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Selena's POV: 

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Selena's POV: 

The next day, I walked into English Lit and sat down in my seat. English is by far my favourite subject. I know some people might say that it's boring and whatnot; but it wasn't like that to me. English, for me, is making things whatever you want them to be. Apart from grammar and punctuation stuff, you could write about anything and no one could say it was wrong because it's your own opinion. I opened my notebook and began to take notes of Miss Lorraine's lecture. Fifteen minutes into the lesson I heard Miss Lorraine say.. "Nice of you to finally join us, Mr Bieber." I glanced. "No problem, Teach." Justin smirked. His eyes glanced swiftly around the room and came to rest on me. He walked in my direction and took the seat next to me. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? I'm actually starting to think it would be better if he hated me. At least then, he wouldn't come near me. "What're you doing?" I hissed. "Sitting? What does it look like I'm doing?" he questioned. "I mean, in this class. I've had this class since Freshman year and I have never seen you in it." I argued. "I had the class. Just didn't wanna come." I should have known.  "So why now?" I asked. "I felt like it." Knowing I would get no other answer out of him, I sighed and gave up. This boy was so open about stuff like.. it. Hey don't blame me, I still have virgin ears! And yet, when it came down to simple stuff like where or why he was in certain places, he would zip-lock his mouth shut. I was going to try to ignore him this period. After what happened last time, I guess I should've known better.  "Hey OJ Girl." Nothing. "OJ Girl." Silence. "Seriously, this again?" No answer. "I guess I'll just do what I did last time." he said. "NO!" I almost shouted. "No what, Miss Gomez?" asked Miss Lorraine. "Um.. I meant, I don't know the answer of the third question." I said. "Here, I'll explain again." said Miss Lorraine, smiling. I almost sighed with relief. Sometimes it really did pay to be a good student; teachers generally overlooked things like this if it didn't happen. Then again, there were some teachers, *cough* Mr. Trent *cough*, who gave you extra punishments because you were a good student and did something wrong. "Nice save." Justin whispered. "Now what do you want?" I snapped "Jeez, are you always this grumpy?" Justin asked. "Nope, just with you." I said, rolling my eyes. "Nice to know I get special treatment." he said. "That- that's not what I meant." I said, flustered. He chuckled. "Don't worry, sweetheart. We both know you love me." he said. "You wish." I snorted. There was no way that I would ever love Justin Bieber.  
I got out of the lunch line and headed over to Renee, Marie and I's usual table. I went over and waved at them. They waved back along with some of our other friends; Farah, Jodie and Rachael. Renee and Marie were my best friends but I did have some others, athough, I wasn't as close with them. "Hey guys!" I greeted. "Hey!" they chorused. I sat down in between my two best friends and began chomping my food. No, not pizza today. It was some mystery meat and trust me, if I wasn't so hungry I wouldn't have touched it. God knows what they put in this stuff.  "So.. we heard that Justin Bieber was in your English Lit class today." Rachael said slyly. "Yeah, so?" I said, my mouth full of food. "I heard he sat next to you.." she teased. "Mm-hm. And?" I frowned.  "I think he likes you." I choked on my meat. Renee reached over and thumped me hard on the back. I managed to swallow and was evidently able to breathe again. What the hell?  "Are you crazy?!" I exclaimed. "No. I'm serious." she said. "Rach, look, there is no Justin and me, okay? He doesn't like me. He just talks to me because I amuse him. He'll get bored soon." I hope, I added to myself. "So you don't like him?" she asked, raising her brows. "No. Why would I?" I said. "Well, he is smoking hot." I rolled my eyes. So?" I said. "So? It's a big deal that the hottest guy in Crosswell is talking to you." I huffed. "Like I said, he'll get bored soon." I said. Really?" she asked. "Yes." I said. You sure?" she said. Yes." I said. You sure you're sure?" I rolled my eyes. "God, yes!" Damn, if she wasn't my friend, I'd have strangled her already. "Then why is he coming over here?" I froze. "What?" I whipped my head around to see Justin walking towards us. What was his deal? He had to annoy the hell out of me during class and then decides to ruin quality time at lunch. "Sup, OJ Girl?" he said. "Why are you here?" I sighed. "Just wanted to visit my favourite nerd." I internally groaned when he took the seat next to me.  "Miss me?" he asked. "No." I deadpanned.  "Sel, don't be rude." Marie scolded. "Sel?" asked Justin. "Yeah," Renee answered. "Selena's too much of a mouthful so we call her Sel." Renee said. "How come you didn't tell me?" Justin asked. "Why would I?" I said, swallowing. "I barely know you. People only call me by my nicknames if we're close friends." I argued. "I'm so hurt." he said, mock-offended. I couldn't help it, I laughed.  "You gonna introduce us or do we have to do it ourselves, Justin?" I looked up only to find Jason Freeman and Dylan Taylor- the second and third most popular (and hottest) guys in the school. Jason Freeman was tall compared to me but slightly shorter than his friends. He had sandy blond hair and warm hazel eyes. Dylan had both dark hair and dark eyes and a tan. Both were Justin's best friends and part of his 'gang' I guess you could call it. As far as I knew, Jason was a player but Dylan kept mostly to himself. "Oh, Jason, Dylan, this is Selena." said Justin. "Oh, so you're Selena." Jason smirked. "Justin told us about you," I looked questioningly at Justin and he glared at Jason. Jason didn't look the least bit fazed, he was probably used to it. "I'm Dylan." Dylan introduced, ending the awkward silence. I smiled at him. "I know." I said. "You do?" He sounded confused. "Yeah. Everyone knows who you guys are." I said. "Yeah?" He smirked. I can see why he, Jason and Justin are friends. I rolled my eyes and he grinned. "I'm Renee." Renee cut in. "Selena's best friend." she added. "No way, bitch." said Marie. "I'm Sel's best friend." added Marie. "Hey!" protested Rachael, Jodie and Farah. "Well someone's popular." Justin grinned. I blushed and looked at the floor. Renee and Marie looked up and saw my embarrassed expression and nudged each other. "Don't worry, sweetie. You know I love you more." Marie cooed.  "Don't listen to the bitch, honey. I love you more." Renee countered. Then they both grinned at each other, they both loved teasing me. I didn't get it. I bet you're wondering though, shouldn't I feel flattered? Maybe, but I never liked drawing too much attention to myself which they both knew very well. "I hate you." I groaned. "You love us." they said in unison. The boys watched us in amusement. Marie and Renee were definitely a lot louder and bubblier than I was, I tended to keep to myself. They were most likely wondering how we were friends. I wondered that myself sometimes. I was so busy thinking that I didn't realise that Renee was talking to me. "Hello? Sel? Hello!" I snapped out of it. "Huh?" I said, confused. "I just asked if you were coming tomorrow." I finally caught on and nodded. "What's tomorrow?" Justin asked. "Mine, Marie's and Sel's annual sleepover. Every month we stay up the whole night and watch movies, do girl stuff and go out and do fun stuff. It's so much fun." she said. "Yeah." I added. "Rach, Fare and Jodie have their own, then, we see who had the best one." I said. "You guys could come too, if you want." Marie offered. I stared at her, is she crazy? Justin grinned. "We'd love to." he said. "What? You can't come!" I thought that I would start hyperventilating any moment now. This can't be happening. Please, God, no. "Why not?" she asked. "Because- because.." I couldn't get anything out. "Great." Marie clapped her hands. "Justin, Jason and Dylan are joining our sleepover." Kill me now.

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