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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

Today was the day. The day of the wedding.  And I'm freaking out. Weird, since it's not even my wedding. To be totally honest, I've only ever been to two weddings in my entire life and they've varied enormously. One of them was my aunt's and since she loves craziness and all, it was so much fun. The other one was my cousin's and he tried to make it romantic (his wife's a huge one) but cake ended up being smashed in her face. I had a laughing fit, obviously, but she wasn't too happy about it. I wonder what this one's going to be like. "You ready?" Rebecca asked, getting up. Surprisingly enough, Rebecca seemed just as tense as I was about the whole thing. I'm not sure if it's about the wedding or the fact that she had to tell her parents about her boyfriend. I'd met her rebellious boyfriend Adam. Yeah, he swears a lot and doesn't give a crap about anything anyone thinks of him. He has the whole 'don't-fuck-with-me' attitude. But he's a pretty cool guy. Just not someone you'd want your parents to meet. "Sel?" Rebecca's finger poked me in the ribs. "Yeah?" I said a little crankily, rubbing my ribs and trying hard not to glare. She gestured to the other bridesmaids who were already in position. "Oh." I gulped and went to stand with them. Rebecca followed and gave me a reassuring smile as we walked up before receiving one of her own from her boyfriend, Adam. The organ began playing and Delia stepped out in the gorgeous wedding gown and walked gracefully to her soon-to-be husband. I looked at Daniel. I'd never seen him look more in awe and you could tell that he really did love Delia. It was always my favourite part of a wedding; seeing the groom's expression when his bride walked down the aisle. I looked away and immediately caught Justin's eye. He winked at me which made me snort. Rebecca turned and raised her eyebrows so I simply waved it off. Naturally, Justin was a groomsmen. Daniel had asked him to be his best man but Justin refused, saying that he'd rather not. I think it's because Justin knew Daniel had a few friends coming who'd known him forever and that Daniel had a tough choice to make between them. Justin did tell me that he didn't want his dad to have to offer just because he was his son and that he should choose one of his friends. It'd make him happier. I actually thought that was really sweet. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today.." started the Priest.
Claps echoed the hall as Daniel asked his bride for the first dance. He led her on to the dance floor and as the music began to play again, they swayed, staring into each other's eyes. I couldn't help the sigh of contentment that escaped my lips just by watching them. "What's up with you?" Rebecca whispered. I glanced at her while grinning. "Nothing. Just admiring the happy couple." I admit. "Rebecca made a face. "I swear to God, that's so full of mush.. it makes me sick." she said. "That, we can agree on, babe." Adam appeared by her side and placed a kiss on her cheek. I raised an eyebrow. "Avoiding the parents?" Rebecca turned to her boyfriend with a similar expression and he grinned sheepishly at her. "Sorry." he apologised, not sounding very sorry at all. She rolled her eyes and kissed him once, making his eyes light up just a little bit. They are so freaking cute. I think Rebecca caught on to my thoughts for a moment because she scoffed and shook her head. "Don't do that." she reprimanded. "I already said it makes me sick." she repeated. "Good." Justin's hot breath hit my ear as he leaned down to wrap his arms around me. "Hey." I greeted. His eyes gleamed. "Hey." he said. "Yuck." Rebecca remarked.  Justin snorted. "Please, you're no better."  Redness spread to Rebecca's cheeks which made her boyfriend chuckle and my boyfriend smirk. "Whoa." Ryder arrived, his hand in James's. "What did I miss? Must be good. Rebecca's actually blushing." he exclaimed. "Shut up." the girl in question snapped. Adam laughed again and rubbed the small of her back but shut up when he saw Rebecca's parents glance their way. He glanced at his girlfriend then let go immediately and rushed away. I took a moment to glance at Rebecca who looked, surprisingly, upset. "What's wrong?" I asked, pulling away from Justin. He raised an eyebrow but I shrugged before taking Rebecca's arm and walking away. I guess he knew that I wasn't purposely neglecting him because he sent me a text a second later.  Justin: Cheer her up then be back, okay? I need you. ;) 
Me: K, see you in a few. x
"What's wrong?" I repeated. Rebecca sighed. "I don't know, Sel. Adam says he likes me and all but whenever my parents are around, he runs away. Like, literally runs away." she says. "Maybe he's just nervous." I suggested lamely. To be honest, I don't even believe it myself.  "Maybe." she agreed. "But maybe not. He's also.. distant. Like he's always debating something in his mind and I don't know what it is." she says. "I'm sure it's nothing." I assured her. "I haven't known him for too long but he seems like an okay guy." I admit. "I know that much." Rebecca emphasised. "I don't know though. It's like he's hiding something from me." I frowned. "I'm no expert on this stuff so I guess all you can do is.. talk to him about it? I'm sorry, I really don't know." she heaved another sigh. "Well thanks for trying." I smiled. "Anytime." I say. We walked back to where everyone else was standing and I could see that Rebecca was still contemplating what to do. She hadn't let it go. The deep frown she was wearing was proof of that. I guess it was just that I didn't know what to do so I carried on in silence. Hopefully it would all turn out okay.  "So?" Justin inquired the moment I returned to his side. "She's worried." I confided. "About Adam keeping something from her." I tell him. "He'd better not hurt her." Justin growled. "I'll kill him." My lips twitched at his protectiveness over his cousin. "What are you guys talking about?" Ryder asked curiously. "Nothing much." I replied. I glanced behind him to see James chatting with my mother who had also consented to coming to the wedding. The question that had been on my mind for a while suddenly slipped out. "Has James talked to you about your relationship thing?" Ryder looked taken aback for a moment before he answered. "What relationship thing?" I rolled my eyes. "You know, the whole, are you my boyfriend or not thing." Ryder's eyebrows knitted together. "He never said anything to me." I resisted the urge to swear. "He didn't?" Ryder shook his head. "If he didn't, I guess I will." I stated. "Go ahead." he said. "Basically, he's kind of confused. We're alike that way; we both need closure. He doesn't have that so he's feeling a little insecure about where he stands." I say. "Wow." was Ryder's reaction. "Are you serious?" he asked. "Deadly." I say. "I'd better go talk to him." he muttered. "Sorry, I'll be right back." Ryder disappeared to the other side of the room so he could find James who had now struck up a conversation with Daniel and, I think, was congratulating him. "If I didn't know how serious you were about this kind of stuff, I'd think you were just trying to get rid of him so that we could be alone." Justin spoke bemusedly. "In your dreams, Bieber." I scoffed. He winked. "Every night." he smirked. "Gross." I said. The voice that interrupted our brief one-on-one was none other than Brandon, who smirked widely as his brother proceeded to groan. "Can I not be alone with Sel for two minutes?" Justin whined. "Go away Brandon." he said. "Can't do that." Brandon responded, still smirking. "Not while I'm going to attempt to steal your girlfriend again." he smirked. "Jesus." Justin snapped. "Give it up already Brand. You lost. I won." Justin exclaimed. "We'll see." I could see the satisfaction and amusement in Brandon's eyes when he opened his mouth to say something to me. "No." I said quickly, not wanting to aggravate Justin any more at that moment. He already looked like he was going to punch his little brother in the face. Brandon pouted. "But I hadn't even started." I snorted. "We both know you just want to irritate your brother and I'd love to help but for now, he looks like he's going to punch you." I said. "What?" Brandon gasped dramatically. "How could you think that of me, my love? My feelings for you-" he caught my raised eyebrows. "-fine, a little bit."  I laughed and shoved him playfully. "You might want to leave him alone for a while."  Brandon smirked. "Just for now. But I'll be back." I don't doubt that. "So for now.." he continued. "I'm off to find someone else to heal my heart." he grinned one last time before turning around and walking away. Justin glared after him for a moment but there was no real malice in it and he turned to look at me before pulling me into his arms. "Now, I've finally got you alone." he gave me a heart-stopping smile. "We can finally-" he started. "Selly!" someone shouted. "Oh come on!" My lips twitched into another smile as I leaned down to look at Sophie who was smiling widely. "Mummy says you guys have to get your dances now." she chattered. "Because cake is coming soon. Cake! I got to see it! It was so pretty!" she exclaimed. "I'm sure it was." I agreed. "So are you happy?" she nodded eagerly. "Yep!" she said. I opened my mouth to say more but I was interrupted as Delia made her way across to us. "Selena!" she smiled. "Justin! How are you?" she asked. "I live here." Justin stated. "You already know." I elbowed him in the ribs. "My question, not yours."  Delia smile grew impossibly large. "You guys are just adorable." she exlaimed. "Thank you." I accepted. "And congratulations." I added. "Thank you." she mimicked. "Now I just had to tell you that you simply have to get a dance in now before the cake. Of course, there will be time after, but you might prefer now. The floor is less crowded." she says. "Awesome." Justin remarked and took hold of my hand. "Let's go."  I said a quick goodbye to Delia and allowed myself to be pulled to the dance floor where a new song had just began. "You're in a rush." I mused. "I haven't had you to myself all day. What do you expect?" Let's just say that I was extremely happy to hear the words coming out of his mouth. And then, since I have never waltzed in my life, I stepped on his toes.  "Jesus.. my poor toe." he muttered. "Sorry!" I squeaked. "I've just never actually.. waltzed before." I admit. He stared at me in surprise. "You haven't?" he asked. Do all teenaged girls know how to waltz or something? I huffed. "No, I don't. I've never tried and-" a thought struck me. "-wait. How do you know how to waltz?" I ask. "Remember when I said that I had to go to a lot of fancy business parties?" he reminded me. "We had to waltz there. My parents made me take lessons and shit." he explained. "Oh.. cool." I said. He snorted. "Boring, actually. The teacher was some whiny bitch who was always complaining about her husband and kids." A loud clapping sound rose again and I turned to see what was going on. The cake was being taken out. I stopped dancing (if you could even call that dancing) and told Justin what was going on so we both made our way over. More clapping occurred when the cake was actually cut and I took my slice and headed over to go sit next to Justin who slung his arm around my chair. "I have to propose a toast." A man who I recognised as Daniel's friend stood up. "To Delia and Daniel. May they live in peace and prosper!" There was more clapping and I clapped as well. Prosper? Did that even make sense? I turned to Justin.  "Prosper?" he echoed. I shrugged. "Beats me." I said. We didn't say anything for a while and I turned my attention to the people around us who were laughing and chatting. It was loud and overwhelming but filled with love. It was perfect. "What are you thinking about?" Justin asked softly, gently turning me around to meet his eyes. "How perfect everything is." I replied.  he grinned. "Just wait till we get married. Everything's going to be even more perfect." It took a moment for his words to sink in but when they did my eyes widened. "What?" I wheezed. "You heard me." he said nonchalantly, leaning back in his chair. "I'm going to marry you one day." I stared at him.  "You can't seriously tell me you don't want to be my wife one day." he smirked arrogantly. "Because we both know you do." I wanted to slap him and kiss him at the same time. So I did the latter and placed a long deep kiss on his lips. He responded immediately and kissed me back. When I pulled we were both breathless.  "No." I breathed. "No what?" he asked, sounding just as out of breath. "No I can't seriously tell you I don't want to be your wife one day." I said.

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