The songs for this chapter are:

I love you- Eli Young Band

Seattle- Jason Walker

Let me go- Ron Pope

Harry's POV.

The moment I spot Zayn's truck in the driveway of the small brick house, I nearly vomit. They couldn't have arrived long ago, I went fifteen miles over the speed limit the entire way here. My temper flares and my vision goes red as he steps onto the porch. He walks slowly to his truck as I park on the street, not wanting to block him when he gets the fuck out of here. 

What will I say to him? What will I say to her? Will she even be able to hear me?

"I knew you would show up here." He says quietly when I appear in front of him.

"Why wouldn't I?" I growl, biting back my rising anger.

"Maybe because this is all your fault." He quips.

"Are you fucking serious? It's my fault that Steph is a god damned psycho?" Yes, yes it is.

"No, it's your fault that you didn't come with her to that party in the first place. You should have seen her face when I busted that door in." He shakes his head as to rid himself of the memory. My chest tightens.

"I.. I didn't know she was going there so fuck off. Where is she?"

"Inside." He states the obvious with a murderous glare.

"Don't fucking look at me like that, you shouldn't even be here in the first place " I remind him.

"If it wasn't for me she would have been raped and god knows what else." My hands find the collar of his leather jacket and I push him against the hood of his truck.

"No matter how many times you try, no matter how many times you 'save' her, she will never want you. Don't forget that." I give him one last push and step away from him. I want to hit him, bust his fucking nose for being such a smug asshole, but Tessa is merely twenty feet away from me and seeing her is much more important right now.

As I walk past his truck windows I see Tessa's purse and.. dress.. on the seat. She doesn't have clothes on?

"Why is her dress off?" I dare to ask. I yank on the door handle and gather her things into my arms while waiting for his response.

"They took it off of her." He simply remarks, his expression grim.

"Fuck." I hiss and walk up the concrete porch.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tessa's mum blocks the door. She's already screaming at me. Fucking lovely.

"I need to see her," I grab the screen door handle and she shakes her head but moves out of my way. I get the feeling that she knows I'll push right past her.

"You aren't coming in here!" She shouts.

I ignore her and step around her. "Did you not hear me! Don't walk past me like you didn't hear me!" The screen door slams and I move across the small living room to find Tessa.

I stop momentarily when I see her. She's laying on the couch with her knees bent slightly, her hair is a blonde halo around her head, and her eyes are closed. Carol continues to harass me, threatening to call the cops, but I don't give a shit. I bend down to the floor so that I'm eye level to her face. Without thought, I brush over her cheekbone with my thumb before cupping her flushed cheek in my palm.

"Christ," I curse and watch closely as her chest moves up and down slowly.

"Fuck Tess, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." I whisper to her, hoping that she can hear me. 

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