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 Flawless- The Neighbourhood

WDYWFM- The Neighbourhood

How- The Neighbourhood

Harry's POV.

"Dude! Get up. Carla's almost here and you're hogging the only bathroom." James voice rings in my ear and his bare foot is rubbing against my cheek..

"Fuck off," I groan, closing my eyes again. If I could move I would break his toes.

"Styles, get the fuck up. You can crash on the couch but you're a fucking giant and I need to piss and at least attempt to brush my teeth." His toes press against my forehead and I attempt to sit up. My body feels like a fucking bag of bricks and my eyes and throat burn.

"He's alive!" James calls.

"Shut the fuck up," I cover my ears and walk past him into the living room. Empty beer bottles and red cups are being tossed into trash bags by a half naked Janine and an over enthusiastic Mark.

"How comfortable was the bathroom floor to sleep on?" Mark asks through the cigarette between his lips.

"Very," I roll my eyes and sit down on the couch.

"You were fucking wrecked. When was the last time you drank like that?" He questions. 

"I don't know." I rub my temples and Janine hands me a cup. I shake my head but she pushes it closer.

"It's only water."

"I'm fine." I dismiss her. I don't mean to be a dick to her but fuck, she's annoying.

"You were so fucked up, I thought that American.. what was her name, Tessa?" My heart pounds in my chest at the mention of her name, "I thought she was going to tear the place down! She was a feisty little thing."

Images of Tessa screaming at me, throwing a bottle against the wall, and walking away from me flood my memory. The weight of the pain in her eyes presses me further into the couch and I feel like I'm going to get sick again.

It's for the best.

It is.

"Little? I wouldn't say she was little," Janine rolls her eyes. I'm immediately on defense.

"I know you're not insulting her looks." I coolly respond, despite the burning urge to throw the cup of water in Janine's face. If Janine thinks she is anywhere near as beautiful as Tessa, she's snorting more cocaine than I thought.

"She's not as skinny as me," she says.

One more comment Janine, and I'll tear your self-confidence to shreds..

"Sis, no offense but that chick was way hotter than you." Mark tells his sister. "That's probably why Harry is so in loveee," he draws out the last word.

"In love? Please! He kicked her ass out of here last night," Janine laughs and the knife twists in my stomach.

"I'm not-" I can't even finish the sentence with a steady voice. "Don't bring her up again. I'm not fucking around." I threaten the siblings. Janine mumbles something under her breath and Mark chuckles while emptying an ashtray into the trash bag in his hand.

I lay my head against the cushion behind my back and close my eyes. I'm not going to be able to be sober, ever. Not if I want this pain to go away, not if I have to sit here with a hallowed fucking chest.

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