The songs for this chapter are:

 She- Parachute

The girl- City and Colour

Addicted- Kelly Clarkson

Harry's POV.

"You're going to pass out on me, aren't you?" I lean over and whisper to Tessa. She's pale and her small hands are shaking on her lap. I gather them with one of my hands and offer her an assuring squeeze. She smiles at me, a nice change from the scowl that covered her face the entire time from the ticket kiosk until now.

That TSA agent was hitting on her, I recognized the stupid fucking grin on his face when she smiled at him while putting her shoes back on. I have the same fucking grin. I had every right to tell him to fuck off,  but of course she didn't agree and that's why she has been pissy since she dragged me away, my finger high in the air at him. Her attitude only heightened when I pressed for her to button her cardigan. The old man next to me is a fucking pervert and he's lucky she has the window seat and I can shield his eyes from her. Being Tessa, she refused to button the damn thing, leaving her tits on display for everyone to see. Granted, the shirt isn't that low cut but when she bends down, you can see straight down it. She ignored my protests and claimed that I can't control her. I'm not trying to control her, I'm trying to prevent men from ogling over her not so subtle chest.

"No, I'm okay," she hesisitantly answers. Her eyes give her away.

"We should be taking off anytime," I glance up at the flight attendant making her way through the cabin to check the overhead compartments for the third time. They are all fucking closed, lady, lets get a move on it before I have to carry Tessa off of this plane before we take off. Actually, halting the trip could work in my favor really.

"Last chance to hop off of the plane. The tickets aren't refundable but I'll go ahead and add them to your tab," I tuck her loose hair behind her ear and she gives me the smallest smile I've ever seen. She's still pissed off but her nerves are causing her to soften up toward me.

"Harry," she quietly whines. She rests her head against the window and closes her eyes. I hate to see her so nervous, it makes me anxious and this trip has me on fucking anxiety overload as it is. I lean across and pull the cover over her window, hoping that will help.

"How much longer?" I impatiently bark at the flight attendant as she passes our row.

Her eyes move from Tessa to me and she raises a snobby brow, "A few minutes," she forces a smile for the sake of her job. The man next to me shifts uncomfortably and I wish I would have purchased an extra ticket so I wouldn't have to worry about sitting this close to an obnoxious asshole. He smells like stale tobacco.

"It's been longer than a few-" I begin. Tessa's hand reaches over to mine, her eyes are now open, pleading for me not to cause a scene. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes for the drama of it, "fine," I assure her, turning away from the attendant and she continues down the aisle.

"Thank you," Tessa mouths. Instead of resting her head against the window, Tessa's head gently rests against my arm. I tap her thigh and direct her to lift up so I can put my arm around her. She nuzzles into me and I sighs in content when I gently tighten my arm around her body. I love that sound.

The plane begins to move slowly down the runway, Tessa's eyes screw shut.

By the time the plane is in the air, Tessa has the pane open on her window and her gray eyes are wide in amazement as she stares out of it. "This is amazing," she grins. All the color has now seeped back onto her face. She's glowing with excited and it's contagious as hell. I try to fight my grin but it's impossible as she babbles on about how everything "just looks so small,"

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