The songs for this chapter are:

Something Great- One Direction (this is my favorite song from the album)

Assassin- John Mayer

Can't love you back- Easton Corbin

Tessa's POV.

I can't help the anxiety that fills me as I drive through the campus. The Seattle campus is not as small as Ken had made it out to be.

 I try my best to prepare for this day to ensure everything goes as planned. I left two hours early to be sure I could make it to my first class on time. Half of that time is spent sitting in traffic listening to talk radio. I never understood the fad until this morning when a distraught woman called in and told the story of her best friend betraying her by sleeping with her husband. Through her tears, she held a certain amount of dignity, as much as one calling into a radio station to spill her secrets possibly could. She found humor half through the discussion and I found myself sucked right into her dramatic story.

By the time I stop by the Administration Building and retrieve my new student identification card and parking pass, I have only thirty minutes to spare. My nerves are stretched to the brim and I can't shake the anxiety of being late to my first class at this new campus. Luckily, I make it in time, with fifteen minutes to spare. As I take my seat in the front row, I can't help but feel a sense of loneliness, there was no meeting Liam at the coffee shop before class, and he doesn't hold the seat next to me now as I sit here remembering my first half year of college. 

 The classroom fills with students and I begin regret my decision to fill this semester's schedule with the least desirable courses on my degree plan. It sounded like a good plan, to take them now and get them over with, but as the classroom fills with all males except me and one other female, I wish I wouldn't have taken political science this semester.

A handsome boy with light brown skin sits down in the empty chair next to me and I try not to stare at him. His white button up shirt is crisp and perfectly ironed at the seams and he's wearing a tie. He looks like a politician, bright white smile and all.

"Can I help you with something?" He grins, his voice is full of authority yet charming at once. Yeah, he's certainly going to be a politician one day.

"No, sorry." I stammer, not meeting his eyes. I avoid looking at him and focus on taking notes,  reading over the syllabus repeatedly, and staring at the clock until class is dismissed.

My next class, Art History, is much better. I feel more comfortable surrounded by the casual crowd of art students. A boy with blue stained hair sits next to me and introduces himself as Michael. I am the only English major in the room but everyone is friendly and Michael has quite the sense of humor, he makes jokes during the class to keep everyone entertained, including our instructor.

Creative writing is last, and most certainly most enjoyable. It feels as if only ten minutes has passed before my professor releases us. The rest of my week comes and goes in this fashion. I feel as if I'm constantly waiting for something that never comes.


By the time Friday evening arrives I am exhausted and my entire body is tense. This week has been challenging, both positively and negatively. I miss the familiarity of the old campus and Liam being there with me. I miss Harry meeting me between classes and I even miss Zayn and the glowing flowers that fill the science building.


I haven't spoken to him once since he stopped Steph and Dan at the party and drove me all the way to my mother's house. He saved me from further violation and humiliation and I haven't even thanked him. I put down my Political Science textbook and reach for my phone.

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