The songs for this chapter are:

 When we collide- Matt Cardle

Look after you- The Fray

Tessa's POV.

Five minutes before five o'clock I try to call Harry but he doesnt pick up. Where has he been all day? Was Zayn right when he said that Harry was out late last night? It's possible that he could be on his way to Seattle and is planning to suprise me but I don't believe that's the case.  Agreeing to meet Zayn has been weighing on my chest since the moment I did. I know Harry hates my friendship with Zayn. He hates it so much that it haunts him in his dreams and here I am instigating it.

I don't bother to check my hair or touch up my makeup before taking the elevator down to the lobby, ignoring Kimberly's judgmental gaze after I told her of my plans. Zayn's truck is visible through the glass walls and I can't ignore the excitement I feel to see a familiar face. I'd rather it be Harry's, but Zayn is here and Harry isn't.

Zayn climbs out of his truck to greet me as soon as I step out of the building. His smile grows as he watches me walk across the sidewalk. Zayn's face is covered in dark hair and he is dressed in black jeans a gray long sleeve shirt. He looks as handsome as ever and I look like death.

"Hey," he smiles, opening his arms for a hug.

Uncertainty floods through me but the need to be polite pushes me into his waiting arms.

"It's been a while," he says into my hair. I nod in agreement.

"How was your drive?" I ask him as I pull away from the embrace.

 "Long." He opens the passenger door for me and I hurry to get inside and out of the cold air. The cab of his truck is warm and smells like him.

"What made you decide to come today instead of tomorrow?" I begin the conversation as Zayn hesitantly pulls into traffic.

"It was just.. a change of mind, nothing really." His eyes dart back and forth between the rearview mirror and the side mirrors.

"Driving in the city is intimidating," I say to him.

"Yes. Very," he smiles, still focused on the road.

"Do you know where you want to grab dinner? I haven't done much exploring yet so I don't know where the best spots are."

I check my phone, nothing.

Zayn and I decide on a small Mongolian Style grille. I choose chicken and vegetables and watch in awe as the chef prepares the food in front of me. I've never been to a place like this before and Zayn finds that amusing. We are seated in the very back of the small restaurant, Zayn sits across from me and we are both too quiet for it to be comfortable.

"Is something wrong?" I ask him while picking at my food.

"I don't know if I should even bring it up, you seem like you have so much going on already and I want you to have a nice time." Zayn's eyes are soft and full of worry.

"I'm fine. Tell me whatever it is that you need to." I brace myself for the unknown blow I'm sure is to come.

"Harry came to my place yesterday,"

"What?" I can't hide the surprise in my voice. Why would Harry go to Zayn's apartment? And if he did, how is Zayn sitting here in front of me without any visible marks or missing limbs?

"What did he want?" I ask.

"To tell me to stay away from you,"

I had mentioned Zayn's text message to Harry last night and he seemed so indifferent about the situation.

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