(Vampire Knight) Aido Hanabusa - Hot

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This one contains a ton of fluff. It also mentions sex but doesn't go into explicit details. I hope you enjoy this one my lovely readers!


'What a night' was the thought that came to mind after the night was over. You had many more thoughts during the party as well, but let's say they weren't appropriate for young ears to hear out loud.

Let's rewind back to when the party started. Yuki your friend was having a little party between close friends. You and Zero were invited and some of her other friends were too.

But a certain bubbly vampire (you knew about the night class being all vampires) none other than Aido found out about the party. Of course being the curious weirdo that he is, he crashed the party. He always teased you about not being fond of him like the other girls were. So why did he tease you out of all people? You were just a regular human girl.

"(Y/N)! Can you please help me set up these dishes on the table for the guests? They're going to be here in a few minutes," Yuki said to you who was there early to help her out.

"Coming Yuki!" You said walking over to the kitchen where she was.

You helped her place all the dishes on the table. After two minutes it was finished. Then and all of a sudden a knock was heard at the door.

"I'll get that!" Said Yuki exiting the kitchen.

She soon came back in the kitchen. Zero was with her, so probably it was him at the door. After about ten minutes later all the people she invited were there.

(Y/N) was busy talking to Yuki and her other friends when a sudden banging was heard at the door. Everyone that was invited was here, so why was there?

"(Y/N), can you get the door?" Yuki asked you.

You nodded and went to answer the door. You opened the door and it revealed none other than Aido. He gave her a pouty look.

"Wahhhh!!!!! I'm so hurt (Y/N)!! Why didn't you invite me to you and Yuki's party? I thought you liked me!" Said Aido, dramatically waving his hands around.

He had tears pouring down his cheeks like he was actually hurt. But (Y/N) knew those were fake tears. She knew he was a great at acting. That's what he did best.

"Oh shut up Aido. And wipe your gross fake tears away. I don't want your gross tear fluid near me. You can't fool me." (Y/N) said coldly as she crossed her arms together.

"I'm hurt more now! I'm not faking! Girls would love to see a man shed a tear! It would make their hearts flutter, especially coming from me. But not you, how cruel!" Said Aido, being all fake and dramatic again.

"Aido..... Of course I'm not moved by that. I know you're faking." You said.

"So mean! Since you're so rude to me, as a gift you should let me in!" He said.

You sighed knowing you'd regret the decision you made,"oh fine. But please don't do anything stupid."

"Deal!" He cheered like an idiot.

You then moved out of the way so he come in. He squealed like a little girl and came in. You then followed behind him. He sat down with the rest of the group and smiled like an idiot. Yuki looked extremely annoyed with this.

She came up to you and whispered in your ear,"(Y/N) why did you let Aido in here? You know I hate him."

You whispered back to her,"I know, I'm sorry Yuki. He wouldn't leave me alone if I didn't invite him inside here."

"Whatcha two lovely ladies talking about?" Said Aido, putting both of his arms on Yuki and your shoulders.

That send shivers down your spine. How he get up to you both so fast? He was like a ninja.

"You're not insulting me are you, ladies?" He said slyly. Then the fake tears came pouring down his cheeks and he dramatically swayed his arms around in front of them when he took his hands off them.

"Aido didn't I tell you not to do that?!" You scolded him.

"I know. But maybe Yuki is moved by my tears. I bet you are. Tell (Y/N) you are, Yuki~~" he said.

"Not in the slightest." She said.

"WHATT?! What kind of ladies are you two?!" He said as he clutched his chest, being dramatic again.

"Perfectly normal girls." You said.

"Whatever. I know! How about we play a game? It'll be tons of fun!" He cheered.

"What game, Aido?" You asked him.

"Seven Minutes In Heaven!" Aido blurred out.

"WHAT?! NO WAY!" Yuki shouted at him.

"Let's just do it. If we don't play it with this big baby, he will never shut up about it." You added.

"Fine." Grumbled Yuki.

"Yay!!" Aido cheered with his arms in the air.

Finally after about five minutes later, the game was set up. Yuki went up first and the bottle landed on Zero. After their time was up, it was your turn.

You gulped and spun it. When it stopped you couldn't believe who it landed on. It was Aido. Your face turned bright red.

He just smirked,"oooo! I got myself a hot date, don't I? Let's go sweetheart."

He suddenly grabbed your hand. As he pulled you away you mouthed to Yuki to help you, she just giggled. Finally he let you to the closet.

"After you, sweetheart." He said and gestured for you to go in the closet first. 

When you got in he gave you a flirty wink and got in there with you. Then he closed the closet door with you both in there. You blushed, but he didn't see it because it was so dark in there.

You suddenly spoke nervously,"So Aido? How do you want to start this....?"

"Ohh I have I good idea of how to start." He said, his tone was so flirty.

He suddenly grabbed your face lightly and placed his lips on yours. His tongue explored your mouth. You didn't want to admit it but he was so damn hot.

You suddenly pushed your body against his. He purred in amusement. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and got rougher with your kiss. You could tell he was loving this, because he brushed his 'friend' against your thighs.

You started to put your hands up his shirt. You felt his hard flat chest on your hands. Suddenly the closet door was opened by Yuki. She said your time in the closet was over. But when she opened the closet she saw you both in a extremely awkward position. You were on top on Aido. You both stared at Yuki with both of your faces extremely flushed.

This was truly awkward what you got yourself into. But you had to say, Aido was good at kissing.

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