably proving his theory that my reputation was just a 'cover'. He is one strange boy. "Shut up, Justin." I snapped. "It's none of your business." I added. "I don't get it," Brandon finally spoke. "What do you mean 'oh-so-innocent Sel'?" he asked. "It may not look like it Bran, but Sel here is our school's number one good girl." Justin smirked. "No way." Brandon looked surprisingly shocked. If I didn't give of a good girl vibe, how did he see me? I definitely wasn't some kind of rebel or anything. My school record proved that. "Totally, can you just forget about the list?" I asked quietly, not daring to look up. I know what you're thinking; this is a great opportunity to finish everything but have you seen my bucket list? I don't even know where I got half that stuff. What was I thinking? Covering someone's car in posters? So not me. "Why?" Justin asked, baffled. I could see the surprise in his eyes and I shook my head. "It-It's just not me." I finally answered. I was playing it safe, this wasn't me. Besides, what would I do if the colleges I wanted to get into no longer wanted me because I was caught? That would ruin everything I've built for myself. "What do you mean it isn't you?" he threw back his head and gave a scornful laugh. I stared at him in surprise. What did he mean? "You wrote it. This is you, the real you. The one that wants to loosen up and have fun. The one who ticked me off in front of the whole school, the girl who ditched school to go to a fucking carnival, the one who gave everyone at school the shock of their lives in the cafeteria. You know, sometimes I really don't get you. One side of you comes out and for some fucking weird reason, you push it back in." I stared at him in surprise. But my surprise wasn't that this was what he thought of me. My surprise came from the fact that everything he said, every single word, was true. I did write it. Not only that, but what I kept trying to tell myself about, ignoring it, was just denial. I want to do everything but I can't bring myself to do it. "I-I-" I stuttered, trying to think of something to say. "You what?" he urged. "You're right." I muttered, looking at the floor. If my suspicions are correct, he has some sort of smug smirk on his face and I do not want to see that. "I'm sorry, what was that?" he teased. "You're right." I said. "Pardon?" I huffed in annoyance. "For the love of- you're right okay?!" I looked up and found my accusations to be correct. He was looking at me with his usual cocky smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes. "So I've confessed, alright? So what?" I asked. "So, now we are going to do something about it." Justin glanced briefly at Brandon and both turned to me with identical glints in their eyes that I had come to recognise as dangerous from Justin. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Let's get started on finishing this bucket list." He grasped my bucket list and yanked it out of my fingers, carefully unfolding it. His eyes scanned down the page before coming to a rest on something. He gave me a smirk and lowered the paper. "I've found the perfect one."
"No, no, no, no, no, no." I rushed. He was nuts. Brandon was nuts. They were both raving mad. This is never going to work. Not in a million years. "Chill, Sel." Brandon soothed, his eyes still glued to his phone screen. He had been tapping away on his screen for a good 10 minutes while I protested hotly against the plan they wanted to unfold. That's right, I said wanted. There was no way we were going through with this. No way I'm going to let them go through with this. "I'm not going to do it." I stated, crossing my arms stubbornly over my chest. Justin let out an exasperated sigh and threw his hands in the air. "It's not like we're going to go to jail." he said. "But we could end up in jail." This was perfectly true. If we did it, then we'd end up in jail and I'm way too young to get thrown in the slammer. "But we won't. Stop being so pessimistic." Justin rolled his eyes. Brandon looked up from his phone for the first time. He threw his brother an amused smirk. "You know a big word! Good for you Jay." He mock-cried. Justin threw Brandon a murderous glare that I couldn't help but laugh at. Not only that, but the nickname. Never would I have even imagined he had one like that. I can't believe he let Brandon get away with that! "Stop snickering," Justin glared at me. I shook my head and carried on laughing. "You'd better stop." he warned. "And if I don't?" I taunted. "Then.. then I'll do this." He advanced towards me and threw me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes. I started banging my fists against his back but he didn't bat an eyelid. "Put me down." I demanded, trying to wiggle my way out of his grasp. "I don't think so, I'm kind of enjoying the view." Oh my God, he's staring at my ass. "Just put me down, you pervert." I pelted my fists harder against his back. "Is that supposed to hurt?" he asked, sounding amused. I threw a desperate glance at Brandon who was watching us with a mixture of confusion and amusement. "Help me, please." I begged him. He shook his head and continued to watch us like we were animals in a zoo. I scowled at him. Idiot. "Justin, please, put me down." I begged. "Say the magic word." Justin sang. "I said please!" I exclaimed. "That's not the magic word. Say; Justin is the hottest, sexiest man alive." I rolled my eyes. "That's a sentence, not a word, genius." Brandon snickered at my remark but I didn't smile at him. After all, he did refuse to help me escape from the devil. "Say it." Justin said in a sing-song voice. I crossed my arms over my swinging frame and glared at the floor. "No." I denied. "Say it or I'll drop you." he threatened. "You wouldn't." I say. "Try me." he said. "Fine," I gave a sigh of frustration. "Justin is the hottest, sexiest man alive." I said, rolling my eyes. "Glad to hear you finally admit it." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. He dropped me down and I staggered back a few steps while trying to get my balance back. "I hate you." I breathed. "That's physically impossible." he stated. "Concieted." I say, rolling my eyes. "Just aware." he says. "You guys are like a reality TV show." Brandon laughed. "And you," I pointed an accusing finger in Brandon's direction. "Are not off the hook." I reminded him. "I'm sorry." He pouted. I tried to resist it but Brandon is the master of puppy dog eyes. He looked so darn cute. "It's okay," I gave in. "But you owe me ice-cream." I added. "It's a date." Brandon winked at me, making me laugh. Justin snorted. "Please, she's a year older than you, man." he tells him. "Love knows no age." Brandon countered solemnly. My body shook with silent laughter. "Yeah it does and it's called you're only fucking sixteen." Justin added. "So?" Brandon asks. "So, she's out of your league." Yeah, maybe out of Brandon's but way below Justin's. "She's out of yours too." Brandon says. "Please, I could get her at anytime." Cocky bastard. "Hello?" I interrupted. "I'm still here." I reminded them. "Sorry, Sel." Brandon looked ashamed. Justin, on the other hand, smirked. "Are you sure it's not true?" Justin asks. "I'm not one of your girls, Justin." I snapped. "My girls?" Justin asks. "You know, the ones you hump and dump. I'm not falling over your feet." I say. "You are, on the inside." Maybe, I think. "You wish, I'm not easy." I tell him. "Never said you were." He stated calmly, seeing my livid expression. "That's not what it sounded like to me." I say. "I didn't mean it like that." I looked into his eyes and saw sincerity. He knew how I felt about being called easy. "Right, sorry. I overreacted." Brandon glanced between me and Justin. "Is everything okay?" He asked uncertainly. "Yeah," I shook my head. "How about we get on with it then?"
"Okay, just act casual." Justin advised. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not stupid, I know what to do." I stated. "Sure, whatever." He looked like he didn't believe me. I wasn't stupid. Right? Course not. Anyway, I can't believe I'm going through with this but I can't help feeling excited. "Come on," Brandon whispered. "The coast is clear." I tip-toed forward and popped the large coke bottle open on the desk. Justin ripped open the vitamin C tablets and stood a little away from the table. "Hurry up," I urged. "The manager will be here any minute now." I whipped my head around to Brandon. "You already bought the posters right?" Brandon nodded. Justin hesitated but moved forward and popped the tablet in the bottle. Almost immediately the bubbles began to fix and thicken. "Go!" Justin yelled. We turned and ran just as there was a loud smack of thick goo hitting the floor. Brandon ran straight out the front door and alarm bells set off. I mean literally, it was like the sound of a police siren. I panicked and ran out behind him, Justin didn't hesitate to follow me out. "Hurry up!" Brandon shouted. I picked up my pace. That alarm was way too loud for anyone not to have heard it and if they caught us, we would all definitely be going to juvy. I bet you guys are wondering what exactly we did. Well, here we go, you know number 9 on my bucket list?(make volcanoes in a store) Well mission accomplished. We had snuck into the manager's office in the nearest grocery store but to be fair, it was the manager's fault for leaving his keys in the key-hole. Hopefully he'll learn not to do that next time. But then again, he probably wasn't expecting a bunch of teenagers to totally trash his office. We actually hadn't planned on doing this part of my bucket list but the door was open (sort-of) and there were all the things we needed right there because, well duh, it's a grocery store. We couldn't help it. The temptation was just too great. Honestly, I wasn't scared or anything, I really did feel guilty though, which was why I left enough money on the poor guy's desk to pay for cleaning but I didn't regret it. That adrenaline feeling is awesome. "That was fucking awesome!" Justin punched the air. I gave a breathless laugh. "It was pretty cool." I admitted. "See? The wild side is good for you." Justin says. "Maybe." I say. "Fucking hell," Brandon slumped slightly against a car. (We were in the parking lot near the children's playground). "I'm tired." he tells us. "We're not done yet." Justin reminded him. "We have to get to the plan, so get off your ass and come on." he says. "I'm still not sure about that one." I jumped in. Brandon rolled his eyes. "Sure." he muttered. Justin looked disapprovingly at me. "Come on, Sel." He persuaded. "Live a little." he tells me. "I-" I started. "You've already come so far, do you want to give this up?" he questioned. "But-" I say. "Plus, it's the perfect revenge." I thought about it. "Fine." I huffed. I do agree, it's the best revenge plan ever but I had a really bad feeling that this would turn around and bite me in the butt. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
The door finally slammed shut of the huge place I would have once called my second home, but now caused me nothing but remembering the amount of pain caused within those walls. But now I was going to break free. I had let all of that influence me too much, affect me, change my choices in life. But enough was enough. It's time to 'live a little' as the boys like to call it. "You ready for this?" Justin whispered, scaring me out of my skin. I swear he's a freaking ninja in disguise or something. No one moves that fast. "Jesus!" I whisper-yelled. "Don't scare me like that!" He smirked at me. "Well then get a move on." I scowled briefly at him before abruptly turning my gaze so it latched on an item beyond the fence. She had been stupid enough to leave her car right in the corner of the drive way. Honestly, it was surprising. I thought she was smarter than that. Brandon pressed a finger to his lips and pointed with his other hand. It was time. Adrenaline rushed through my veins and awoke a new confidence that I didn't know I had in me. Brandon started off first and once he reached the destination safely, he whistled softly and I began to walk forward. Once I approached Brandon's spot, I rustled the branches on the tree nearby. We had decided when we got here that that's what my signal would be. Wanna know a secret? I can't whistle. Justin came forward and glanced cautiously from side to side-not. Mr-I'm-So-Cool, didn't bother to check anything or keep his incredibly gigantic figure low. He strolled through the grounds like he was walking through a park on Sunday evening. How anyone could act so casual in our situation is beyond me. "Do you want to get us caught?" I asked once he reached us. "Please," he scoffed. "No one's watching." I rolled my eyes. I know it's good to be confident and all but wasn't this attitude sort of crossing the line? "Don't get cocky yet." I tell him. "We're not going to get caught so I have a right to be cocky." I rolled my eyes. "We haven't got caught, yet." I say. "Now who wants us to get caught?" he says. "Still you." I tell him. "You're the one being negative." he says. "You're the one acting like we're having a walk through the park." I say. "You worry too much." he tells me. "You don't worry at all." I fired back. He was so, so, so.. infuriating. Why I like him is a mystery to me. "Sorry to break up your little love-fest but I'd really like to get this over with." Brandon interrupted. I opened my mouth to protest but he shushed me. He pointed to the house and then to his watch. I nodded. Right. Time limit. "Pass me the glue." Justin hissed. I handed him a large brush and the big pot of glue and he grinned devilishly before popping the top open and spreading it leisurely over the hood of the mustang. I felt guilty all of a sudden. No, not because I was defacing someone's property, it's because the poor mustang would suffer. But what's done is done and I can't take it back. So I chose to embrace it instead. It only took Justin about 5 minutes to cover the car in glue (honestly, it looked like he'd been painting cars with glue his entire life) and the posters were unrolled. I placed them carefully on top of the cars because if the posters got crinkled, they would totally ruin the effect. I made sure to cover the windows, and front and back very carefully. Standing back to admire my work, I'll admit, I'm impressed. I could start a car-covering-in-posters business or something. Oh God, I'm getting too cocky. I've spent too much time around Justin. "That looks awesome." Brandon grinned. "Nice work, OJ Girl." Justin shot me a mildly impressed look to which I quirked an eyebrow. He smiled at me and shrugged. "I'm going to get a big head," I joked. "But we have to go, I don't want to get caught." I added. "Right," Justin agreed. "Let's go." We glanced at our handiwork one more time before turning and creeping away as silently as we could (well Brandon and I, anyway). I slid into the car -oh wait. Did I forget to tell you? We didn't take Justin's bike because Brandon, I and Justin can't all fit on the same bike. Also, Brandon doesn't have his license so that's kind of a problem. Did you know Justin had a motorbike and car license? Anyway, back to the present. I slid into the car's passenger seat and as we pulled away I stared at the window and I could have sworn I saw the curtain close.


1. Dye the ends of my hair and a lock or two, blue. (With Renee and Marie)
2. Hire agents and tell them to follow each other.
3. Pull a high school prank. (With Justin and Brandon)
4. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.
5. Go to a real, wild party. (With Justin, Renee and Marie)
6. Throw a party while my parents are away.
7. Go laser-tagging.
8. Cover someone's car in posters. (With Justin and Brandon)
9. Make volcanoes in a store. (With Justin and Brandon)
10. Ditch school for a day. (With Justin)
11. Pour a drink over someone's head. (Jacob Thompson)
12. Have an accidental paint fight.
13. Go to a drive-in movie.
14. Go to a carnival and win something. (With Justin)
15. Learn how to hot wire a car.
16. Go to a real rock concert.
17. Watch the sunset from the top of a hill. (With Justin)
18. Have a movie marathon. (With Renee, Marie, Jason, Dylan and Justin)
19. Play ding, dong, ditch.
20.Redecorate my room.
21. Be in a band (With Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason, Dylan and Austin)
22. Sneak out at midnight. (with Justin)

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