The songs for this chapter are:

Hands of time- Rachel Diggs

 Over my head- The Fray

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Harry's POV.

"Jack and coke," I bark  my order at the bartender. The bald man glares at me as he pulls an empty glass from the rack and fills it with ice. I was taking a piss when I saw Christian's rental car pulling out of the lot from the bathroom window. He must have came here looking for me. Too bad he didn't stay, we could have shared a father-son drink.

Fuck, this is all so fucked up.  

"Double actually," I modify the order.

"Got it," he sarcastically responds. My eyes find the old television on the wall and I read the captions on the bottom of the screen. The commercial is for an insurance company and the screen is covered by a giggling baby. Why they choose to put babies on every damn commercial, I will never know.

The bartender slides my drink across the wooden bar top without a word and I bring the glass to my lips, allowing my mind to take me away from here.


"Why did you bring home baby products?" I asked her. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub and pulled her hair into a ponytail. I started to worry if she has an obsession with children, it sure as hell seemed like it.

It still does to this day, really.

"It's not a baby product," Tessa laughed. "It just has a baby and a father printed on  the package."

"I really don't understand the appeal here," I lifted the box of shaving products Tessa brought home for me, examining the chubby cheeks of a baby and wondered what the hell a baby has to do with a shaving kit.

"I don't really get it either but I'm sure putting a baby's image on it will help with sales," she said with a smile.

"Only for women buying their boyfriend's or husband's shit," I corrected her. No man in their right mind would grab that shit off the shelf.

"No, I'm sure fathers would buy it too." 

"Sure." I ripped open the box and laid the contents out in front of me. "A bowl?" I looked into the mirror to make eye contact with her.

"Yes, it's for the cream. You'll get a better shave if you use the brush," she stated.

"And how do you know that?" I raised a brow at her, hoping she didn't know this from experience with Noah.

"I looked it up,"

"Of course you did," I teased her, my jealousy disappearing, and she playfully kicked her feet at me. "Since you seem to be an expert in the art of shaving, come help me," I said. I had always just used a simple razor and cream but since she clearly put thought into this, I wouldn't deny her and frankly the idea of her shaving my face was a major fucking turn on.

Tessa smiled and stood to her feet, joining me in front of the sink. She picked up the tube of cream and filled the bowl with it then swirled the brush around to create a lather.

"Here," she smiled, handing me the brush.

"No, you do it." I placed the brush back into her hand and wrapped my hands around her waist. "Up you go," I said, lifting her onto the sink. I pushed her thighs apart and stood between them.

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