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Justin's POV:

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Justin's POV:

Confusion. That was my initial reaction. I honestly was sorry about what I said to Sel. I didn't think it would hurt her so much. What I said yesterday.. it really did cross the line. I was a fucking bastard to her and I knew it. I basically called her a slut. I don't know what came over me. I guess since she's my friend, I have some sort of protective instinct or some shit like that. Moreover, I was curious to why it hurt her so much. She didn't seem like the type to get offended that easily. It didn't seem like the girl I had gotten to know so far. I had seen the pain flash through her eyes when I said it. It probably hurt her, yes, but pain was a much more serious emotion. One that perhaps was caused by some kind of flashback. I knew where I had to go to get my answers. I saw Renee and Marie about to walk out of the school building and I quickened my pace to catch up with them. They definitely would know what happened to her. Sel would never have come up with a scheme like that if her life depended on it. It wasn't her style. I'm not complaining though; she looked fucking hot. She didn't believe me though, I know that much. She pretty much avoided all eye contact and didn't look up when I complimented her. Strange, it's not the usual reaction I get out of girls. Then again, Sel isn't most girls. Fuck, I sound so cliché. "Renee! Marie!" I shouted after them. They turned around and smiled at me. "Hey Justin," Renee greeted. "What's up?" she said. "What's up with Sel?" I deadpanned.  "What do you mean?" Renee frowned. "When I called her- she told you right?" They nodded. "Well it was never meant to hurt her that much. I'm just wondering, why was she so upset?" They both were silent for a long time before Marie broke it. "She-she went through a tough time a few years ago and your statement kind of brought back some unpleasant memories." she said. "What memories?" I asked, being interested. "That's not for us to tell." Renee said, seriously. "You'll need to get it out of Sel herself." Marie added. "It's not going to be easy. I heard most of it through rumours and Sel only gave me bits and pieces at first. I had to literally force her to do it. If you get it out of her, she has to trust you completely." How was I going to get her to trust me? She didn't tell her best friends until they forced her to. Fuck, I hadn't known the girl for even a month, there was no way she was going to trust me. I trust her, which is pretty fucking weird because trust doesn't come easily to me. Then this short girl who is a supposed good girl, shows up and I trust her without knowing her for a month. Fuck, this is messed up. What the hell am I supposed to do? For some reason, I really wanted her to trust me, to tell me what's bothering her. Then it hit me. I knew what I had to do. It wasn't going to be easy to say, it's still painful to talk about, but it was going to be worth it to get Sel to trust me. "What's her number?" I demanded.  "Why?" Renee asked. "I think I've found a way that will allow her to trust me but I need to talk to her face-to-face." I said. "Good luck with that." she replied. "I don't need luck." I smirked. "Now can I have her number?" I asked again. "Fine," Renee sighed. "but if she asks, you stole it." she added. "Sure," I grinned. "You seem kinda scared of her." I said. "Are you kidding? Who wouldn't be?" Renee asked.  "Yeah, when Sel is mad, she's fucking scary." Marie shuddered. Sel? Scary? I seriously doubt it. The girl probably wouldn't hurt a fly.  "Where is she?" I asked. "Probably with Austin, they were supposed to hang out today." Marie shrugged. My jaw clenched. Fury ran through my veins. What the hell did she see in him? He was a fucking prick. "I dislike that guy." I said, plainly. "Why? You barely know him." Renee asked. "Because-because.." I struggled to find a good reason. "He seems untrustworthy." Marie looked unimpressed. "Uh-huh." I ignored her and sent Sel a text.
Me: Hey OJ Girl.
Hopefully this way, she'll know it's me. I mean, who else would call her that? 
OJ Girl: What do you want Bieber? 
Me: Are you still with the douche? 
OJ Girl: First, he's not a douche and second, how did you get my number? 
Me: That's for me to know and you never to find out. ;) 
OJ Girl: Haha.
Me: Where are you?  
OJ Girl: Why? 
Me: Why not? 
OJ Girl: That's stalker-like. 
Me: Just tell me. 
OJ Girl: No.
Me: I'll find out.
OJ Girl: Good luck with that.
"Damn." I cursed. "What?" Marie asked. "She won't tell me where she is!" I said. "Well.. duh." I raised my brows. "What do you mean?" I asked. "She doesn't want you barging in on her date." she said. "Her date?" I say. "Her and Austin." I clenched my jaw. "She said they were just friends." I said. "Maybe." I looked down at my phone again. She was just friends with him right? She wouldn't lie about something like that. I read through the messages again.  Fucking hell she's so stubborn. Then suddenly, I had an idea. He would be able to help. Plus it's bros first right? Plus, it's not like he'll have anything else to do. I dialled Dylan's number.  "Yo." He said after two rings. "I need you do me a favour, man." I said. "And that is?" he asked. "Find where Sel's phone is." I said. "Why in the fucking hell would I do that?" he shot at me. "Because, I need to find her and she won't tell me where she is." I said. "Well duh." I turned to Marie. That is so fucking creepy how they were so alike. "What the hell do you mean?" I say. "I heard she was on some date with that Austin kid." he said. "She said they were just friends." I said. "That's what they all say." I seriously wanted to punch him in the face. "Whatever man, just do it." I said. "Sure, I love seeing you in deep shit bro." he said. "Gee, thanks." I say, rolling my eyes. "No problem." I could hear him typing away at his laptop and wondered how he was, where he was, socially. He may be totally badass looking on the outside but in reality, he was actually just a fucking nerd. "Ah-ha! Starbucks, 15th street. Hold the applause please." I rolled my eyes.  "Whatever dude. I'll catch you later." I say. "Why do you want to talk to her?" he asked. "No reason." I hung up. Both Renee and Marie were staring at me open-mouthed. "Did you just.." they started. "Yup." I said before sauntering off towards my bike, leaving two gaping females behind me. Get ready Sel, it's confession time.

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