Songs for this chapter are:

All At once- The Fray

Demons- Imagine Dragons

She is- The Fray

I have been awake for over two hours now, waiting patiently for Harry to wake up. By the time I am showered and fully dressed, the kitchen is cleaned, and I've taken two ibuprofen to get rid of my cramps and massive headache, I make my way back to the bedroom to wake him up myself.

I gently shake his arm and whisper his name, it doesn't work.

"Harry, wake up," I roughly grip his shoulder and recoil when the vision of my mother ripping my father's slumbering body off of the couch flashes into my mind. All morning I have avoided thoughts of my mother and the heartbreaking history lesson I was given last night. My father is still asleep, I imagine that he is worn out from her short visit as well.

"No," he grumbles sleepily.

"If you won't get up then I'll be going to your father's house alone," I say, slipping my feet into my flat shoes. I have many pair of toms, but I always find myself wearing the tan crochet pair the most. Harry calls them "hideous moccasins" but I love the comfortable shoes.

He groans and rolls over onto his stomach, pushing himself up onto his elbows. His eyes are still closed when he turns his head to me. "No, you won't." I knew he wouldn't like that idea, that's precisely why I used it to get his behind out of the bed.

"Get up then, I have already showered and everything," I whine. I'm anxious to get to Liam's house and see him, Ken, and Karen again. It feels like ages since I've seen the sweet woman wearing the strawberry printed apron that she hardly removes.

"Damn it," he pouts, opening one eye. I stifle a giggle at the lazy expression covering his face. I'm tired too, mentally and physically drained, but the idea of getting out of this apartment for the day has perked me up tremendously.

"Come here first," he opens the other eye and reaches out for me. The moment I am beside him on the bed, he rolls his heavy body on top of mine, encasing me in his warmth. He purposely rubs his hardness rubs against me, grinding his hips until he's perfectly nestled between my thighs, his morning erection pressing torturously into me.

"Morning," he's wide awake now and I can't help but laugh. He leisurely drags his hips in a circle again, this time I try to wiggle free. He joins me in laughter but quickly silences me by covering my mouth with his. His tongue laps mine, gently caressing, hinting to the complete opposite intention of the sharp movements his hips are making. 

"Are you plugged?" He whispers, still kissing me. His hands have moved to my chest and my heart is thumping rapidly, making his sleepy voice barely audible.

"I am," I nod, only mildly cringing at the hideous nickname I have become used to. He pulls away, his eyes slowly rake over my face and his tongue swipes along his bottom lip, wetting it.

The noise of the cabinets opening and closing carry down the hallway, followed by  crash of pans against the concrete floor.

"Fucking lovely," Harry's eyes roll. "Well, I had planned on fucking you before we left but now that he's awake," he stares down at me.

I roll my eyes as he climbs off of me and stands to his feet, taking the blanket with him. "I'll be quick in the shower," he scowls toward the door.

Harry returns less than five minutes later just as I am tucking in the corners of the bed sheet. The only article of clothing present is the white towel draped across his waist. I force my eyes to his face while he walks over to the dresser and pulls out a signature black t-shirt. He quickly pulls it down over his head and steps into a pair of boxers.

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