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(D.Gray-Man) Allen Walker - Leaving It All Behind

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This one contains angst and it's sad. I mostly write sad stories for Allen because it seems to fit him well considering D.Gray-Man is a dark and gloomy series. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this one!

(P.S. play the music I put with the one shot I think it fits really well)


"Allen!" You called out to the young white haired male that was sitting outside of the Black Order.

You had just made it outside to where he was and you continued to call his name. It was raining a small amount outside but that didn't seem to bother Allen.

You worked in the science department in the Black Order so you didn't feel as important as the exorcists. You came out there to talk to Allen to tell him you were leaving the Black Order. You wanted to leave to make a better future for yourself. He's the first one you wanted to tell because you two had a extremely close bond with each other.

Allen turned around and spotted you,"ah hi (Y/N). What are you doing here?"

"Well I was looking for you. I wanted to talk to you." You said to him.

"Yes, what is it?" He replied.

"I umm I-I'm leaving the order." You said. After you said that Allen looked heartbroken.

"What? Why are you leaving? We need you here!" He said, his voice cracking.

"Allen...... It's just I want to make a better life for myself." You said on the verge of tears. You didn't want to leave but you wanted a better job then delivering coffee to everyone in the science department.

"Okay..... What ever makes you happy. I'll miss you." He said as tears started to pour down his pale cheeks.

Then the rain started to come down more and before you knew it, it was raining so hard it drenched the both of you.

"I'm sorry Allen. I'll miss you too." You replied.

"Promise you'll come visit, okay? Come see me please. I bet I won't stop thinking of you everyday." He sobbed, he was a mess.

"I promise I'll visit you. And I bet I won't stop thinking of you everyday too." You said now crying as well.

"Thank you. Be safe, okay?" He said, still crying then embracing you in his arms.

You hugged him back. You were really going to miss him. It was a bye for now hug. You would see him again but it still hurt not seeing him everyday. It hurt not seeing him smile everyday like he usually did. Now she wouldn't see that smile everyday.

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