Harry's POV.

"Tessa, if you don't call me back I will come looking for you, hammered or not." I threaten, pressing the end key on my cell phone too hard.

"She'll come back," her father assures me.

"I know that!" I shout at him and stalk into the bedroom.

Why the fuck is he here again?

Nothing good can come out of Molly and Tessa being in the same room.

Just as I begin to plot how to leave the apartment to find her when I have no keys, no car, and a blood alcohol level that is far beyond the legal limit, I hear the front door open.

"He's in the room," Richard says loudly, I suspect he's trying to give me some sort of warning of his daughter's arrival.

I pull the door open before she can and step to the side so she can walk in. She doesn't look the least bit intimidated or concerned by the deep scowl on my face.

"Why didn't you answer when I called you?" I question.

"Because I told you I was leaving soon and I did."

"You should have answered, I've been worried."

"Worried?" She's clearly surprised by my choice of words.

"Yes, worried. Why the hell were you with Molly?"

"I don't know, Steph invited me to lunch and brought her along,"

"Why the fuck would she do that?"

Fucking Steph.

"What did they say to you? Was she mean?" I lower my voice.

"No meaner than usual," she raises her brow at me.

"Steph's a bitch for bringing her, what were they saying?"

"I don't know but I think people are spreading rumors about me," she frowns and sits on the chair to remove her shoes.

"What? What sort of rumors?"

What I really mean to ask is, "Who do I have to kill?"

Fuck, I'm still drunk. How is this possible? It's been at least three hours.

I vaguely remember being told some time ago that each drink takes an hour to sober up from, I'm fucked for the next ten or so hours then. I don't think I'm remembering correctly.

"Did you hear me?" Tessa's voice is calm, worried even.

"No, sorry." I mumble.

"I think people are saying that Zayn and I... you know?" Her cheeks flush.

"You what?"

"That we.. slept together," her eyes are weary and her voice is soft.

"Who's saying that?" I try to keep my voice  at the same level as Tessa's despite the slow burn of anger building inside of me.

"Supposedly there is a rumor about it, Steph and Molly were talking about it,"

I don't know whether to try to comfort her or let my anger take over. I'm too drunk for this shit.

"I don't want people to think of me in that way,"

"Don't listen to them, they are fucking idiots. If there is a rumor, I will be sure it's cleared up. Don't worry," I sit next to her on the bed.

"You're not mad at me?" she asks, blue-gray eyes meeting mine.

"Yes, I'm pissed at you because you weren't answering and then Steph didn't fucking answer but I'm not pissed over this rumor shit, not at you at least, they probably just made it up because they wanted to be assholes." The thought of the two of them saying shit to Tessa to purposely hurt her feelings really fucking irks me.

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