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Seattle by Jason Walker       What makes you beautiful- cover by 1975     Say when- The Fray    

The river has run wild- Mads Langer    )

"Wisconsin!" Karen says loudly, clapping her hands together.

"Oh my fucking god," Harry huffs, laying his head back on the seat.

"Would you stop? She's having fun," I scold him.

"Texas!" Liam calls out.

"Just open the door and I'll jump out here," Harry adds.

"So dramatic," I tease and look over at him.

"We're so excited for you two to see the boat and the cabin." Karen says.

"Cabin?" I ask.

"Yeah, we have a small cabin on the water there. I think you'll like it Tessa," Karen remarks.

I'm relieved to find that I won't have to sleep on the boat like I had assumed.

"I'm hoping the sun stays out, this weather is nice for February, it's even better in the summer. Maybe we can all come back?" Ken says, looking in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah," Liam and I answer in unison.

Harry rolls his eyes. Apparently he's going to stick to his pouty, child like persona for the remainder of the drive.

"Do you have everything ready for Seattle, Tessa? I spoke with Christian yesterday and he's really looking forward to you coming," Ken says and I feel Harry's eyes on me.

"I'm going to pack when we get back but I have already enrolled in my classes at the new campus," I tell him.

"That campus is nothing compared to mine," Ken teases and Karen laughs.

"No, it really is a nice campus. If you have any trouble let me know,"

"Thank you, I will."

"Come to think of it, we're getting a new professor from the Seattle campus next week, he's replacing one of our religion professors."

"Oh, which one?" Liam asks, looking at me.

"Soto, the young one. He's your professor right now isn't he?"

"Yeah, he is." Liam answers.

"Where is he going?" I ask.

"I don't remember actually, I think he's transferring out." Ken says.

"Good thing," Liam remarks under his breath but I catch it and smile at him.

"Do the two of you have a place already?" Karen's voice is soft.

"No, I had an apartment, or so I thought but the woman has dropped from the face of the earth apparently. It was perfect too, right in my budget and close to the office." I tell her.

I want to add that Harry isn't coming but I'm hoping to use this trip to convince him otherwise.

"I have a few friends in Seattle, I can see about getting you a place before Monday if you'd like?" Ken offers.

"No," Harry interrupts.

"I would like that actually," I look over at Harry, "otherwise I'll be spending a fortune staying at a hotel until I can find a place."

"It's fine, I'm sure Sandra will call her back," Harry says.

"How'd you know her name?" I ask him.

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