Songs for this chapter are:

 Sweet and low- Augustana

Only human- Christina Perri

 Poison and Wine- The Civil Wars (I'm bringing back THE hessa song ha:)

Tessa's POV.

"You can use the shower here, you look like hell, girl." Kimberly says in a kind voice, despite her unflattering words. Harry is still sitting at the table, a cup of coffee between his large hands. He has barely looked at me since I walked into the kitchen to find him talking to Smith. The idea of Harry with Smith, spending time together as brothers, warms my heart.

"All of my clothes are in the rental car at that bar." I tell her. I want nothing more than a shower but I don't have any clothes to wear.

"You can wear something of mine," she suggests, even though we both know I could never fit into her clothes. "Or Christian's. He has some shorts and a shirt you-"

"No, hell no." Harry interrupts, throwing Kimberly a hard glare as he stands to his feet. "I'll go get your shit. You aren't wearing his clothes."

Kimberly opens her mouth to argue but closes it before the words can come. I look at her with thankful eyes, grateful that a war won't be had in the kitchen of her hotel suite.

"How far is Gabriel's from here?" I ask, hoping one of them knows the answer.

"Ten minutes," Harry answers and holds his hand out for the keys to the car.

"Can you drive?" I ask him. I made the drive back from Allhallows because of the excessive amount of alcohol he consumed only twelve hours ago and his eyes are still glassy.

"Yes," he clips. Kimberly's suggestion that I borrow Christian's clothing has turned him from sullen to pissed off in less than a minute.

"Do you want me to come? I could drive the rental back since you are driving Christian's c-" I begin to ask if I should go with him, considering everything that has happened in the last twenty-four hours but I am quickly cut off.

"No. I'll be fine," his tone is impatient and I bite my tongue, literally, to keep from telling him off. I don't know what has gotten into me lately but I find it harder and harder to keep my mouth closed. This can only be a good thing for me, maybe not for Harry, but certainly for me.

He leaves the suite without another word or so much as a glance back to me.

I stare at the wall for long, silent minutes before Kimberly's voice breaks my trance.

"How is he handling it?" She asks, leading me over to the table.

"Not well."

"I can see that. Burning a house down probably isn't the healthiest way to deal with anger," she says with not a single hint of judgment in her words.

"It's not his anger that I'm afraid of," I stare at the dark wood on the table, not willing to meet the eyes of my friend. "I can feel him withdrawing with every breath he takes. I know it's childish and selfish of me to even mention this to you because you are going through all of this and Christian is in trouble.." I trail off, deciding that it's better to keep my selfish thoughts to myself.

"Tessa," she places her hand on mine. "There is no rule that says only one person can feel pain at a time. You are going through this just as much as I am."

"I know but I don't want to bother you with my probl-"

"You aren't bothering me, spill." Kimberly presses.

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