(SerVamp) Kuro - Werid Situations

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Okay in this one shot I definitely have to warn you guys of the themes. This one has swearing, fluff, angst, and some nudity. (nothing sexual though) And I know, all those themes in a one shot! That's a lot!

You go to the same school as Mahiru in this one shot. You also know about Kuro being a vampire and being Mahiru's servamp in this one. Sorry if Kuro is out of character!


You awoke, your vision was blurry then it adjusted back to normal. Where were you? This place looked familiar to you, it was Mahiru's place. Why were you there? It wasn't your bedroom. Where you were sleeping it didn't feel comfortable like a bed, it was hard. You heard swishing of water coming from beneath you, you even felt wet.

You looked down and gasped, you realized you were in a bathtub wearing nothing! You were in the bathroom of Mahiru's place. You then turned your vision in front of you. What you saw next made you feel as if your soul left your body. Kuro was laying inside the bathtub on the other side from you, he was nude! He was in the bathtub with you! He was sleeping with his mouth open, you could clearly see his fangs. What the hell happened that you ended up like this with him?! But you had to admit he was pretty dang hot.

It may have been a bad idea but you decided to wake the servamp up. You wanted answers of how this happened! You couldn't remember anything! So you slowly leaned forward and gently shook Kuro's shoulder to wake him up.

He slowly fluttered his eyes open, it revealed his ruby red eyes. He looked around and within ten seconds he realized what was going on. His groggy eyes made there way down to your chest area. Then he looked up at your face. You blushed, he was staring at your chest!

"Huh? Wait, (Y/N)? Why are you naked?!" He shouted as his face turned red.

"Well umm.... I'm not the only one, look down Kuro." You said as you blushed and looked away.

He slowly looked down at himself and screamed,"w-what?! I'm naked too?! What happened?!"

"Calm down, Kuro. I don't know what happened either. If Mahiru is here, we can ask him he might know what happened!" You said.

"Good idea." He simply said, trying to avoid eye contact with you. You could tell he was embarrassed, his face was burning red hot.

"Okay then let's get out of here." You said, blushing as well.

"Okay." He said then suddenly getting up from the bathtub.

Your face turned beat red,"K-K-KURO! WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME BEFORE YOU GOT UP?!"

"Sorry." He said as he got out of the bathtub.

He grabbed two towels and handed one to you. You got out of the bathtub and grabbed it from Kuro. His face was red and his head was turned away from you as you grabbed it from him. You wrapped the towel around yourself. Kuro wrapped his towel around his waist.

He scanned the bathroom and looked around,"my clothes aren't in here!"

"I don't see mine either!" You added.

"Great, now I have to leave the bathroom like this. This is so troublesome I could die." Said Kuro, then letting out a huge sigh.

"Why don't you stay here? I don't want Mahiru to see you like this. I'll get clothes for myself and I'll find you something." Said Kuro, then left the room. You did as he said and stayed in the bathroom.

But why didn't he want Mahiru to see you? Kuro already saw you like that. Was it possible that Kuro was jealous and wanted you all to himself? That's one definite sign of jealousy.

About ten minutes later he came in the bathroom fully clothed with his usual blue jacket. He handed you sweat pants and a shirt.

"The pants might be to big on you but, there's strings on the pants so you can tighten it up to your size. And the clothes are mine, but as a gift you can keep them." He said as he blushed.

"That's okay thank you, Kuro." You said with a smile.

"I'll get out so you can put it on." Said Kuro then he left the bathroom and closed the door.

After when you put the clothes on you left the bathroom. You went in the living room, you saw Kuro and Mahiru in there sitting down. So Mahiru was home? That's right, it was a Saturday morning. You somehow remembered that out of all things.

"Come here (Y/N). I should probably tell you what happened yesterday. I saw mostly all of it. I said I would tell Kuro too as soon as you came out of the bathroom." Said Mahiru as he gestured for you to sit with them.

You nodded and sat next to them. Then Mahiru continued talking,"well I invited you over to my place yesterday, you agreed to it. Kuro found out about alcohol and he didn't realize what it does to you if you drink too much. He offered you some and long story short you both got drunk and it led up to that weird bathtub incident. You guys were really cheerful and happy, maybe a little too much."

"But how in the hell did it end up that way?!" You asked, frustrated.

"Well, drunks often tell the truth and sometimes act on what they want. I also forgot to mention that Kuro admitted that he liked you when he was drunk and drunks often tell the truth." Said Mahiru, smirking.

"I-I did what?! Argh this is so embarrassing that I could die!" Whined Kuro.

"So do you actually feel that way about me, Kuro?" You asked the servamp.

"I'm not dealing with this!" Kuro blubbered out as he turned red.

He suddenly got up from sitting, he stormed out of there and left. You sighed,"well I'd better go after him."

"Go ahead, but tell me how it goes afterwards, okay?" Said Mahiru with a smile.

You nodded and then left the building. You were outside and you looked around for Kuro. After about ten minutes later you found Kuro he was sitting on a nearby bench.

"Kuro!" You called out to him. He saw you but he just blushed and turned away. Then you finally made it up to him.

"What was that all about, Kuro? Why didn't you answer my question? I want to know! Why is this hard to tell me? I saw you naked!" You said.

"Fine! I do like you. I was just afraid you'd reject me, I've already had so much pain in my life. I don't need more." Said Kuro with a sad expression on his face.

"Well there's no need to worry. I feel the same for you. I enjoy my time with you, even though the thing with the bath was awkward." You said as you smiled at him.

"Thank you, (Y/N). For once in my life, I'm happy." Said Kuro as he smiled back at you.

"Besides, the bath thing wasn't so bad~~" You purred then winked at Kuro.

He turned red,"you're going to make me die from your cuteness."

You giggled when he said that. Then you embraced the servamp and whispered in his ear,"you don't have to worry anymore. I promise I won't be leaving you anytime soon."

Kuro smiled and hugged you back,"thank you, (Y/N)."

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