The songs for this chapter are:

You- The 1975

She is- The Fray

Boston- Augustana

Emma- Bon Iver

Harry's POV.

I attempt to pull her nearly naked body even closer to me as she deepens the kiss. Her hands grip my arms and I guide my hand down between her thighs.

No point in wasting any time here.

"Should have taken them off," I remind her, tugging at the side of her thin, soaked panties.

She laughs a breathless laugh before sucking in a sharp breath when my fingers enter her. Her moans are cut off by my mouth against hers, she pulls my bottom lip between hers and I nearly lose it at that. She's so fucking sexy and seductive and she doesn't even fucking try.

When she begins to rock her hips, pushing herself onto my hand, I grip her waist with my free hand and move her from my lap. Her body rests on the plastic seat, her legs spread wide open, my fingers still pleasing her.

These fucking panties are getting on my nerves.

She pouts when I remove my fingers from her and hook them around her panties, tugging them down as quickly as possible and toss them into the water beside her. The jets carry them to the other side of the tub and she grabs my wrist to force me to touch her again.

"What do you want?" I press, wanting to hear the words from her.

"You," she smiles sweetly then spreads her legs further showing how dirty she really is.

I give her what she wants and I'm rewarded with her hand gripping around me.

"Turn around," I tell her.

Without giving her a chance to respond, I turn her body around and she yelps.

I panic for a moment but I quickly realize that she's directly lined up with the jets. Of course she's yelping, she'll be fucking screaming in a minute.

I kneel behind her, I love taking her this way, I can feel so much more of her, I can touch the creamy skin on her back and pay attention to every muscle moving under her skin, watch every breath she fights for as I rock into her.

I move her long hair to the side and move closer, slowly pushing into her. Her back arches into me and I grip her chest in my hands as I begin to move in and out of her slowly. Fuck it feels so damn good, better than usual.

It has to be the hot water pushing around us as I inch in and out of her. She moans and I reach down to make sure she's still being hit with the jets. Her eyes are screwed shut and her mouth is wide open. Her knuckles are nearly white from gripping the edge of the tub.

I want to move faster, to pound into her but I force myself to stay at this slow, torturing pace.

"Harry," she moans.

"Fuck, it's like I can finally feel every inch of you," the moment I say the words, I panic and pull away from her.

A condom.

I didn't even think to use a fucking condom.

What has she done to me?

"What's wrong?" She pants, a thin layer of moisture covers her face.

"I don't have a condom on!" I run my hands over my wet hair.

"Oh," she says calmly.


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