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Selena's POV:

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Selena's POV:

Ever since Justin kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend, I've been on cloud nine. Honestly, I'm so absurdly happy it's amazing. I know, it's kind of pathetic that this one guy can make me feel like I've never felt before but I can't help it. I opened my locker and stuffed my bag inside before pulling out my textbooks. I turned to see my best friends both smiling brightly at me. "How are you?" Marie grinned. I grinned back. "Wonderful." I chirped, closing my locker. Renee nudged me and shot me a suggestive look. "That doesn't have anything to do with you becoming the girlfriend of Crosswell's notorious bad boy?" she hinted. I smiled. "Okay.." I admitted. "So maybe it has a little to do with that." Renee clapped her hands together. "You know.." Marie mused. "That may have been one of the most romantic propositions I have ever seen." she said, grinning. "Your boyfriend's a secret romantic." Renee piped up. "Whose boyfriend is a secret romantic?" Dylan wrapped a possessive arm around Marie's shoulders. I rolled my eyes.  "Sel's." Marie answered and Dylan gave a sigh of relief. "The whole thing was so sweet!" she exclaimed. "I agree." Two strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back into a warm chest. "I mean, I did it." his hot breath was tickling my neck was sending tingles around my body. "Right, babe?" and that snapped me out of whatever spell he had me under.  "Arrogant." I scoffed. His deep chuckle filled my ears and my body felt the shaking of his.  "Just aware." he said. "Can you guys flirt some other time?" Renee whined. "Yeah, the PDA is getting too much for me." Dylan added. Marie nodded in agreement. "That's not PDA." Justin smirked. "This is PDA." Before I even had time to ask him what he was talking about, he spun me around and planted his lips on mine. I reacted almost immediately, kissing him back. With his soft lips moving on mine, I almost completely forgot that we were in the school hallway. Key word there being almost.  "Gross." excalimed Renee. "Make out somewhere else." said Marie. "Get a room!" said Dylan. Yup, almost. Justin pulled away from me, grinning widely and I frowned. Did we really just have a makeout session in the halls? Oh lord, I was becoming one of those people. "You know.." my boyfriend mused. "For a girl who has only been kissed once, you're not that bad of a kisser." My jaw dropped. Did he just.. "How do you know it was my first kiss?" I demanded. Truthfully, it was but he didn't know that. Unless of course he did.. but then again, he might not know! "I could've kissed other guys!" Justin raised an eyebrow. "Have you?" he asked. "I could have!" I fibbed. "You never know." I added. His eyes suddenly darkened. "Who else have you kissed?" he growled. I grinned cheekily. "No one." I shrugged. "Just wanted to see what you would do." his expression changed as he rolled his eyes. "I knew that." he lied through his teeth. I snorted in disbelief. "Uh-huh." I say, not believing a word. "I could always give you kissing lessons." Jason appeared. "Then you would have kissed other guys." Renee slapped her boyfriend's chest. "Shut up." she scowled. Jason grinned and leant down to place a brief kiss on her lips. "Just kidding, babe" he assured her. "I only want you." There was a brief pause before he continued. "Besides, it's hot when you're jealous." he smirked. "Jason!" Renee exclaimed and Jason shrugged. "Just stating the facts." I glanced at Justin and on que, we both started snickering. Renee glared at the two of us for a moment before her face brightened. Let us now prepare for another one of my best friend's crazy ideas. "We should all go on a triple date!" she squealed. I wrinkled up my nose and looked up to glance at Justin who was wearing a similar expression. Guess I'm not the only one who doesn't want to go.  "Uh, no." Dylan disagreed flatly. "Yeah." Marie shook her head. "I don't want to." she said. "Not the best idea." Justin piped up. "No." Short and simple was my answer. Renee pouted and gazed up at her own boyfriend. Jason hesitated, looking torn. I had no doubt that he didn't want to go either but Renee was his girlfriend so.. yeah. "I don't know, Ren." he said finally. Renee glared at us all. "We all hang out anyway." I offered. "Doesn't that make it better?" I asked. "Of course not." Renee disagreed. "It isn't the same." I sighed. "If you don't mind Renee," Justin cut in. "I'd rather have my girlfriend to myself." and then he winked. Renee grinned wickedly. "Ohhh!" She dragged out. "Sorry, yeah. You guys will need some alone time." Marie decided that she would waggle her eyebrows. My perverted, dirty-minded friends. Justin grinned.  "Definitely." and my very perverted boyfriend.  "I need to get to class." I reminded him. He pouted. "Can we just skip?" his gorgeous eyes widening slightly. I smiled and shook my head.  "I can't." I said regretfully. "My parents won't like it. You skip if you want, but I can't come. Go to that club downtown if you like and buy me some chocolate while you're at it." he stared at me for a moment before grinning widely. "You're probably the only girl who tells that to her boyfriend." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I dismissed before glancing at my watch. "I have to go." Justin placed an arm around my shoulders. "I'll come with you." he offered. I raised an eyebrow but replied with a small smile before walking away. "Are you skipping?" I asked curiously. Justin shook his head.  "Nah." he denied. "I'll go today." I rolled my eyes and pulled away from his as we reached the classroom. "See you later." I nodded and turned to go inside. He caught my arm before I could do anything though and tugged me around to face him. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips. A dreamy smile took over my face. "What was that for?" I asked dazedly. "I wanted to kiss you." he shrugged and I laughed. "Bye." he gave me one last smile before turning and walking away. Staring at his back, (not like that you perverts!) I felt butterflies building up in my stomach. I shook my head and went inside. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of that feeling.
"Ready to go?" Justin asked. He met me at my locker and was already leaning against it. Isn't he like the best boyfriend ever? I frowned. "Go where?" I asked. "Wedding rehearsal thing." he said but not without reluctance. "You're doing it?" I asked, surprised. His expression went sour. "For Sophie and Brandon." was his curt answer, but I knew what he meant. Not for his Dad. I sighed. "You could give him a chance, you know?" I suggested. Justin's muscles stiffened. "You don't get it." that one hurt. I didn't understand? "Maybe I don't." I said softly- even surprising myself. "But even if I did, you wouldn't want me to." he looked shocked by my answer. "What's that supposed to mean?" he demanded as we reached his bike. I sighed and turned to face him. "It means exactly what I said!" I fired. "If I did understand and told you to get along with your dad, you wouldn't be able to give me the 'I don't understand' card. It's all just a stupid excuse!" My chest was heaving up and down from my fiery speech. Justin was staring at me with an indescribable emotion in his eyes. I bit my lip. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.  Then he did something unexpected. He sighed and took my hand. "You're right." he admitted. "But that doesn't mean I have to like it." I grinned and reached up to kiss his cheek.  "Have I ever told you that you're adorable?" I smiled. He looked down at me with a mixture of offence and amusement. "Babe, I'm hot, sexy, fuckable but not adorable." he reprimanded. I shrugged. "You're still adorable to me." he sighed, shoulders slumping.  "Whatever." he said then gestures for me to get on the bike. Which I did. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist and held on.
"I'm so glad you were able to make it!" Delia hugged me so hard I thought my ribs were going to crack. Seriously, for such a petite woman, she was strong. "I'm not about to skip out on my bridesmaid duties." I assured her. "I would." a voice drawled. "But Mum made me come." I stepped away from Delia to see Rebecca gazing at the two of us with a half-smirk on her face. Well, coming from Rebecca, that was as close as you would get to a smile.  "Hey, Becca." I waved. She scowled. "Don't call me that." her snappy reply came and I rolled my eyes. "She prefers being called bitch." Another glowing pair of green eyes appeared as the girl in questions brother stepped out. I grinned. "Ryder!" I exclaimed and he grinned as well. "Selly darling!" he responded and went to give me a hug. I smiled as he pulled back. "You look healthy." that earned him an uneasy smile from me. "Thanks?" It came out more as a question. What is that supposed to mean?  "Ryder." my favourite male voice (sorry Dad and Nick) called. "Stop harassing my girlfriend." he placed a kiss on my cheek and wrapped a strong arm around my waist. "I wasn't harassing her." Ryder defended. "I was just making an observation." he said. "Which didn't make any sense." Rebecca stated before glancing at her cousin. "When did this happen?" she asked. "Saturday." Justin answered, tightening his grip around my waist. Rebecca smirked. "So called it." she stated. I raised an eyebrow and she smirked again. "Did you give my number to your friend?" Ryder asked abruptly. I smiled. I did." I replied. "But he's probably going to sulk in his room for a few days before he works up the courage to actually call." And that was perfectly true. James had been super nervous, especially when I showed him the picture of Ryder in his tux for the wedding. Knowing him, Ryder was probably going to have to make the first move.  Long story short, James was a chicken. "I'll have to do something about that, won't I?" Ryder mused. I nodded. "You will." I agreed and an idea struck me. "You know what? I'll do something about it." I switched on my phone and quickly dialled James's number. "Sup?" James greeted. "James? I need you to come. Like right now." I demanded. Justin nudged my shoulder and gave me a questioning look. I shushed him and focused back on the phone.  "Why?" James asked. "It's an emergency. I need you here right now." I heard him sigh over the phone. "Fine. Where are you?" I gave him the directions to the house and when the phone clicked I turned back to the other three. Justin shook his head. "What did I say about playing matchmaker?" he reminded me. "Let nature take its course." I snorted. "Yeah, no." he chuckled and pecked my lips. Rebecca made a gagging sound. "Gross." she wrinkled her nose. "I thought you were cool and here you are, kissing my cousin. That's disgusting." she stated. "For your information, your royal bitchiness." Justin glared at his cousin. "Kissing me is as cool as it could probably get." he stated. "Then explain why it's happened with a million hoe bags?" Rebecca demanded. I bit my lip. I wasn't completely over the whole Justin being a player thing. Sure, I trusted him but.. you know. "It better not happen with Sel." My head shot up in surprise. "She's not your usual sluts so you'd better fucking treat her right." Justin was now completely serious. "If you fucking knew me at all, then you'd know that I'd never hurt her." he hissed. Rebecca didn't seem in the least fazed. "Good." Rebecca clapped her hands together. "Then I won't have to cut off your balls." My lips tilted into a smile. This girl.. "Selly!" Sophie came running into the room and attached herself to my leg. I laughed and leaned down to hug her. "Hey, Soph." I greeted as she beamed at me. "You disappeared." her eyes went wide. "But you're back so we're all happy." she leaned in close as if to tell me a secret. "Justin was so sad. I thought he was going to cry." she said. "I was not!" Justin denied. "Yeah, that's believable." Brandon sauntered into the room. "Not. He was going to break down, I swear." I raised an eyebrow and Justin shook his head frantically.  "He's lying." he said. "You're the one lying." Brandon retorted. "All that pining was pathetic." he said. "I wasn't pining." Justin scowled. Brandon rolled his eyes before shooting me a smile. "Nice to see you, Sel." he hugged me. "I needed sanity." I laughed.  "Okay, where's the emergency?" A door was flung open and James burst into the room.  Huh, I forgot he was coming. "Well?" the boy in question asked. "What is it?" he asked. lYeah Sel.." Justin baited. "What is it?" I totally take back what I said about him being the best boyfriend ever. "Never mind!" I said cheerfully. "Problem solved, sorry." James gave me a disbelieving look. Ryder had been running his eyes up and down my friend the whole time he was here and took his chance to make a move.  "Hey." Ryder stepped forward. "Ryder Bieber, nice to meet you." James looked like he was going to faint before he reached out to shake Ryder's hand. A dazed look came over his handsome features. "Um.." James cleared his throat. "James Dolan, and same." Ryder grinned at him. This one moment was enough to tell me something very important; I should totally take up matchmaking.
"I have a surprise for you," Justin tugged on my hand, pulling me up the stairs. " I said I'd come, didn't I?" I laughed and he shot me a breathtaking smile. "You did.." he paused for a moment. "But you aren't doing it fast enough." I rolled my eyes, grinning and quickened my pace. Reaching his room, he winked at me.  "You're going to love it." he promised. "I know." I murmured. Who knew the bad boy could be such a sweetheart? He rummaged in his drawers, trying to find something. His hands seem to freeze as a heart stopping grin took over his face. Pulling whatever it was out, he turned and came towards me. "Here." he thrust a tablet into my hands. I stared down at it. And this was for.. Obviously reading my mind, Justin rolled his eyes. "Switch it on."  And so I did. Two figures made their way to the screen, each trailing the other. This couldn't be- was it? "Agents?" was the only word that escaped my lips. Justin smiled. "Yup." an impossibly large smile grew on my face as I stared up at him. His eyes suddenly darted to my lips as his eyes grew darker. His arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I automatically closed my eyes waiting for the feel of his lips on mine.. But it never happened. Brandon came bursting into the room and his jaw dropped when he saw the position we were in. "Shit." he ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry." he said. "It's alright." I replied and at the same time Justin spoke; "Get the fuck out." I turned, surprised. Justin was glaring at his brother but I smacked his chest and his eyes turned down to me, softening slightly. "Relax." my lips brushed his ear. "We'll get on with this later." Justin's frown turned into a smirk. "Kinky, Sel, I like it." I rolled my eyes but that didn't stop the trail of heat spreading across my cheeks. "Whatever." Brandon cleared his throat. "Delia said you could go, the practice is over." I smiled and nodded. "Thanks for telling me." I said and he gave me a weak smile. "Sorry for.." he coughed. "You know." he said. "It's cool." I shrugged. Justin grumbled slightly, muttering something along the line of not. I elbowed him in the ribs. "Right?" Justin rolled his eyes. "Sure." he said.
"I had fun today," I said as I stepped off his bike. Justin turned the engine off. "Yeah." he admitted. "Me too." he said. "Thanks by the way.." I added. "For the agent's thing." Justin grinned. "Anything for you." the line was so cheesy, so overused but it made butterflies flutter around in my stomach. I bit down on my lip and Justin's eyes zeroed in on them. He moved closer and wasted no time in placing his lips on mine. I melted into him, immediately wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back. Kissing Justin was a sensation so amazing I can't even put it into words. It was just- "Gross." the voice interrupted our blissful moment and Justin groaned and dragged his lips away from mine. I almost slapped the person who interrupted but he was tapping his foot impatiently on the concrete and not looking very happy at all. "Dude." Nick said. "I said you could date my sister but you are not going to makeout in front of my house, it's too sickening." I rolled my eyes. Typical Nick.  "And Sel?" Nick continued. "Get your ass back in the house." I sighed and turned to Justin and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry." I apologised. Justin shook his head. "We'll finish this some other time." he winked. I blushed. "Saturday maybe?" my jaw dropped. "Is that your way of asking me out?" I teased and he grinned. "Is that a yes?" I grinned. "Absolutely." I said.
1. Dye the ends of my hair and a lock or two, blue. (with Renee and Marie) 
2. Hire agents and tell them to follow each other. (with Justin) 
3. Pull a high school prank. (with Justin and Brandon) 
4. Learn how to drive a motorcycle. (with Justin) 
5. Go to a real, wild party. (with Justin, Renee and Marie) 
6. Throw a party while my parents are away. (with Nick, Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason and Dylan) 
7. Go laser-tagging. (with Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason and Dylan) 
8. Cover someone's car in posters. (with Justin and Brandon) 
9. Make volcanoes in a store. (with Justin and Brandon) 
10. Ditch school for a day. (With Justin) 
11. Pour a drink over someone's head. (Jacob Thompson) 
12. Have an accidental paint fight. (with Nick)  13. Go to a drive-in movie. (with Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason and Dylan) 
14. Go to a carnival and win something. (with Justin) 
15. Learn how to hot wire a car. (with Justin)  16. Go to a real rock concert. 
17. Watch the sunset from the top of a hill. (with Justin) 
18. Have a movie marathon. (with Renee, Marie, Jason, Dylan and Justin) 
19. Play ding, dong, and ditch. 
20. Redecorate my room. (with Nick) 
21. Be in a band (with Marie, Renee, Justin, Jason, Dylan and Austin) 
22. Sneak out at midnight. (with Justin)

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