(Mystic Messenger) 707 - Hole In My Heart

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This one shot contains a shit ton of angst. It will cause you to drown in your own tears. But it does have a little bit of fluff in it too. Sorry if 707 is out of character. It also has spoilers of 707's real name.

By the way I don't know absolutely everything about Mystic Messenger so I may get some things wrong. Anyways let's get to the one shot already!


Everything had been so successful, everyone that were members of the RFA liked you. But someone in particular liked you the most. Actually that person didn't like you he loved you. This person was Luciel, or better known as 707.

He loved you, even though it seemed like you loved the others more sometimes. But, you felt this wasn't true. Maybe Luciel just felt this way because he was jealous and clingy. Despite his flaws you still adored Luciel.

You both started dating each other a little after when Luciel admitted his feelings toward you. You could tell his feelings were quite strong because when he told you he bursted into tears and begged you not to fall for Yoosung, Jumin, or Zen. You had always liked Luciel the best anyways, he was your favorite. You both had similar personality traits, but you had your differences too.

You and all the RFA members were currently enjoying a party you put together. You were sitting down with Seven loving the feeling of him beside you. He always looked at you with a warm glow in his eyes, he was truly in love with you.

The party was going well, but there were people who didn't show up just yet. You forgot something important! You promised one of the guests that you'd get a little gift of chocolates for them. Those certain guests were spoiled and they expected a gift if they were to come. So you promised to get them that gift. It's a good thing they didn't show up yet. Maybe you could get Seven to get the gift for them. There was a store not to far from where you were. He could just go there real fast before they came.

"Hey Seven, can you do me a favor?" You asked Seven, looking into his eyes.

"Naughty girl, isn't that inappropriate to do such a thing now?~~" Said Seven as he winked at you.

"What?! No! What're you talking about?! Not that kind of favor! You have such a dirty mind!" You said as you blushed a deep red.

"No, (Y/N)! I will not take off my pants for you!" Seven shouted loud enough for everyone to hear.

Great. Now he just wanted to cause a scene, because that's what he was like. He liked to do stupid things like that, even though he was highly intelligent.

Now everyone was staring at you with shocked expressions on their faces. Then there was you who was just sitting there with your face burning with embarrassment. Seven just giggled at your reaction.

"Stop, Seven! Can you please listen to me? Act more serious!" You demanded.

"Fine (Y/N). What favor do you want me to do for you?" Asked Seven.

"Can you quickly go to the nearby store and buy some chocolate? I promised one of the guests that I would get some for them. I forgot about it and they'll be here soon. I'll give you the money to buy it." You said.

"Alright I'll do it for you, (Y/N)." Said Seven with that sweet smile of his.

You smiled back and handed him the money to buy it. He winked at you again and took the money from you. He then raced out the door, to do what you asked him to do.

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