Songs for this chapter are:

Say Something- A great big world and Christina Aguilera

Strong- One Direction

Cold Coffee- Ed Sheeran

Tessa's POV.

"What do you want to watch?" I ask Smith. He shrugs and looks up at Harry.

"Okay, what about a game, do you want to play a game or something?" I suggest when neither of them speak.

"No." Smith replies.

"I think he just wants to go back to his room and do whatever the hell he was doing before Kim dragged him out here." Harry says and Smith nods in agreement.

"Well.. okay then. You can go back to your room. We will be out here in the living room if you need anything. I'll be ordering dinner soon." I tell him.

"Can you come too, Harry?" Smith asks him in the softest tone possible.

"To your room? No, I'm good."

I shoot a glare toward Harry and he shrugs his shoulders, "What?"

Without a word, Smith climbs down from the couch and walks over to the stairs.

"Go to his room with him." I whisper to Harry.

"I don't want to go to his room, I want to be out here with you." He whines.

As much as I want Harry to stay with me, I feel bad for Smith.

"Come on, he is lonely." I nod to the blonde boy as he slowly ascends the steps.

"Damn it, fine," Harry groans and sulks across the living room to follow Smith up the stairs.

I'm still a little bothered by Harry's reaction to our kiss in the bedroom. I thought it was going great-better than great, yet he abruptly ended it by climbing off me so quickly that I thought he had been injured. Maybe after being away from me for so long he doesn't feel the same? Maybe he's not as attracted to me.. sexually, as he once was. I know that I'm dressed in baggy pajamas but he never had a problem with them before. I can't seem to come to any reasonable conclusion as to why he wouldn't want to kiss me, so instead of letting my imagination run wild, I grab the small stack of brochures that Kimberly left for us to decide from for dinner. I decide on pizza, and grab my phone before going into the laundry room. I place Harry's clothes in the dryer and sit on the bench in the  center of the room while watching the machine turn around and around.

Harry's POV.

"What do you want to do?" I ask the kid.

"I don't know."

"Then why did you want me to come up here?"

"I don't know."

"Okay.. well this isn't going anywhere.." I trail off.

"Are you living here  now too, with your girl?" Smith asks. He walks around his bedroom and I take a mental inventory of all the shit this kid has. He's spoiled as hell.

"No, only visiting for tonight."


"Because I don't want to live here." I do though. Sort of.

"Why? You don't like her?" He questions.

"Yes. I like her," I laugh. "I just.. I don't know. Why do you always ask me so many questions?"

"I don't know," He simply responds and pulls some sort of train set from under his bed.

"Don't you have any friends you can play with?" I ask the boy.

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