Songs for this chapter are:

Black roses: Clare Bowen (from the show Nashville)

You- The 1975

Hundred- The Fray

(Some people were confused about the Valentine's Day chapter, it was a flashback. I wrote that on the author's note, they only take a second to read and it clears it up for you! There is another one at the end of this chapter, I know they drive some people crazy but a lot of my readers like them so if you can, read them please:)  

Harry's POV.

"I can't believe I lost all my clothes in one hand of poker!" Janine comes tumbling into the kitchen, a cigarette in one hand and a red cup in the other.

"Well you could put something on now," an unfamiliar brunette says to her.

"I'm fine really." Janine snaps back to the girl. Women are so catty.

It takes me a moment to realize that Janine is topless, well topless and completely naked except a tiny string that I suppose could pass for a thong on a good day.

I can't really make out much of anything right now. The smoke from too many cigarettes, countless joints, and bong hits has transformed this apartment into a house of horrors. Naked chicks, cocaine, and booze are flowing in abundance. Everyone is behaving carelessly, just how I want to be. I need to be careless too. I need to get her face out of my fucking mind. 

When I look at Janine again, she's pulling a jersey over her head. "Happy?' She roll her eyes at the brunette, flipping her black hair in the most dramatic way.

Janine turns too quickly and her foot hits the leg of the table in the kitchen. She stumbles forward and knocks into me and my drink spills all over the jersey she just put on less than a minute ago.

"Damn it, Harry!" She complains, removing the jersey and allowing her chest to be exposed again. Not that she gives a damn about being naked in front of an apartment full of people, but the brunette girl huffs in annoyance and storms out of the kitchen, making sure to take a bottle of tequila with her.

"What's her problem?" James turns to Janine.

"She doesn't like me because I fucked her boyfriend, well ex boyfriend." She smiles. It's a proud smile.

"Give me your shirt." Janine holds her hand out to James and he shakes his head.

"No way, Carla will be here in the morning and she will hang me by my balls if she sees you wearing my shit again." He raises his hands and leaves the kitchen.

"Give me your sweater." She turns to me.  I shake my head, denying her. "Come on, it's cold and I don't have any clothes." She shakes her barely existent chest at me to prove her point.

"What did you wear here then?" I raise a brow at Mark's sister.

"Someone hid my clothes. It was probably that jealous whore." Her thin arms cross in front of her chest, "come on, my brother is in the other room. Just give me your jumper, you have a shirt underneath anyway."

"Your brother has seen you naked many times I'm sure." I close my eyes and let the smoke fill my lungs, enjoying the potent taste of marijuana on my tongue.

"Ha-ha. Now give me your shirt and I'll share some of the good shit with you. Mark has some new dro that he just got and it's better than that shit," she pulls the joint from my fingers and takes a drag.

"Fine. Fuck you are annoying," I grumble and take off my sweatshirt. I don't give it to her, instead I toss the black t-shirt toward her. Tessa always loves the way I look in my oversized sweatshirt, she complements me every time I wear the thing.

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