"The dock is a little shaky, but it's sturdy enough. I need to get someone out here to remodel it," Ken says as we follow him out to the dock in behind the cabin.

The backyard leads directly to the dock, the view is incredible.

"Great," Harry remarks.

The waves crash along the rocks lining the shore and I step behind Harry instinctively.

"What's wrong?" He quietly asks.

"Nothing, I'm just a little nervous."

He turns around to face me, sliding both of his hands into the back pockets of my jeans, "It's only water baby, it'll be okay," he smiles.

I can't tell if he's mocking me or being sincere but when his lips brush my cheek, my doubt disappears.  

"I forgot you don't like water," he pulls me closer.

"I like water, in swimming pools,"

"And streams?" His eyes glitter with humor.

"Only one stream," I smile at the memory.

I was nervous that day too. Harry only got me to get into the water by bribing me. He had promised to answer one of my endless questions about him in exchange for me getting into the water with him. Those days seem so distant, so ancient really, but the common theme of secrecy still litters our present as well.

Harry takes my hand in his as we follow his family down the dock to the incredibly intimidating specimen  parked at the end. I don't know much about boats but I think it may be an oversized pontoon boat . I know it's not a yacht but it's bigger than any fishing boat I've ever seen.

"It's so big," I whisper to Harry.

"Shh, you shouldn't be talking about my dick right now," he teases, smiling.

I love this playful yet grumpy mood he's in, his smile is contagious.

"Watch the step," Ken calls back to us as he steps onto the ladder connecting the boat and the dock.

Harry's hand moves to my back as he helps me up the ladder. I try to force myself to imagine that I'm just climbing up the small ladder at a playground, not onto an enormous boat. The reassurance that comes with Harry's touch is the only thing keeping me from running back up the shaky dock, into the cabin, and hiding under the bed.

"It's no yacht but it suits us,"

The boat is nice, decked out in white and caramel leather. The seating area is large, big enough for all of us and more to sit comfortably.

"It's nice to see that your boat is nicer than mum's house," Harry remarks and Ken's proud smile fades.

"Harry," I whisper, tugging at his hand.

"Sorry," he huffs.

Ken sighs but accepts his son's apology before walking over to the other side of the boat.

"You okay?" Harry leans into me.

"Yeah, just be nice please. I'm already nauseous,"

"I'll be nice, I already apologized."

He takes a seat on one of the couches and I join him. Liam takes the grocery bag from his arms and leans down to unpack cans of soda and bags of snacks.

I gaze across the span of the boat and out into the water. It's beautiful, the sun is dancing across the water.

"I love you," Harry's voice softly says into my ear.

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