My Best Friends Girlfriend by JelenaFOREVER1111
My Best Friends Girlfriendby JelenaFOREVER1111
Falling for your best friends girl aint easy but what makes it easer is finding out your best friends little dirty secret.
  • gomez
  • justlena
  • love
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Breaking The Girl Code |j.b s.g| by jelenaismypizza
Breaking The Girl Code |j.b s.g|by ♡
How could something wrong felt so right? How could falling for him has to be this complicated?
  • twisted
  • betrayal
  • jelenafanfiction
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celeb groupchat; by jovrnalsdeluxe
celeb groupchat;by [ نعمة او وقت سماح ]
a bunch of savage celebs in a fuckin lit groupchat.
  • kyliejenner
  • drake
  • teen
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Group Chat by zaynsbighead
Group Chatby a 🖤
What happens when a bunch of pop stars get put into one group chat? [higgest ranking: #245 in fanfiction]
  • groupchat
  • perrieedwards
  • zerrie
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Sold & Bought | Jelena by smile9301
Sold & Bought | Jelenaby B
🛑First few chapters aren't that good but I promise they improve as the story goes on. 🛑 °°° "Sorry for everything that happened, and that's going to happen...&quo...
  • auction
  • justin
  • drugs
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Jelena One Shots by heartsocolds
Jelena One Shotsby heartsocolds
This is a compilation of all my Jelena one shots. They're about anything really. I just write what I feel. Hopefully you guys will like it. A lot of these are requested...
  • one
  • fiction
  • a-jelena-lover
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Unexpected Love by iLikeBieberzSwag
Unexpected Loveby biebers child
America's favourite first daughter, Selena Gomez and Hollywood's hottest bad boy, Justin Bieber have been forced into marriage. Why? To save Justin's faltering image. Bu...
  • music
  • love
  • novel
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criminal lover || jelena by -jelenagoals
criminal lover || jelenaby maria.
the story is about criminal, love, lies, and betrayed. selena gomez is a badass. she has a four brothers; zayn, logan, harry, and taylor. justin bieber you would never...
  • drama
  • jelena
  • jelenafanfiction
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Bad Desires (sg & jb)  by selenasgf
Bad Desires (sg & jb) by rosie
"Didn't they tell you about what happens to girls who look for love in the wrong places?" She was good, he was bad. It was as simple as that; but after all, o...
  • gomez
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • romance
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Mine - j.m. & s.g.  by jarianaxgrande
Mine - j.m. & s.g. by jarianaxgrande
From the day I saw Selena, I knew she was mine. Mine to hold, cherish, protect, and love. Nothing could keep me away from Selena, but someone did one time. Ive found her...
  • selenagomez
  • daddy
  • girl
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Struggle For Power by deadinsurround
Struggle For Powerby -
Meeting your father's extremely young fiancé is just the beginning of the life you never thought you'd lead. Manipulative ways, broken promises and consuming hatred. Thi...
  • fanfic
  • justinbieber
  • drama
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Jelena One Shots  by chaneljelena
Jelena One Shots by badd bih .
|| jelena one shots || W A R N I N G ⚠️ sexual content and strong language.
  • jelenaforever
  • possesive
  • oneshot
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Tangled (Jelena Story) Book #1 by JelenaEqualsEmory
Tangled (Jelena Story) Book #1by JelenaEqualsEmory
Successful investment banker and playboy Justin Bieber's world is turned upside down when he falls in love for the first time. Justin Bieber is your typical mid-twenties...
  • jelena
  • justinbieberandselenagomez
  • jelenatranslation
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By Your Side >> A Criminal's Love Story >>Jelena by iLikeBieberzSwag
By Your Side >> A Criminal's biebers child
She's smart, funny and feisty. Mess with her and the real Texan girl will come out. Her style is something that shows her gorgeous personality. She's the girl that all t...
  • justinbieber
  • kidnap
  • jelena
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The Best Friend ✦ h.s by starryeyedhaz
The Best Friend ✦ h.sby m
in which Micah falls for her best friend. accomplishments: completed | ✓ 190,000+ reads | ✓ 2,000+ votes | ✓ Ranking | ✓ #18 in FanFiction | ✓ thank you for your support...
  • celebrity
  • wattys2018
  • selenagomez
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notorious | JM + SG + HB by madisoneld
notorious | JM + SG + HBby madisoneld
"he's notorious for bringing them home and locking them away."
  • criminal
  • jelena
  • thriller
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mine by chaneljelena
mineby badd bih .
"Let go off me." I practically yelled. "No." he said still grasping my wrists. "Why not?" I demanded. "Because you're mine and only...
  • love
  • lies
  • selenagomez
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The Gang Leaders Girl (Jelena) by classyjelena
The Gang Leaders Girl (Jelena)by do you wanna know?
Selena is just a mysterious girl. She's no goody two shoes that's for sure. While her brother is part of a gang; she is not. She has been asked to join by her brother ev...
  • selena
  • bieber
  • jelenafanfiction
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CHERRY BOMB. ( j. bieber ) by jeaIous
CHERRY BOMB. ( j. bieber )by ?
o. cherry bomb when a virgin meet the cherry popper. jeaious © 2018
  • gomez
  • justin
  • virgin
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Selena Gomez 24,lost her husband of 3 years and is depressed that's until she meets Doctor and Married Man Justin Bieber but will he be able to help her enough to get h...
  • justinbieber
  • jelena
  • selenagomez
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