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Tessa's POV.

"That's impossible," I stand to my feet but quickly sit back down on the bench when the grass underneath me feels sways unsteadily.

"It's true, Harry is Christian's son," Kimberly says, her blue eyes bright and focused.

"But Ken.. Harry looks just like him," I remember the first time I met Ken Styles inside of a yogurt shop. I immediately knew he was Harry's father, his dark hair and his height brought me to the easy conclusion.

"Does he? I don't really see it, except the hair color. Harry has the same eyes as Christian, the same facial structure.." She says.

Does he? I struggle to picture the three faces. Christian has dimples like Harry and the same eyes.. but it just doesn't make sense. Ken Styles is Harry's father, he has to be. Christian looks so young compared to Ken. I know they are the same age but Ken's alcoholism took a toll on his appearance. He's still a handsome man but the liquor has aged him.

"This is.." I struggle for words and air.

"I know. I've wanted to tell you so bad. I hated keeping this from you but it wasn't my place." she puts her hand on mine and squeezes gently. "Christian assured me that as soon as Anne gave him permission he would tell Harry," Kimberly's expression is apologetic as she removes her hand and picks at her fingernails.

"I just.." I take a deep breath, "that's what Christian is doing now? He's telling Harry now?" I stand up again. "I have to go to him. He is going to-" I can't even begin to fathom how Harry will react to the news, especially after finding Anne and Christian together last night.

"He is. Anne hasn't agreed fully but Christian said she was close enough," Kim sighs. I can't believe Anne would hide this from Harry. I thought more of her, much more.

"Do you want to know the backstory? How it all came to be this way?" My friend asks me. My phone is already pressed to my cheek, Harry's line ringing in my ear.

"I told Christian that he shouldn't separate you two when he told him but Anne recommended that if he does it, he needed to do it alone," Kimberly's mouth presses into a hard line at the seocnd mention of Anne's name.

I reach the dull tone of the automated system on Harry's voicemail for the second time. "Can you take me to him? Please? You can tell me the story on the way but I have to be there for him."

"Yes. Of course," Kimberly joins me on her feet and calls for Smith.

"Does Smith know?" I ask.

Smith is Harry's brother. Harry has a little brother. Liam.. what does that mean for Liam and Harry? Will Harry want anything to do with him now that he doesn't have any family ties? And Karen, what about sweet Karen and her baked goods. And Ken, what about the man who tries to hard to make up for  the terrible childhood of a boy who isn't his son. Does Ken know? My head is spinning and I need to see him. I need to make sure that Harry knows I am here for him and we will figure this out together.

"No," Kimberly answers after a few beats of silence. "We thought he did because of the way he is with Harry but he couldn't. I won't be able to tell you on the way but maybe we will catch Christian in time," I feel for Kimberly. She already has to deal with her fiancé's infidelity now this. Smith approaches us and follows to the car without saying a word.

The panic in my chest rises and falls, rises and falls, as we drive through Hampstead to find Harry and his father.

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