Songs for this chapter are:

 Fall away- The Fray

The reason- Hoobastank

Sad, beautiful, Tragic- Taylor Swift

Harry's POV.

"Harry, please. I've got to get ready," Tessa whined into my chest. Her naked body was sprawled across me, distracting every brain cell I have left.  

"You're not convincing me, woman. If you actually wanted to leave, you would be out of bed by now." I pressed my lips against the shell of her ear and she wiggled against me. "You certainly wouldn't be rubbing yourself against my cock right now." I called her out. She giggled and slid against me, deliberately making contact with my already hard erection.

"Now you've done it," I groaned, wrapping my fingers around her curvy hips. "You'll never make it to class now." My fingers slid to the front of her, sliding into her with a gasp. Fuck, she always felt so fucking tight and warm around my fingers, even more so around my cock.

Without a word, she rolled onto her side and wrapped her hand around me, jerking slowly. Her thumb swiped across the bead of come already present, betraying the cool smirk on my face as she whined for more.

"More what?" I teased her, praying that she would take the bait. Either way I knew what was coming next, I just loved to hear her say it.

Her words became something more substantial, more tangible, when said aloud. The way she whined and whimpered for me was more than a satisfaction or plea of lust. The words signified her trust in me, the movements of her body engraved her loyalty to me, and the promise of her love for me filled me, body and soul.

I was completely consumed by her, completely fucking lost in her, every single time I made love to her since the beginning, even when I was being dishonest to her. This time was no exception.

"Tell me, Tessa." I pressed her for the words that I wanted. The words that I needed.

"More everything, just.. just all of you," she moaned, running her lips along my chest and I lifted one of her thighs to wrap it around my own. It would be deeper this way, more difficult, but much deeper and I could watch her easily. I could watch what only I could do to her and I would fucking revel in the way her mouth fell open and she came, calling my name alone.

"You already have all of me," I should have said. Instead, I reached in front of her and pulled a condom from the nightstand and slid it on, pressing between her legs. Her satisfied groan had me almost burst right then but I held it together long enough to bring her to the edge with me. She whispered how much she loved me and how good I made her feel, and I should have told her that I felt the same way, even more than she could ever imagine but instead, I spoke only her name as I emptied myself into the condom.

There were so many things I should have said, could have said, and sure as hell would have said if I had known my days in heaven were numbered.

Had I known that I would be cast out so soon, I would have worshipped her the way she deserves.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here another night? I heard Tessa telling Carol that she was staying another night." Noah pushes me out of my mind and back into reality in that annoying way he has. "Are you okay?" He adds.

"Yeah." I should tell him what was happening in my head, the bittersweet memory of Tessa wrapped around me as she clawed at my back while she came. Then again, I really don't want that image in his head.

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