Songs for this chapter are:

Matt Nathanson- Come on get higher

The Fray - Never say Never

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Something Great- One Direction

Tessa's POV.

Every single time Sophia mentioned New York during dinner, I begin to panic. I'm the one who brought it up, but I was only trying to take the attention away from Liam. I knew he was embarrassed and I  said the first thing that came to my mind, it just happened to be about the one topic that I shouldn't mention in front of Harry.

I need to tell him tonight. I'm being a ridiculous, immature coward by keeping this from him. The progress he has made within himself will either reach it's head or he will surprise me by handling it well. I never know what to expect from him, it could go either way.

I'm leaning against the doorway of the dining room, standing in the hallway. Karen is wiping the top of the stove with a wet cloth, Ken has moved to the chair in the living room and is now asleep. Liam and Sophia are sitting at the dining room table in silence. Liam attempts to sneak a glance at the woman and when she looks up at him, she catches her eyes on his and shows him her beautiful smile.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, with him so fresh out of a long-term relationship, then again, who am I to have any opinions on the relationships of others? I clearly have no clue how to navigate my own.

From my view here in the doorway that connects the living room, dining room, and kitchen, I have the most perfect picture of the people who mean the most to me, including the most important, Harry, who is sitting on the couch in the living room, staring blankly at the wall.

I smile at the idea of him walking during his graduation in June. I can't imagine him in a cap and gown but it's certainly something that I am looking forward to seeing and I know that it meant so much to Ken that Harry agreed. Ken has made it clear on multiple occasions that he never expected Harry to graduate from college and now that the truth of their past is out in the open, I'm sure that he never expected him to change his mind and go along with the typical graduation ritual. Harry Styles is anything but typical.

From New York? 

I should have known that voice wouldn't stay away long. I was hoping that she consumed too much ham and would be out for the night at least.  

I would come back for Harry's graduation of course. Will he change his mind and refuse to attend after I tell him?

There is a pretty high possibility of that happening, it's almost a guarantee really. I press my fingers to my forehead, willing brain to function properly. How should I bring it up now? What if he offers to come along to New York? Would he do that? If he does offer, should I agree?

I can feel his eyes on me from where he sits in the living room. Sure enough, when I look over at him, he's studying me, green eyes curious, and mouth pressed into a soft line. I give him my best "I'm okay, just thinking" smile and watch as his lips turn to a frown and his brows pull together. He's on his feet now, walking toward me, crossing the room in long strides, and within seconds he is leaning across me with one of his palms pressed against the wall to support his body while it hovers over mine.

"What is it?" He asks. Liam's head lifts from his focus on Sophia at the sound of Harry's loud voice.

"I need to talk to you about something," I quietly admit. He doesn't look concerned, not as concerned as he should be.

"Okay, what is it?" He leans closer, too close, and I try to step away, only to be reminded that he has me pressed against the wall. Harry raises his other arm to completely block me in and when my eyes meet his face, an obvious smirk covers his face.

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