The songs for this chapter are:

You know I'm no good- Amy Winehouse

 You and I- One Direction

Blood Bank - Bon Iver

Tessa's POV.

Harry's hands are covered in rough, black tape yet they feel so tender when wrapped around mine as he leads me to the bed.

"I hope I haven't worn you out," he grins, brushing his taped knuckles across my cheekbone.

"No," Majority of the tension controlling my body has been released by his fingers. However, the not so subtle ache for him is still there.

It always is.

"This is okay, right? I mean, you wanted space and this isn't exactly space." His arms wrap around me as we hesitantly stand in front of the bed.

"We still need space, but this is what I want right now," I explain. I'm sure it doesn't make much sense to Harry because really, it doesn't make much sense to me, especially now when his overwhelming presence is here in front of me.

"Me too," he breathes and dips his head down to my neck. "This is what is good for us, to be close this way," Harry whispers. His arms tighten around my body and he uses his knees to guide us onto the bed as his lips gently suck on my tingling skin.

"I've missed you so fucking much, I've missed your body," he hisses. His hands travel under my thin cotton t-shirt and he grabs the hem to lifts it up and over my head. My ponytail catches on the collar but Harry gently untangles my hair and his fingers reach behind me to pull the band out, letting my hair fall against the mattress underneath me.

"The way your pulse," his lips hover inches from mine and his fingers press against the tender pulse in my neck as he breathes, "goes fucking crazy when I touch you, especially here," his free hand slides down over my stomach and into the front of my soft pants.

"You're always so ready for me," he groans, running his middle finger up and down, seducing me. I feel rather than hear my own protests, falling shamelessly as Harry removes his hand, to bring his finger to his lips.

"So sweet," he compliments, his wet tongue slowly darts out  to cover the tip of his finger. He knows exactly what he's doing to me. He knows how much his dirty words effect me and how much they make me want him. He knows, and he's doing a damn good job at making me burn with desire from the inside out.

Harry's POV.

I know exactly what I'm doing to her. I know how much she loves my filthy mouth and when I look down at her, she doesn't even bother to conceal it.

"You're being such a good girl," I praise her further to elicit a moan without so much as a touch to her flaming skin.

"Tell me what you want," I whisper into her ear. I can practically hear her erratic pulse under her skin, I'm driving her crazy, and I fucking love it. 

"You," she desperately and vaguely responds.

"I want it slow, I want you to feel every single moment that you were away," I press my thumb into her thin cotton panties, tearing them from her body. Her eyes are wide and dark, her lips pink and swollen. She nods and wraps both of her small hands around my arms, hooking them and attempting to bring me closer.

"Grab the condom," she reminds me.

Fuck, it's across the hall in the room that no one could have possibly expected me to actually stay in while Tessa was only meters away. However, the nightstand was curiously stocked with condoms upon my arrival.

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