The songs for this chapter are:

 unconditionally-Katy Perry

dark horse- Katy Perry

 Come on get higher- Matt Nathanson

Harry's POV.

"Nice to see you again," Tessa's  professor smiles.

"Yeah," why the fuck is he here?

"Professor Soto lives in Seattle now." Tessa informs me.

Of course he does.

"Convenient." I say under my breath. Tessa hears me and gently nudges me with her elbow and I wrap my arm around her waist.

Jonah's eyes briefly move to my arm around her then back up to her face. She's taken, dick.
"Yeah, I transferred to the Seattle campus a couple weeks ago. I applied for a job a few months back and finally got it. My band was ready for a move anyway." He tells us.

"The Reckless Few will be playing here tonight, and every other night if we can talk them into it." Christian boasts. Jonah smiles and looks down at his boots.

"We can arrange that," he says. "We better get ready to play,"

"Yeah, go on. Don't let us keep you." Christian pats Soto on the back and the professor turns to give Tessa one last smile before pushing his way through the small crowd toward the stage.

"The band is incredible, wait until you've heard them!" Vance claps his hands together once before he wraps his arms around Kimberly and leads her to a table in front of the stage.
I've already heard them and they are not incredible. 

Tessa turns to me with nervous eyes, "He's nice, remember he gave you a character witness,"

"No, I don't recall anything about him actually. Except the fact that he likes you and he's mysteriously living in Seattle now, teaching at your fucking campus."

"You heard him say that he applied there months ago, and he does not like me."

"He does."

"You think everyone likes me." She fires back. She can't possibly be naïve enough to assume that he has good intentions.

"Shall we make a list then? There's Zayn, fucking Trevor, that dickhead of a waiter.. who am I missing? Oh, and now we can add your stalker of a professor."

"Zayn is the only person on that list that counts. Trevor is very sweet and he never meant any harm. I'll probably never see Robert again, and Soto is not a stalker."

"Probably?" The word doesn't sit well with me.

"I obviously won't see him again. You're the one I'm with, okay?" She pushes one of her hands into mine and I relax. I need to make sure I tossed that damned waiter's phone number, just in case.

"I still think this asshole is a stalker," I nod toward the stage at the douchebag in his leather jacket. I may need to talk to my father just to make sure he isn't as shady as I think he is. Tessa would approach a lion with fucking kitten gloves, she's no good at character judgment. 

She proves my point when she beams up at me, smiling like an idiot because of the champagne running through her veins.  She's here with me after all the shit I've put her through.

"I thought this was a jazz club, his band is more.. " Tessa begins to try and take my mind off of the seemingly endless list of men who want her affection.

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