Hey guys!

This is the last author's note for the After series!
I can't believe after 295 chapters we are finally at the end!!!


we sort of arent. I'm still writing Before which is some of After (1) from Harry's POV (with a twist.) It will only be about 20-25 chapters long and I plan to post the first chapter the week of the last week of July!

This will include some past, unread Hessa scenes and some future stuff!


Half of you read the last chapter and were like, "OMFG HOW COULD YOU END IT LIKE THAT! I HATE IT! IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!'

It wasn't supposed to lol! You aren't supposed to know who Liam marries because I'm writing a book about that!

So lets group hug and put down the pitchforks! lol

You'll know why I did everything I did soon and everything will (eventually) make sense.

I have had a spin-off (or two) planned for a while! I love reading other series with spinoffs because I always want more and more of everything hah! So I hope you'll love it too! Hessa will be in the Liam (Landon) series, it will be what has been happening for the last two years :)

I will give more details about the Liam series as soon as I can, I'm so excited for it and I'm so happy to be able to tell you about it! I have some other short stories I'm planning soon as well, so if you want to read them, you can!

The cover for the first After book (published version) will be released this week!! Eeekk. I love it and Simon and Schuster did an incredible job on it! They got exactly what I had in mind and I can't wait for you to see it!

I will be doing a lot of things, signings, book events etc soon so I will you keep you updated on that and I really just want to thank you again for taking this incredible story to this insane level.
If it wasn't for each click you make, each vote, every tweet you sent, every edit, every video, every time you told a friend about After, none of this would have ever happened for me.
This whole experience has changed my life so much and I couldn't be more grateful or more surprised.
I never expected that I could be a published author, and I know that I'm not the best writer, I don't use the biggest words, and most of the time I miss any and all chance of punctuation, but I know that I'm a good story teller and I have a passion for writing and making people feel things (sometimes bad, sad things haha) and so I'm so thankful that my dreams have come true and I promise to never take this for granted and never forget that I got so lucky to have readers like you that help me every step of the way!

I hope you all know by now just how much you mean to me and I'm so blessed and so excited to have all of this happening.
I probably sound dramatic and half insane, but this has been a life changing experience for me and now I find myself with a dream career and so many amazing people behind me and so I'm still figuring it all out and trying to adjust but it's the best feeling and I can't explain just how happy this all has made me.

I hope I've made you, at least some of you, see that you really can have your dreams come true and you may think your dreams and goals are silly and people may tell you they are a waste of time, but they (and you, sorry but it's true) are wrong! Listen to the passionate side of yourself and ignore the cynical, unsure side, and don't stop doing what makes you happy! This is especially important to my younger readers, life isn't as bad as it feels right now, and you will end up having everything you want out of life as long as you don't let anyone bring you down. Don't listen to people bullying you, don't spend too much time crying over some asshole at your school, and ignore people who judge you without knowing you and any friend who doesn't know how lucky they have to have you in their life doesn't deserve you anyway!

You may not see it now, but there is so much more to life than people's opinions and 9 times out of 10, they don't mean anything they say, they are just unhappy with themselves. (Not that it makes it okay, but please don't engage with them or fight with them because that's what they want)
Okay, I swear I'm done being all motherly and weird haha, but I really want the best for all of you and I talk to so many of you everyday so I feel like a big sister (to the younger readers)

So this is so long now haha, anyway, thank you again for everything and I'm so excited to write more and go along for this crazy ride who all of you!

I'm going to post the links to the Amazon preorder for the books and they are there and on Barnes and Noble already! (Still can't believe it)
If I forgot anything, (I'm sure I did) I will post it on here as an email or something!
I love you all!!! So so so much!!! Xo

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