Songs for this chapter are:

Robbers- The 1975

Volcano- Damien Rice

Same as you- The Fray

Be Yours- Betsy Phillips

Tessa's POV.

"Are you ready to go inside?" My voice is a whisper, breaking the silence between us. He hasn't spoken and I haven't been able to come up with anything worth saying in the last twenty minutes.

"Are you?" He lifts himself up using the tree and brushes the dirt off of his black jeans.

"If you are."

"I am, but if you would like to keep talking about going inside, we could do that too." He smiles a sarcastic smile.

"Ha-ha," I roll my eyes and he reaches his hand out to help me to my feet. His hand gently wraps around my wrist and he pulls me up to my feet. He doesn't let go, he only slides his hand down to cup mine.

I don't comment on his gentle touch, or the fact that he's looking at me in that familiar way, the way that he looks when his anger is masked, overpowered even, by his love for me. It's this look, this raw and unplanned look on his face, that reminds me that a part of me needs and loves this man more than I am willing to admit.

There is no plan behind this touch, it's not a calculated gesture when his arm moves around my waist and he draws me to him as we walk up the grass to the deck.

Not a word is spoken, only a worried glance from Karen. Her hand is resting on her husband's arm and he's leaning down, talking quietly to Liam who has now taken a seat back at the dining room table. Sophia is no longer in room, I assume she left after the chaos. I don't blame her.

"Are you okay?" Karen turns her attention to Harry. Liam looks up at the same time as Ken, and I gently nudge Harry.

"Who me?" He asks, confused. He stops near in front of the staircase and I bump into him.

"Yes dear, are you okay?" Karen clarifies. She pushes her brown hair behind her ears and takes a step toward us, her hand moving to her belly.

"You mean," Harry clears his throat, "Am I going to go on a rampage and bash Liam's face in? No, I'm not." He huffs.

Karen shakes her head, patience clear in her soft features. "No, what I meant was, are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you, that's what I meant."

He blinks once, composing himself, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"If the answer to that question changes, be sure to let me know. Okay?" She asks of him. He nods and leads me up the staircase. I look back down to Liam as I walk up the stairs and he closes his eyes, turning his face away.

"I need to talk to Liam," I tell Harry as he opens the door to his room here. He switches the light on and lets go of my arm.

"Now?" He asks.

"Yes, now."

"Right now?"

"Yes," the moment I say the word, Harry has me against the wall.

"This second?" He leans into me, his breath warm against my neck. "You're sure?"

I'm not sure, of anything, really.

"What?" My voice is thick, head cloudy.

"I think you were going to kiss me," he presses his lips to mine and I can't help but smile into it, into the madness, into the relief of his affection. His lips aren't soft, they are dry and cracked, but so perfect and I love the way his tongue laps around mine, pushing into my mouth, not giving me the option to overthink or pull away.

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