The songs for this chapter are:

One more night- Maroon 5

 Addicted - Kelly Clarkson

All of me- John Legend

Tessa's POV.

"What are the two of you planning to do today?" Kimberly asks when I enter the kitchen. She is busy filling out thank you cards for the guests who were present during the opening night of Christian's new club, making it a big success. As she signs his name on each of the cards, I wonder just how many business' he has invested in. The size of this house alone leads me to believe there is much more than Vance Publishing and a single jazz club.

"I'm not sure, we will decide when he's out of the shower," I tell her, and slide a fresh stack of small envelopes across the granite bar top.

I had to force Harry into the bathroom to take a shower alone, he was still irritated with me for locking him out of the bathroom while I took mine. No matter how many times I tried to explain to him how awkward I would feel if the Vance's knew we were showering together in their home, he argued that we had done much worse in their house in the past twelve hours.

I stood my ground, despite his pleading. The events in the gym stemmed from pure adrenaline and were entirely unplanned. The love we made in my bedroom isn't an issue because it is my bedroom for now and I'm an adult having non-disruptive consensual sex with my.. whatever it is that Harry is to me right now.

However, being the stubborn man he is, he still didn't agree, which led to me asking him to get  me a glass of water from the kitchen. I pouted and he fell for it. The moment he left the room, I jetted down the hall to the bathroom, locking the door behind me and ignoring his annoyed demands for me to unlock the door.

"You should make him take you sightseeing, maybe enveloping yourselves into the culture of the city will help him with his decision to move here with you."

The weight of this conversation is not something that I want to deal with right now. Harry and I have come to a mutual agreement that satisfies both of our needs for now. "So Sasha seemed nice," I covertly move the conversation away from my relationship issues.

Kimberly snorts, "Sasha? Nice? Not so much."

"She knows that Max is married doesn't she?"

"Of course she does" she licks her lips, "does she care? No, not at all. She likes his money and the expensive jewelry that comes along with seeing him. She could care less about his wife and daughter." The disapproval in Kim's voice is heavy and I'm relieved to find that we are in total agreement on this.

"Max is a jerk but I'm still surprised that he would bring her around other people, does he not care if Denise or Lillian find out about her?"

"I suspect that Denise already knows. I'm sure there have been  many other 'Sasha's' throughout the years and poor Lillian already despises her father so it wouldn't make a difference if she knew or not."

"That's so sad, they have been married since college right?" I don't know how much Kimberly knows about Max and his family, but knowing her and her gossiping ways, she surely knows much more than I do.

"They married right out of college, it was quite the scandal." Kimberly's eye light up with the thrill of spilling such a juicy story to my unknowing ears. "Apparently Max was set to marry someone else, some woman who's family was close with Max's. It was basically a business deal, Max's father came from old money, I think that's why Max is such an asshole. Denise was heartbroken when he told her of his plan to marry another woman." Kimberly tells me as if she was actually there. She takes a sip of her water before continuing.

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