(D.Gray-Man) Lavi Bookman - Drunk Tendencies

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This one shot takes place in a modern AU were Lavi isn't an exorcist. You and Lavi are in college. This one shot was requested by millennium_gray I hope you enjoy this one shot! It will contain fluff.


You were visiting Lavi at his house, you had some time off college and so did he. So with all that extra time you had decided to visit him. You sat on his couch, he brought snacks, some drinks and a movie. He played the movie on the tv and you both sipped your drinks and started to watch the movie.

"(Y/N) I hope you like this movie! Cuz it's one of my favorites!" Said Lavi, smiling brightly.

"Mmmm hmm I'm sure I will." You said, grabbing a chocolate bar that Lavi brought, off the table in front of you.

You both started getting more and more interested in the movie. You watched it as you munched on the chocolate bar.

When the movie was almost done, Lavi made his way into the kitchen, while you still sat there. By the time it was done, he still wasn't back. You waited for another half an hour, still nothing. You sighed and walked into the kitchen to see what the red head was up to.

You gazed around to find Lavi sleeping on one of the kitchen chairs. He had a bunch of beer bottles surrounding him. But why would he drink when you were there? You face palmed and shook him gently to wake him up.

"Oh huh? What?" He mumbled out.

"Lavi, why did you go to the kitchen to drink? We were in the middle of watching a movie." You asked, hoping you'd get a straight answer.

"You're so demanding! Geez, (Y/N)! You're no fun! How 'bout you drink with me? You'll like it." Purred Lavi.

Great. He was drunk.

You blushed as his voice softened with a ever so sweet tone,"no! I can't, Lavi! I'm going home if you continue this!

"Why, (Y/N)? You're so pretty and I love it when a pretty girl like you drinks with me. So what do ya say?" Purred Lavi once again.

"You think I'm pretty?" You said as you blushed brightly.

"Mmm yeah. I can tell you you like me too, because you're blushing so hard right now." Teased Lavi.

"I-I ummm." Was all you mustered out.

"I bet you do." He said as he stood up and faced you. "I bet you can feel it in your heart."

As he said that, he placed his hand in the middle of your chest. You blushed so hard, you swore you could feel smoke coming out of your ears.

"PERVERT!!!!" You squealed as you hit him across the face.

"Strike!" He mumbled then fell backwards on the floor from the force of the slap.

You suddenly felt bad and panicked,"Lavi! I'm so sorry are you alright?!"

He passed out, you laid him on the couch, then you sat beside him. After a few hours he finally woke up and he was finally sober. You told him everything that happened. He apologized for all of it. You forgave him and gave him a hug.

'I bet she won't trust me anymore. I can't believe I did that!' He thought to himself as he mentally face palmed.

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