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 The reason - Hoobastank

Demons- Imagine Dragons


When I wake, Harry isn't draped over me and the room is too bright even through my eyelids. Keeping my eyes closed, I groan, "what time is it?"

My head is throbbing and even though I know I'm laying down, my body feels like it's swaying back and forth.

"Noon," Harry's deep accented voice says from across the room.

"Noon! I missed my first two classes!" I try to sit up but my head spins. I fall back onto the mattress with a whimper.

"You're fine, go back to bed."

"No! I can't miss anymore classes Harry, I just got to this campus and I can't begin a semester this way." I begin to panic. "I am going to be so behind,"

"I'm sure you'll be fine." Harry shrugs, crossing the room to sit on the bed. "You probably already have the assignments completed anyway."

He knows me too well, "that's not the point. The point is that I missed the lecture and it makes me look bad."

"To whom?" Harry asks, I know he is mocking me.

"To my professors, my classmates."

"Tessa, I love you but come on. Your classmates couldn't give less of a fuck if you are there or not. They probably didn't even notice. Your professors yeah, because you're a suck up, but your classmates don't care and if they do then so what? Their opinion doesn't fucking matter."  

"I guess," I close my eyes and try to see his point. I hate being late, missing classes, sleeping until noon.

"I'm not a suck up," I add.

"How are you feeling?" He ignores my defense. I feel the mattress shift and when I open my eyes he's laying next to me.

"Like I had too much to drink last night," I admit. My head is throbbing, ready to explode.

"You certainly did. How's your ass feeling?" His hand grips my behind and I wince.

"We didn't.." I wasn't that intoxicated.. was I?

"No," he chuckles, kneading the skin with his hand, "Not yet," his eyes meet mine, "soon though."

I gulp.

"Only if you want to. You've turned into a fucking vixen so I assumed that would be next on your list,"

Me, a vixen?

"Don't look so firghtened, it was only a suggestion," he smiles at me. I can't decide how I feel about doing that.. and I certainly can't keep up or process this type of conversation right now.

My curiosity gets the best of me, "have you..." I don't know how to ask the question, this is one of the few things we have never discussed apart from Harry saying dirty things about doing it to me. "Have you done that before?" I search his face for the answer.

"No, actually I haven't."

"Oh," I am too aware of his fingers tapping along the bare skin where the line of my panties would be if I were wearing any.

The fact that Harry has never experienced that before makes me want to do it, just to be his first of something.

"What are you thinking? I see those wheels turning." He nudges my nose with his and I smile under his stare.

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