The songs for this chapter are:

Clarity- Andrew Garcia cover

Tell me why- Taylor Swift

Wrecking Ball- Jayme Dee cover (if you haven't heard of her, you'll love her, literally she's so talented. )

Tessa's POV.

I can't believe Harry had the nerve to accuse me of trying to get myself pregnant by him, or even mentioning that there is even a small chance that I would ever do that to him, or myself. Everything was going so great, incredible really, in that hot tub until he mentioned the condom. He should have just gotten out of the water and grabbed one, I know he has a pile of them in the top of his suitcase. I watched him shove them in there after I neatly packed his bags.

He's probably just frustrated over this whole Seattle mess, he overreacted and maybe I did too.

Due to my annoyance toward Harry's rude comments and ruining our .. moment in the hot tub, I need a hot shower. Moments after the water begins to work against my strained muscles, I reach for the shampoo.

I was so quick to get away from him that I forgot to grab my toiletry bag, great.

"Harry?" I call, I doubt he can hear me over the jets but I pull the floral shower curtain back and watch for him just in case.

When he doesn't appear in the doorway after a few seconds I reach for the towel hanging on the rack and wrap it around my body. Just as I reach the suitcases lying on the bed, I hear Harry's voice.

"Do you have any more apartments to fill?" He says.

He's trying to get me an apartment?

I'm as shocked as I am excited over the thought, he's finally coming around to the idea of Seattle and he's actually trying to help me instead of push against me. For once.

I pad quietly across the wooden flooring of the room, careful not to be discovered as I continue my eavesdropping.

"You gave me the impression that your friend Tessa was not someone I should be wasting my time giving an apartment to, if she can't pay me, I can't give her a place to live." A woman says on the line.


Is that?

He wouldn't.

"Here's the thing.. she isn't as bad as I made her out to be, she hasn't actually trashed any apartments or left without paying," He says and my stomach turns.

He did.

"You sick, selfish, bastard," are the first words that come to mind.

He quickly turns to me, face paling, and mouth opening wide. His phone tumbles to the floor and he continues to stare at me.

"Hello?" Sandra's voice says through the speaker and he reaches down to grab his phone to silence her.

"How could you? How could you do that?" Anger courses through me.

"I.." he begins.

"No! Don't even waste my time with  an excuse! What the hell were you thinking?" I storm through the doors and back into the bedroom.

"Tessa, listen to me," he says,

Listen to him?

"No! You listen to me Harry," I say through my teeth, trying to keep my voice low, "I'm so sick of this, I'm sick of you trying to sabotage everything in my life that doesn't revolve around you!" I scream, balling my fists tightly at my sides.

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