The songs for this chapter are:

All you ever: Hunter Hayes

Happiness- The Fray

Hundred- The Fray

(Sometimes the songs repeat from different chapters because I'm listing what I listened to while writing)

Harry's POV.

"I won't give up Seattle for you so you turn on me?" She blinks, "you show up with her and say all these hateful things to me, I thought we were past this. What happened to you not being able to live without me? What happened to you trying your best to treat me the way you should?"

I want to hurt her, to make her feel like shit, the way that I felt when I looked out to see her laughing. She was fucking laughing while she should have been sitting across from me vying for my attention. It was like she didn't give a fuck about me getting close to Lillian. She was too focused on the fucking waiter and whatever the hell he said.

My mind sifts through hateful thoughts to pick one that I'm sure will break her down. Lillian's statement from this morning pops in and I say it before I can stop myself, "There is a big difference in not being able to live without someone and loving them," she steps back from me as the words hit her. I almost want to take them back, almost. She deserves them, she really does. She shouldn't have said that she didn't want me to go to Seattle with her.

I turn and leave her standing there alone. She said I turned on her, I didn't turn on her. I'm here for her, on her side. She's the one trying to leave me every damn chance she gets. Lillian advised me to follow Tessa outside and tell her about Lillian's sexual orientation but she didn't realize was Tessa was outside flirting with our douchebag waiter.

"I'm leaving," I announce when I reach the table. Six sets of eyes look up and Liam rolls his before looking over to the door. "She's outside," I tell him sarcastically. He can go out there and put on fucking kitten gloves for her, I'm sure as hell not going to.

"What did you do now?" He has the nerve to ask me in front of everyone.

"Mind your own fucking business." I glare at him.

"Harry," my father warns. Not him too, everyone is fucking against me apparently. If my father wants to start shit with me I fucking dare him.

"I'll go too," Lillian says, standing from the table.

"No," I snap but she ignores me and follows me as I make my way through the restaurant and out the front door.

"What the heck happened?" She asks when we get outside.

"She was out there with that fucking guy, that's what happened."

"Then what? What did she say when you told her that I'm not a threat?" She stumbles slightly in her high heels but I don't stop to help her as I try to decide where the hell I'm actually going. I knew I should have fucking driven my own car here but no, Tessa had to get her way. Big surprise there.

"I didn't tell her,"

"Why not? Do you know what she's probably thinking right now?"

"I don't give a shit what she thinks, I hope she is thinking that I'm going to fuck you," She stops walking.

"Why? If you love her why would you want her to think that?"

Oh lovely, now Lillian is turning on me too. "Because she needs to learn that.."

"Stop, just stop there because she doesn't need to learn anything. It seems to me that you're the one who needs to be learning something, what did you say to her?"

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